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Chris Cornell's Widow and His Daughter Are Arguing over the Late Rockstar's Estate

Chris Cornell's sudden death may have been a little more than two years ago, but it looks like the late rocker's estate still isn't settled. Now, his widow, Vicky, is allegedly denying Chris' daughter, Lilly, access to a trust set up to pay tuition. To make matters more complicated, Vicky is also battling Susan Silver, Cornell's first wife over the estimated $ 20 million estate. Cornell's most recent will was filed in 2004, shortly after the Soundgarden rocker, Vicky Cornell married. According to Alternative Nation Vicky and the Cornell Family Trust were named beneficiaries of Cornell's fortune. No stipulation was made for Susan Silver, the mother of Cornell's eldest child. Chris Cornell and family ”

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NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 18: Chris Cornell with family | Photo by Steve Zak Photography / FilmMagic

An additional document apparently exists that notes that Lilly will be provided for in the event of Chris' death. Lilly was still a minor when her father died. While Vicky is currently caring for the two children she shared with the rocker; It appears there is bad blood between Lilly and her stepmother, and it all boils down to how the family money is being wristed.

According to TMZ Lilly, 19, sent to request her late estate to receive money for tuition. The estate, which amounts to Vicky Cornel at this point, refused the probate request, claiming Lilly had decided to drop out of school. Apparently, the estate called the California university where Lilly was registered to ensure the youngster was enrolled in classes for the upcoming semester. When the school noticed that she was not enrolled, the request was denied.

According to the denial, Lilly's first and second-semester tions were paid out, but the 19-year-old dropped out after the first week of the second semester. The estate is not requesting the money back but noted that additional educational expense requests will require proof of enrollment.

Lilly took her Instagram story to explain her page of
Things. It was not reported that she did not drop out.
Instead, she took a leave of absence from school to attend two mental health
and emotional needs. He noted that she has long field attacked for the decisions
she makes, especially regarding her education.

What stake does Susan Silver believe she has to the late
rocker’s estate?

Around the same time that Lilly's educational requests were denied, Susan Silver came forward to insist she had a stake in the late rocker's estate. Silver and Cornell were married from 1990 until 2004. Silver believes that there is back child support that she is owed. She also does not think that Vicky and the Cornell Family Trust should be the beneficiaries of the family fortune.

 Chris Cornell and Susan Silver
Chris Cornell and Susan Silver | Photo by Barry King / WireImage

Silver has requested an accounting of the frontman's assets to determine its share of the estate. She is also seeking an accounting of the estate to decide Lilly's share. Vicky has spoken publicly about the contentious process, according to Radar but the two women are trying to settle the matter out of court.
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