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Clear error on the Prime Day price can cost Amazon

Whoops: Amazon, apparently mistakenly, priced a lot of very expensive camera equipment for $ 94.48 on Prime Day – and honors at least some of the sales.

First, someone noted that a camera that was normally priced at $ 548 for $ 94.48 and left the contract for Slickdeals. It made it the site's first page, and soon commented on a lot of other expensive cameras, camera equipment and camera bundles were listed at the same price, PetaPixel reports.

Users started sharing their moves, including a commentator who bought a $ 13,000 lens and one who made a $ 5,500 camera, both for $ 94.48 each. Some even reported price comparison at Best Buy and other retailers. Fuji Rumors report that there were similar reports of Amazon (likely by mistake) that marks the camera equipment 90% discount on Prime Day 2018.

But would Amazon cancel the orders? No, or at least not all of them: Many users reported getting the notification their order had been sent. others talked to Amazon customer service and were told that the orders would be shipped.

The day after the order began to be placed, some had already received their order. Some people, for reasons that are not clear, could not see the $ 94.48 price on their Amazon accounts. Others saw their accounts locked after several orders. still others did not just see the deal before it ran out and came to the post to complain about their bad luck.

PetaPixel suggests that if orders were placed on re-ordered products, they may be canceled and refunded, but "all that has already been submitted to shipping companies seems to be guaranteed at the price paid."

Will Amazon lose money over the event? PCMag thinks so: "It will hurt." Amazon has not commented, per Business Insider. (Read more Amazon.com stories.)

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