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After the meeting with AMB, the transport strike in Bucaramanga ends

Following a meeting with the Director of the AMB, Samuel Jaimes Botía, together with the Deputy Director of the Transport Unit, Fabián Fontecha Angulo, and the representatives of the drivers and owners of conventional public transport, regarding the problem affecting the trade union, it was decided to end the strike.

What did you agree on?

One of the main motives behind the day of the strike is the issue of piracy, because according to transporters, the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga, AMB, has not been strict in eradicating informality.

In this regard, Fabián Fontecha, Transport Secretary for AMB, mentioned that the perception is wrong because the area̵

7;s transit instructions and secretariat perform work that has deserved effort, but it is clear that this modality has continued to grow.

There, it was agreed to create mobile patrols to control informal transport, which would start operating next week.

So the day went by

From a very early age, the road north of Bucaramanga registered partial blockages while a Tortuga plane collapsed the road connecting Girón with Bucaramanga and reaching Puente El Bueno.

Another group of carriers, consisting of more than 50 vehicles, in a caravan left after kl. 07.40 in the morning from Floridablanca to Cabecera to protest against the lack of clear measures to combat informal transport.

At 8:30 in the morning, the group arrived with the Tortuga plane in Zapamanga, near the Fátima exchange in Florida.

After 9:30 in the morning, the caravan reached La Flora Viaduct on its way to the watercourse.

With this protest day, the drivers demanded more controls and better plans to fight piracy.

At 10:00 in the morning, the protesters arrived in Parque San Pío where they did a new sit-in that caused trauma to the mobility of the sector.

After this stop, the caravan continued its journey with Carrera 33 to go down the entire street 36. Later, the mobilization arrived at Parque Santander.

Finally, the march reached García Rovira Park where they held a new seat in front of Bucaramanga’s mayor’s office.

At this point, they asked for a meeting with Mayor Juan Carlos Cárdenas as they assure that the President has not met with them and has not helped them resolve the inquiries that the union has requested since the beginning of the year.

“We need them to solve ourselves, we do not produce much and we do not even have left to maintain the vehicles. We prefer to leave these buses to the mayor and start doing something else, because that way it does not serve us,” says one of those affected.

As the caravan advanced along the roads of Bucaramanga, the association of conventional carriers was united by members of special transports.

This sector is asking for reductions in insurance and taxes before the activities cease due to the pandemic, as most special transports mobilize students.

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