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"Choose Your Own Adventure" book publisher sucks Netflix for $ 25M over "Bandersnatch" – BGR

The big gimmick associated with Netflixs buzzy Black Mirror film Bandersnatch is that it is very much to choose one's own adventure kind of production. Seare is presented with selections when the movie about a programmer working with a video game progresses, with the filmmakers who reportedly have shot about 5 hours of pictures to include all the potential options that viewers can choose.

Here is one that neither the filmmakers nor Netflix was hoping, though. Book publisher behind the popular series of Choose your own adventure children's books have beaten Netflix with a $ 25 million trial, claiming the Bandersnatch movie and its marketing override the publisher's probably very well known brand .

The book publisher is Vermont-based Chooseco LLC and is claimed in the suit that Netflix used the brand in conjunction with the book company's famous property to market the film. The books Choose Your Own Adventure was particularly popular in the 80s and 90s among young readers, with publishers having sold about 265 million copies of the books.

Netflix and the publisher had obviously been engaged in recent years, with Netflix attempting to get a license to use the brand Choose Your Own Adventure . These calls finally never went anywhere. Complicating things even more, the trial points to 20th Century Fox has chosen the rights to the brand to produce a series of films based on the books, with a suit that allows Netflix's production to potentially confuse the audience.

However, the confusions do not "stop there. The trial points to further potential perceiving confusion related to the brand by noting how a character early in Bandersnatch refers to the book series and using it as inspiration for a video game he Again, by Variety : "The suit also claims that the film is violent and disturbing ̵

1; including references to murder, decapitation, drug use and mutilation of a corpse – which is inappropriate for the young adult readers of the book series. The suit claims that the violent image obstructs the brand Choose your own adventure . "

Sharon Gilligan, the widow of the books' original publisher RA Montgomery, now publishing the publisher, issued the following statement today:

Our trademark's misuse of Netflix presents an extreme challenge to a small independent publisher such as Chooseco. Choose your own adventure in connection with such graphical content is likely to cause significant damage, affecting our book sales and affecting our ability to work with licensing partners in the future.We prefer not to resort to litigation but in view of the we will be affected by using our brand we have been left without any other option.

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