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Amazon would go for empty JCPenney and Sears stores to use as inventory

The Internet tech giant is in talks with the largest American owner of these empty warehouses, a source told the Wall Street Journal.

According to the unofficial report, the Amazon arrangement would involve the empty premises of Sears and JCPenney, two of the major supermarket chains that have declared bankruptcy, due to the expansion of e-commerce and the restrictions on mobility that arose from the coronavirus pandemic. .

“Warehouses throughout the United States, struggling to stay afloat when business moves to e-commerceThey would soon become Amazon’s fulfilling hub, says a report published by the news website Business Insider.

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Amazon reported that it is in talks with Simon Property Group, the largest warehouse owner, to convert empty premises into Amazon warehouses that process virtual purchase orders, according to the WSJ.

As part of the agreement Amazon was able to take over the previously large spaces that previously belonged to Sears and JCPenney, former retail giants, who filed for bankruptcy in previous months and left their stocks unoccupied.

Simon Property is currently negotiating a major acquisition of JCPenney, with which could guarantee greater control over spaces that can be used in the future.

The deal can benefit Amazon, which would have large stocks in good locations throughout the United States, which would enable the online sales giant less delivery times and logistics facilities.

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