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Mayor Steve Widmyer says the city would follow the health district’s lead

The decision by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean that the mandate wears masks in public as of today makes Idaho’s capital the fifth city in the state to issue such a requirement.

Like Hailey, Moscow, McCall and Driggs before it, Boise is in the middle of the spread.

How would Coeur d’Alene Mayor Steve Widmyer handle such a decision? When asked Friday, Widmyer said the decision comes to science.

“We will follow the advice of health care professionals,” Widmyer said. “This is a health and safety issue. As with all diseases, you follow the advice of your doctor. There are those who are trained and trained to help you through medical problems. The same is true here. “

Widmyer, along with staff and council members, has received advice from the Panhandle Health District since the beginning of the pandemic. Any advice given or followed, according to the public information officer for the health district, would be cooperative.

“All the decisions we would make in connection with our health, the Panhandle Health board, our county commissioners and our mayors,”

; said Katherine Hoyer. “They would all be involved in these decisions.”

Hoyer added that the decisions of local leaders and the health ombudsman’s vote largely depend on how society follows.

“Of course, we have called for social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, staying at home if you are ill,” she explained, “and the health protocols that have proven to help slow transmission of COVID-19. We all need help with doing this. We all need to take safe, preventive measures when they are out in the public. “

To make such a still hypothetical decision – one Widmyer would not say one or the other how he leans – he must first do some housekeeping.

His initial March declaration on March 17 in response to COVID-19 has since expired, which means he would again have to make a similar declaration; Given the growing number of cases in the area, a hypothetical second explanation would probably come without extensive scientific opposition.

While many in the area wear masks in public, many are not. Many on social media have moaned about wearing masks as violations of American rights, with some pushing on the stories that such mandates are mechanisms for testing the boundaries of the constitution, that wearing masks is a media invention to keep people scared, and to wear masks can cause physical damage.

Most health officials say the masks can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Today’s People’s Rights meeting at noon in McEuen Park, for example, will feature a speaker who will lecture on alleged medical injuries that masks can cause.

“Unfortunately,” Widmyer admitted, “this issue has become a political issue. And it shouldn’t be. “


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