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Clippy resurrected card as team add-on, brutally taken down by brand police

  Clippy resumed cards as a team supplement, brutally interrupted by the trademark police

On Microsoft's official Office GitHub archive (which does not include the source code of Office itself but much developer content for software that expands Office), the much-loved (?) Clippy made one short look with the publication of a Clippy sticker package for Microsoft Teams. Team users were able to import the stickers and use them to add pictures of a talking paperclip to their conversations.

The synergy between the two seems obvious. With its various machine-learning services and its frame development framework, Microsoft finally has the technology to make the Clippy assistant we always wanted him to be: a Clippy that can be asked for natural language issues, which we can actually talk to and who can talk back to us, who can feel again us through sight and greet us when we sit down to work day. Team, an interface that is conversation and text heavy, is the perfect place for a new Clippy compliant with all the buzzwords in the late twenty teens. Twenteens? Anything.

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Enlarge / Clippy sticker package in law.

After all, Clippy is much more expressive than Cortana. While Clippy and Cortana have a tendency to transform their basic form to meet the needs of the task, Clippy can distort themselves to a question mark or envelope or anything, and Cortana can deviate from his usual circular shape. Clippy has the murderer advantage of having eyes, and especially eyebrows, enabling a range of feelings like infidelity and contemptuous compassion that Cortana can only dream of.

But rather than exploiting this prime opportunity to introduce Clippy to a whole new generation of computer users, Verge reports that Microsoft's Branding Police has implemented the sum of boot paperclips. The GitHub project has been memorized and dried from GitHub, depriving the world of everything that is good and happy. As you can imagine, Team users are upset at the murder and demanding Clippy's return, but we fear this may be curtains for the beloved mascot.

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