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China’s Xi Jinping calls for global policy coordination

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  • Global Affairs: More than 529,500
  • Global deaths: At least 23,900
  • American cases: at least 83,800
  • American deaths: At least 1,200

The above information was compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

All times below are in Beijing time.

08:58: Los Angeles launches program to produce 5 million non-medical masks for key workers

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Thursday a new program aimed at producing 5 million non-medical masks for workers in key sectors and medical patients.

The program, L.A. Protects, seeks help from local manufacturers who can produce non-medical masks to protect people such as grocery store employees, non-medical staff in hospitals, and medical patients. Kaiser Permanente has developed the mask̵

7;s design specifications according to the program’s website.

Organizations that can help or are in need of masks can sign up for the program online. – Salvador Rodriguez

08:26: China reports 55 new cases, most imported

China’s National Health Commission said there were 55 new cases, of which 54 were imported and a local case was reported in Zhejiang. Five new deaths were also reported, all in Hubei Province. In total, China says there have been 81,340 cases of infection since the outbreak began. More than 74,500 cases have been cured, while 3,292 people have died. – Saheli Roy Choudhury

The staff will check the information on passengers arriving in China at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai on March 18, 2020.

Ding Ting | Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images

08:22: Italy’s death toll increases over 8000

More people have died in Italy from exposure to the fast-spreading coronavirus than anywhere else in the world. From 26 March at By 6pm local time, at least 8,165 people have died, according to the Italian Ministry of Health. The total number of cases in the country is about 80,539, of which 10,361 people have recovered. Italy is in total lockdown where the public movement is severely limited; People are allowed outside in emergencies such as going to the hospital or buying groceries. – Saheli Roy Choudhury

8:09 pm: China’s Xi demands “international macroeconomic coordination”

Chinese President Xi Jinping told world leaders that they must coordinate their political responses to counter the negative economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy.

“We need to improve international macroeconomic political coordination,” Xi said at an emergency virtual G-20 leadership summit, according to an English translation of his speech published by state news agency Xinhua.

“Countries need to leverage and coordinate their macro policies to counteract the negative impact and prevent the world economy from falling into recession,” Xi said, adding that China will “increase its range of active drug ingredients, daily necessities and anti-epidemic and other deliveries to the international market. “

The outbreak, first reported in China, has disrupted production around the world as companies close factories to reduce the risk of exposure to their workers and there is growing concern over falling consumer demand. – Saheli Roy Choudhury

8:03 pm: India announced more than $ 22 billion in stimulus to help those affected by lockdown

India announced an economic stimulus package worth 1.7 trillion rupees ($ 22.5 billion) on Thursday, designed to help millions of low-income households cope with a 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The package will be paid out through food security measures for poor households and through direct cash transfers, says India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Most of the country’s 1.3 billion people have been told to stay indoors for three weeks starting Wednesday this week, as part of the government’s efforts to curb the coronavirus outbreak before India’s health care system collapses from the strain. Essential services such as grocery stores and gas stations would remain open. – Saheli Roy Choudhury

All times below are Eastern.

7:30 pm: De Blasio says New York has now suffered 365 deaths from coronavirus

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city now has 23 112 cases of COVID-19 and 365 deaths.
“The coming months will be painful and stress our health care system like never before,” de Blasio said in a tweet. “To our healthcare professionals: you go beyond the call to save New Yorkers and we will remember your actions for the rest of New York’s history.”

In addition, de Blasio said the Brooklyn Navy Yard has now started manufacturing plastic face protection and will have 50,000 manufactured by the end of this week. De Blasio said the city has so far received 1,500 fans from the federal government, but he said that’s a fraction of what will be needed. “Fans will mean the difference between life and death for thousands of New Yorkers,” he tweeted. “The federal government MUST help us close that gap.” – Salvador Rodriguez

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) lift a patient identified as having coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in an ambulance while wearing protective equipment, as the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in New York, New York, USA, March 26, 2020.

Stefan Jeremiah | Reuters

18:13: USA is now the episode for the outbreak

America now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than Italy and China, becoming the largest outbreak in the world.

The total number of cases in the United States reached 82,404, associated China’s 81,782 confirmed infections, and Italy at 80,589, according to data compiled by John Hopkins University.

The virus appeared in Wuhan, China, in December. It has since spread to more than half a million people in almost every country around the world and continues to accelerate, the World Health Organization warned earlier this week. –Coming fire

17:15: GM temporarily cuts wages by 20% for 69,000 employees

General Motors told about 69,000 officials globally on Thursday that it will temporarily cut 20% of their wages as the carmaker tries to save money amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The deferral, which begins April 1, will be repaid in a lump sum with interest no later than March 15, 2021, according to the company

About 6,500 US employees will also be essentially temporary layoffs, which the company calls a “paid-for-absence official.” The workers will receive 75% of their salary, retain seniority and retain health care benefits. – Mike Wayland

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