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Cody enters Street Fighter V in June

Street Fighter V still gets a lot of new characters through the match's third season match, with Final Fights Cody making his long-awaited debut in the game. He becomes the fourth DLC character, after Sakura, Blanka and Flake. Capcom has shared a short teaser that highlights what moves he takes to the table.

Cody was not originally from Street Fighter scenes, but rather he first came in the beat-up series Final Fight. It was not until Alpha 3 when he finally debuted in the martial arts series, introduced as a ruthless vigilante who made his way through the Metro's slums. Interestingly, he has worked in the world and is now mayor of Metro City.

The upcoming fighter is slated to start with four additional costumes: his original outfit from Final Fight, clothes based on Mike Hagger, his original SFIV looks, and a new combat suit. While being part of the Street Fighter V season, you can choose to buy him separately through the game's currency in the game or $ 5.99.

You do not have to wait too long to play him because Cody is slated to make his way into Street Fighter V on June 26th.

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