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Guillermo Botero proposes law to regulate social protests in the country

During the Concordia Summit in America, which ended Tuesday at the congress center Ágora, the newly appointed Defense Minister Guillermo Botero assured that the new government should promote measures to regulate social protests in

"We respect social protest but We also believe that it has to be ordered and that it truly represents the interests of all Colombians and not just a small group, " said.

Similarly, he pointed out that the next government will be able to make big progress if it succeeds in promoting a statutory law moving in that direction; we need much preventative dialogue with it. It is worth mentioning that a recent analysis by Fenalco (National Federation of Merchants) warned that social demonstrations in the country have become the bread. Each day, when looking for more resources in specific sectors of society, the public policy leaves a general impact aside.

According to the Union social protests have increased by 60% in recent years, which represents a high cost for the government.

"Social struggles have become a decisive factor in providing public goods and services without a prior technical analysis. These roads actually lead to public investment in specific sectors of society and not said the trade union of merchants.

According to Botero, this is a situation deserving attention, "as the protests increase: according to the CINEP 201

0 figures, 2010 reported 640 social campaigns and in 2016 were registered in 019. The main reasons for the demonstrations are crimes against the social covenants ( 20%), social requirements (18%), public policy request and law enforcement (14%). "

For the trade protests and taxes are two issues that must be resolved to resume Colombian trade.

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