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Dragon Ball Super: Akira Toriyama's biggest lie with Goku is revealed in the latest manga | SPOILERS | stories

"Dragon Ball" is one of the most famous franchise services in the world. Anime that has Goku as its main protagonist culminated last year with the end of Tournament of Power when Android 1

7 made his wish for Super Dragon Balls and revived all the participants and planets that disappeared during King of Everything (Zeno Sama) .

The manga from "Dragon Ball Super" continued to add new adventures to Saiyajin's that we had already met, with a story that emerged immediately after everything that happened in this intergalactic tournament.

Fans have found in the Toyotaro mangaka which he draws under the supervision of Akira Toriyama a release from the big break that the TV program has taken so that the manganese goes on in several episodes, reveals a powerful new villain named Fun .

But what has surprised fans of the franchise the most is the recent revelation in manga number 52 from "Dragon Ball Super" which gave to understand that Toriyama has been lying to everyone for many years and now the whole truth is coming.

What happened? Beware! Later it will be associated with Chapter 52 of the manganese "Dragon Ball Super" .

In the earlier chapters of "Dragon Ball Super" Vegeta has traveled through space with members of the Galactic Patrol to find a way to defeat Moro world eater.

He had no better idea than to go to Planet Yardrat the same where Goku probably learned the technique of instant teleportation seen in the series "Dragon Ball Z" :

The inhabitants of this planet have been known throughout the galaxy as strange beings who are not very powerful, but have special skills and secret techniques that no other creature in the universe knows about.

When up Vegeta this is acknowledged by a resident and eats him Note that Goku had told him about it before. The interesting thing comes later when Vegeta, neither short nor lazy, asks directly who of all those who had received him who have learned the teleportation technique to Goku .

Then the truth is revealed: they never taught that technique to Goku.

In fact, when the question is answered, it is also revealed that there were no more Yardratians but only one had used a multiplication technique. He explains that it is because they are very weak, but they can do it to impose respect.

Vegeta is brought before the " Great Elder" who gets the fact that he has taught him the teleportation technique of a Goku but it is not exactly what we all thought so far. In fact, what they taught Saiyan was "the control of the spirit" or Ki as Goku called it.

& # 39; Great Pibala & # 39; explains to vegeta, after being convinced that Moro was a threat, that this was the secret they have kept all this time, since Ki is the origin of all techniques used such as instant teleportation multiplication and giganticization .

This information has confused fans who at that time believed that actually Goku had learned a technique and not "the management of spirit control" mentioned by Yardatriano . Was it a slip from Toriyama and Toyotaro ? Or has mangaka been cheating on us all this time?

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