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In the necessary struggle to have a decent health system, disability is a priority that cannot be postponed. / Photo: Pixabay

We should not see sentences of this type. Nevertheless, the Constitutional Court had an obligation to issue a decision that says the whole country's EPS is something that is fundamental: people with hearing loss should be able to understand what is going on in their medical appointments.

The Supreme Court studied a custody case brought by a trans man with hearing impairment. While he was undergoing surgery, the court found that "the prosecutor had at least three medical meetings where Compensation EPS did not give him access to sign language interpreters and did not allow him Internet access to connect to the relay center." The center is mentioned is an online interpreter program that facilitates communication with the hearing person.

In practice, this means that the person participated in several important meetings for their health and their fundamental rights where they did not. such situation to occur in Colombia?

In justice with EPS, Compensar guaranteed the young person an interpreter during preoperative and post-operative meetings, but this does not erase the fact that the situation we discussed in the previous appointments was held.

Colombia is in generally a country that has taken too long to recognize and respect a The rights of people who have some kind of disability. Cases of hard-to-reach spaces abound or without necessary adjustments to make them safe places for all Colombians. When it comes to hearing and vision barriers, there are many public and private institutions that do not have the necessary protocols to serve users properly.

Therefore, it is very important for the Court to conclude, in the precedent applicable to all similar cases, that "health, as a right, is not limited only to protection against the occurrence of an extreme event such as death. On the contrary, health, as a right, includes the mental, emotional and social aspect of the person. "In that sense, the Supreme Court said that" hearing damage to the actuator cannot constitute an obstacle that unreasonably restricts its right to express itself in the context of access to health care services. it must guarantee, either through the interpreting service or access to one of its Internet networks, fast, accurate and effective communication. "

It is not an irrational requirement. In the necessary struggle to have a decent health system, disability assistance is a priority that cannot be postponed. All providers of medical services must note the courts ns crucial so that their patients do not continue to encounter barriers to their fundamental rights.

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