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"It's hopeless, you can't believe": Emiliano Sala father after the disappearance of the flight

"It's hopeless, you can't believe it," said the father of Argentine football player Emiliano Sala, who travels aboard a private plane that disappeared Monday night over the English Channel.

Rosario, 310 km north of Buenos Aires, spoke Horacio Sala in a choked voice about the illusion of his 28-year-old son before the all-new French Nantes passes to Cardiff City, a Welsh club competing in the English first division.

"I had a horrible illusion, you know what it's like to go to the Premier League, I never thought I could reach that level, it was a crazy thing," he told Radio Latina as he recalled the last conversation with his son, revelation of 201

8, last Sunday.

"I'm speechless, my son is everything," he added. "I hope everything goes well," he told C5N.

When the aircraft disappeared about 20 kilometers north of the English island of Guernsey, he said he had no news. "I know nothing, I do not know anything, nobody called me [de los clubes] I found out in the media, I talked to him on Sunday," said the man, a trucker father of three children.

Born in Cululú, a town of 300 residents where he lived until he was three, the striker began to kick the ball at the age of four and never stopped. The family later moved to Progreso, a small town with 3000 inhabitants about 600 km north of the Argentine capital.

"From the four he began and then stood out and stood out". He was in San Martín de Progreso club, At the age of 15 he went to improve in San Francisco (Córdoba), that there was a school in the French club Bordeaux, he liked it and he went to France for to try it at 16. I went to do all the papers of Italian citizenship, "he reminded.

In turn, the president of San Martin, Daniel Ribero, expressed the concern that Progreso experienced through the news of the planet's disappearance.

"We are all really shocked. the miracle, "he told the TN news channel and added that" it is so difficult, so painful, so uncertain that it is difficult for us to develop, it is shocking. "

In Progreso" we have an inflated breast for Emiliano, everything he has achieved. From a club so c My son, he arrived where he arrived. He did so with much sacrifice, with great perseverance. "

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