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Colin Cowherd was no match for Baker Mayfields daggers

Baker Mayfield had prepared for his showdown with Colin Cowherd all week – and it showed.

The 1st overall pick of Browns came on the set "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on Thursday with a revenge after the Fox Sports host argued on Twitter earlier this week that Mayfield was unheard of the draft's highest honor. When Cowherd began the interview with "the bad stuff," Mayfield had even more reason to defend himself.

The Heisman winning quarterback hoped for every opportunity to choose from Cowherd, starting with the host's question about his famous antics while in Oklahoma, especially his infamous grip during a game in Kansas in November.

"Have you played football past high school?" Mayfield asked, embodies his kind.

"Yes, I quarterbacked ̵

1; and I said" Cowherd released. "No, not past high school."

Mayfield tried to explain the feelings of a football match at the university's highest level induction.

Baker Mayfield AP

"Football is a violent and competitive game, that's It was always meant to be played. You should play it with one edge, you are actually trying to impose your will on the other person to win, "he said. "There are things that accompany it. No, my mistakes are not things that need to be a franchise quarterback, but in football there is a lot of trash, many things that have not become known to everyone."

Mayfield's fire returned when Cowherd Again brought up his feasts, this time an example of Mayfield flies ran away from his teammates and against the sidelines after a touchdown in a Sooners blowout win over Ohio State.

"Our band is over there, our student section is over there and then [I go] straight back to our sideline. Have you looked at the rest of the game?" Mayfield replied.

After Cowherd said he saw "the whole game", 23-year-old Mayfield tried to call his bluff.

"You did? Then you saw that I celebrated with my teammates like the three touchdowns before that too?" Mayfield said. "Oh, okay, yes. You pulled the only clip of me who drove there and to our fans and people who traveled for a while to that game, first and then you did not show the rest of my clip to go to our sideline? You seem like I just ran away from everyone. What's this like a five-second clip that you show me and then I'm away from the screen over there? …

"I feel you're going for the fact that I'm not a team guy. Is that what you're shooting here, or what? "

Cowherd sat down for Mayfield's jabs when tweeted at 6-foot-1 pro on Tuesday:" Marginal size and athleticism is not a NUMBER ONE pick. In some draft. In any sport. "

Mayfield gave his defense then -" Well, it happened. Have a nice day!

"You do not know me at all," Mayfield said. Cowherd. "I think you hear the big headlines, which is what people have to pay to do is write anything that will catch people's attention. So there is no excavation, there is no real research for it. It was quite fun to see some things, not just of you but of many people. "

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