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Horoscope for August 10, 2020 | An ideal Monday to complete projects | horoscope

Moon Phase: Declining Gibbous
Lighting: 59%
Signs of impact: Taurus.
tarot cards: Main Wizard.

It’s a day to start something, project, work, relationship or any of the above, mainly due to the energy from the Magician card, which indicates that the setbacks that previously prevented you from feeling complete, finally heal and the moon begins to give up its brightness, so you must be prepared to face new challenges.

EARTH Signar
(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
They have been days full of contrasts that undoubtedly modify your way of thinking, nowadays the moon offers you its benefits to connect you to what you could not do before so that you can start anew.


7;s a bit of movement regarding love on a day like this, probably because you feel a little reflective. Despite the obvious calm, you need to share with your partner all the complaints that have you in worry, do not be afraid because it will be important, as for you who are single you can start something new, that is, it is a good day for the beginning of a new relationship.

Take care of allergies, you are vulnerable to them, it is probably more due to the pressure of the pandemic that you may think you are feeling negative, but you will find relief in a very short time, especially if you let them pamper you with the energy of quartz. On this day, it would be convenient for you to have a green quartz on hand and for you to massage your face yourself to feel it completely.

Try to be more reserved about what you earn, in times of economic crisis like the one the world is going through today, there will be no shortage of people asking for your help, but if you provide it, it is likely that the money will not return. Not just because people are meant for you, but because there are low vibrations that prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities.

You are one of the lucky ones that you have a job at the moment and if you do not have one it is because you have not used your creativity because you can soon have the peace of mind to get money for your effort, there is a lot of intensity on a day like this, When it comes to work, like the beginning of the day, there will be no shortage of those who want to give you new responsibilities without higher pay, remember that it is necessary to keep your job but if you think you do more than they pay you, think of other options.

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(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
You show yourself mostly calm unlike previous days, it is likely that things will start to improve thanks to the changes and the new beginning of the day, finding ourselves in Taurus means a good energy because everything is recycled on earth to get a better signs, no hesitation in acknowledging that you want to do better.

You get unexpected answers from your partner that calm you down, it is likely that they have lived days of tension, but they are not forever. At the beginning of the week, you take a break because you felt trapped in your emotions and could not get out of them easily. If you are single, you will probably have a conversation with a friend who will give you information about an ex-partner, not pay much attention to the details.

Consider changing your eating habits, especially those that do not contain added fat, consuming steamed vegetables, roasted foods, chicken or fish, as your system will suffer for some reason and you will need to recover.

Speaking of the beginning, it’s a good time to create a savings account. You will need this money in a couple of months, but this day fills you with satisfaction because you have the resources to be able to carry out this project and get the benefits of it soon, it does not matter if you save from the least, it will to be crucial for your money to flow.

Some people are not nice to you at work and it starts to weigh on your energy, you have been patient but soon you probably feel like exploding towards them, try to find a way to get closer to the person who makes you feel out of balance or things can probably have bigger consequences and affect your work.

AIR Signar
(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
The Wizard is one of the most important cards in the tarot and when you go out today, upside down, it symbolizes that there is a series of energies that are against you, but you have decided to give in to certain conflicts that are not your total concern. . .

There is a sense of peace after a storm, you think that what is happening to your partner can affect you too much in such a way that you are faced with some questions about whether the person you are with is right, probably yes, but relationships are not always pink all the time. For you who are single, it is best to invest in your energy recovery, you feel that there are times when attachments keep you upside down, but today you can let them go.

Some of your sides can generate intermittent pain, maybe this is the position you have when you sleep, so try to put a pillow between your legs to minimize the pain, today your recovery for these pains can begin.

You have some doubts about the responsibilities that have arisen recently, those who keep you unsure of how to handle your money properly, start by sitting down to tidy up a desk with a cool head, as organization times come and you are good at it.

There are probably those who observe and analyze you all the time, so it is important that you do not trust what you do. You are like in a constant test because there are people who want you not to be in the position you are in, not pay attention to your environment, try to focus on what corresponds to you so that bad thoughts about those who observe you and work does not invade you in normal cases.

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water Signals
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
The fact that Taurus in this moment is like an energetic influence benefits you because you together with the earth are one. You will go before a dizzying process, which indicates the ruling card and the brightness of the moon, avoid confrontations on a day like this, they can be catastrophic.

Love is not necessarily what you invest your energy in, so if you have a partner you will feel apathetic because you are equal to someone because you need a break for yourself, so if you are alone this day is good for you. You need to clarify your thoughts before you feel committed to someone because you are a free spirit and it is not so easy for you to commit to long relationships.

Read carefully everything that affects you from the outside, you are extremely sensitive and that sensitivity can make you feel depressed even though there is no obvious reason. There is no better suggestion for the day that you find a quiet time for yourself and treat yourself to food or drink that relaxes to get away from bad thoughts.

Until now, they vary, but in general you go from strength to strength, you may not have realized that you can develop skills that will probably give you money from many places and not just one, you have the ability to attract money from different share Just that you are constantly poorly managed, do not forget to ask for advice to get better financial health.

There will probably be drastic changes at work that are more favorable than negative. If you have grown fast, the people who watch you with contempt will probably try to make you dizzy so that you do not meet your goals and do not reach your goals. Therefore, it is advisable to keep quiet in front of all those you consider unreliable, as they may use your information to use it against you.

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