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District proposes a “basic solution” for fires in Salamanca

Given the negative effects that are occurring in Barranquilla due to the recurring forest fires in Vía Parque Isla de Salamanca, Mayor Jaime Pumarejo announced that an overall strategy will be presented to the Ministry of Environment aimed at a basic solution.

“It is time to change the strategy to respond to this problem. We have to make material decisions. The District of Barranquilla has already formulated a strategy that includes the purchase of equipment and a work plan with communities, ”said the district president.

The above-mentioned action plan is based on the fact that the effects on the environment and public health in Atlántico’s capital have been increasing for more than a decade due to the burns in that sector.

The strategy seeks cooperation to bring the fires to a standstill, in a joint effort between the mayor̵

7;s office in Barranquilla, the Ministry of the Environment, national parks, the Magdalena government and other units.

Constant monitoring and early warnings, social campaigns for changes in behavior, warning and immediate response to fires as well as legal action are some of the components of the strategy.

Similarly, the development of this plan includes elements such as the acquisition of technical equipment such as drones that detect heat and burns, surveillance of criminal hands, firefighters in Barranquilla provide specialized boats to fight the fire and purchase a plane to quickly put out the fires.

According to the district’s estimates, at least 80 burns have been reported in this nature park since 2013, which have a negative impact on the reserve, including beaches and swamps, as well as on the air they breathe. Barranquilleros.

flame Control

From the early hours of this Sunday, work began on mitigating the forest fire that is raging in La Lama – El Pelúo del Vía Parque Isla de Salamanca sector and which has covered several neighborhoods for two nights in a row.

Ana Saltarín Jiménez, head of the district’s risk management office, said an interdisciplinary group was in the area to begin mitigating the flames.

This team consists of 50 officials from different units: Rangers of the Forest Brigade of Colombia’s National Natural Parks, Fire Brigades of Sitionuevo and Ciénaga, Magdalena Risk Management Committee, Barranquilla Risk Management Office, the Colombian Air Force and Barranquilla Coast Guard Station.

“This work has air support. A first inspection transfer has already been carried out to continue to carry out corresponding water discharges and try to suffocate the flames, the official says.

Jiménez indicated that the total control of the fire is expected to last for at least two days: “The wind blows the flames and at night strong winds appear, so large flames are observed.”

Political control in the Senate

The fire on the island of Salamanca motivated Senator Mauricio Gómez to promote a debate on political control in the Senate so that the Ministry of the Environment and the National Natural Parks of Colombia report on the measures taken to alleviate this problem.

The proposal will be submitted next Friday to the Land Management Commission to define the date: “I am deeply concerned about the situation we have been in for several years,” he said.

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