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Daughter of & # 39; giraffe & # 39; to & # 39; I am Betty, the ugly & # 39; steals all eyes

Twenty years after the actress Marcela Posada played the matchless "Giraffe" in production "I am Betty, the ugly" the woman continues to dazzle her followers with its beauty and spontaneity.

But in recent days the radar was in her daughter Nataly Arbeláez, who of course inherited all her charms.

The young woman counts more than 1

1,000 followers on his Instagram account, constantly letting him know the spectacular curves he has and his angel's face.

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Giraffe Daughter, Come Out Painted! And although we know it is not said, in this case we can play with the acknowledged saying, because Nataly followed in the foot of her mother and is now part of the small screen it should It is noted that the young woman studied dramatic art at the Universidad del Bosque.

In social networks we can appreciate the mutual pride and love he knows for each other Marcela constantly shares moments next to her daughter, the same as a child accompanied her to the recordings of the successful production of Fernando Gaitán and that already made her a grandmother. In fact, a few months ago the girl turned seven.

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Nataly also demonstrates in his network his passion for dance and travel. In addition, he has on some occasions shared some of his career as a model, because like his mother he has great charisma and fantastic curves to pose for the cameras before.

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