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Civilization VI is the latest unlikely game to win a battle royale mode

PUBG . Fortnite . battlefield . Call of Duty . Mario . Tetris . Flappy Bird . It is practically a joke in the game world that if a game exists, it will eventually get a fight Royale version or mode. But the latest entry may take the cake: Civilization VI the popular turn-based strategy game, via Rock Paper Shotgun .

You may be wondering how Civilization a franchise where players slowly and accurately build their global societies across time scales that extend throughout human history can be combined with the battle royale genre, which sees players frantically trying to eliminate Rivals for being the last person to stand as a constantly invading fog of war is shrinking the playing field.

The answer is through a new mode called "Red Death", which reshapes the Civilization VI game as a post-apocalyptic disaster. Instead of trying to build a civilization, 12 players try to escape from a soon-to-be-uninhabitable earth. With a few turns, Red Death – a malignant red fog – will shrink the playable space, with the last faction representing a turn from the doomed planet.

The factions are also being renovated for the new environment, with judge cultists, evil scientists, radioactive pirates, mutants, Goths and more. Probably the turn-by-turn rate will be a little less frenetic than, for example, a round Fortnite. But the ever-shrinking gaming area should push players faster than a traditional game in Civilization VI .

Civilization VI Red Death mode is now available as part of the free update in September 2019. With this speed of battle royale expansion, it feels like we could all play a cutthroat winner- take-all mode for quiet agricultural simulation Stardew Valley before the year is out. (Scratch that: I just got information about my colleagues at The Verge that Stardew Valley BR actually already exists.)

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