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College Football Playoff Ranking: LSU jumps to Ohio State for No. 1 when Clemson, Georgia comes to CFP top four

The second College Football Playoff rankings for the 2019 season have come, and after LSU defeated Alabama on the road at Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Tigers have jumped to Ohio State for the No. 1 spot. The Buckeyes move to No. 2 after choking Big Ten tomato cans Maryland. LSU's huge performance up to this point will be hard to tip, especially if it runs the table, but there is not much difference between it and OSU. They may turn back and forth over the next few weeks, but probably not this week as Ohio State plays an even worse team in Rutgers.

Behind these two, Clemson and Georgia move from the first team out of the field to No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. These Tigers remain undefeated after wiping out NC State 55-1

0 last week, while the Bulldogs are the top-ranked team with a loss and are coming off a 27-0 win against Missouri.

Georgia over Alabama is the most talked about – and overreacted to – location. It doesn't matter where these teams are placed now. What is important is that Georgia does not need any help from anyone to make the College Football Playoff. Win out, become a 12-1 SEC champion and the Dawgs are in. No. 5 Crimson Tide needs help, maybe a lot of it. It would be true if their rankings were changed this week.

Remember: the playoffs don't start today, and the season can get messy in the last few weeks. All four places in the field remain in place with rivalry games and top 25 showdowns ahead of the 2019 season.

Let's take a look at the entire CFP rankings 25. Continue reading for further analysis on these rankings.

College Football Playoff Rankings, November 12

  1. LSU (9-0)
  2. Ohio State (9-0)
  3. Clemson (10-0)
  4. Georgia (8- 1)
  5. Alabama (8-1)
  6. Oregon (8-1)
  7. Utah (8-1)
  8. Minnesota (9-0)
  9. Penn State (8-1) [19659008] Oklahoma (8- 1)
  10. Florida (8-2)
  11. Auburn (7-2)
  12. Baylor (9-0)
  13. Wisconsin (7-2)
  14. Michigan (7- 2)
  15. Notre Dame (7-2)
  16. Cincinnati (8-1)
  17. Memphis (8-1)
  18. Texas (6-3)
  19. Iowa (6-3) [19659008] Boise State (8 -1)
  20. Oklahoma State (6-3)
  21. Navy (7-1)
  22. Kansas State (6-3)
  23. Appalachian State (8-1)

Minnesota was the big scorer This week, up nine spots from No. 17 to No. 8. The Golden Gophers vaulted on the strength of a victory over former Penn State No. 4. The CFP selection committee has always said that head-to-head is a factor but not the only one. When the Nittany Lions fell to ninth, they have shown that at least in this case it was a factor in the rankings.

Although Oregon and Utah have a loss, they are both ahead of Minnesota because the Gophers CV is not as good. Their strength in the schedule is still poor despite a high-quality win at home over the Nittany Lions. Penn State CV is clearly better than either Pac-12 team, but the committee obviously felt it couldn't rank it before Minnesota, so it was docked three places for a head-to-head result. Again, if it wasn't this week, it probably would have been next week if Minnesota wins in Iowa and Penn State beats Indiana.

There are very few, if any, surprises further down the rankings. It was an unusual week because you could pretty much play the team from the week before. Texas replaced Wake Forest in the rankings, leaving Clemson as the only ACC team in the top 15.

The biggest surprise for me was that SMU fell out in favor of Appalachian State. While I like the mountaineers, their schedule doesn't compare to the Mustangs, and SMU's lone loss is to Memphis. App. State has not played a team in the rankings and will not come this season. It's hard to justify a top 25 spot for them.

Remember, be calm. We still have four weeks left.

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