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Gustavo de Greiff died, ex-Advocate General – services – justice

Attorney Gustavo de Greiff, the first lawyer in Colombia, who led his campaign against drug smuggler Pablo Escobar, at the age of 89 in Bogota, the legal and control unit reported on his account. Twitter

"The prosecutor's office is in mourning, we are impressed by the first prosecutor, Gustavo de Greiff: Integrity and determination against crime," said the unit.

De Greiff was a lawyer at Universidad del Rosario and served as a lawyer in the nation between April 1, 1992 and August 17, 1994.

According to the prosecutor's office, Gustavo de Greiff Restrepo canceled. During the administration he incorporated 4 31

5 officials at the Criminal Investigation Directorate, 2693 by the Legal Police's Technical Forensic Service, 874 at the Office of the Attorney's Office and 373 in jurisdiction. Public order. "

Furthermore, he recalled that " formed the organizational structure of the prosecutor's office, regulated the judicial police council, assigned powers to prosecutors and established regional administrative department prosecutor. "

he also added," consolidated the functions of the regional and judicial police department council and determined the organization and function of the Regional and Sectional Directorates of the Technical Investigation Corps. "

All of the above considered that the legal battle against Pablo Escobar and Medellín Cartel manager will be led from the body that was led by De Greiff. After hearing the news, President Juan Manuel Santos said on Twitter: "We dismissed ex-public Gustavo de Greiff, leading us in memory of a great gentleman and a major lawyer who dared to take difficult and controversial positions . his big family "

The elected President Iván Duque also stated that" we regret the death of the former lawyer, Gustavo de Greiff, all our solidarity and sympathy for his family and friends. "

Gustavo de Greiff is the father of the lawyer , former Minister of Justice and President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Mónica de Greiff Lindo.


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