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Ugly or cool? Android WeChat 7.0 new version compared to the old version of the detailed experience – WeChat Tencent WeChat – cnBeta.COM

In recent days rumors have been rumored that WeChat will get a big move, the result … The IOS version of WeChat 7.0.0 is online. Just like the Android version of the children's shoes collectively admired the "reading" of the Apple version, the Android version of WeChat 7.0.0 also opened beta. After a brief look, the new version of the change is still quite large, the most intuitive being the appearance of the beginning of the same as the iOS version of the "lightweight path". Of course, this is just a superficial phenomenon. In fact, Android version 7.0.0, like the iOS version, has also added many new features. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

The Android version of WeChat 7.0.0 started beta

1. Icon not changed

Compared to the flat color of iOS, the Android version still uses the previous icon, there is no "apple" in color. This is obviously understood primarily because I have tried the iOS version before, but for most small partners you can not feel any change. At least … it was like this before you clicked.

The new version of the icon faded

2. Display Interface

The new interface user follows the iOS version of the design and becomes more "Apple Fan". The old version of the thick WeChat flavor began to be replaced by a new minimalist white. How do you say that? Personally, it feels good, at least it looks very refreshing.

Interface UI comparison

In addition to Banner, the function keys have become more streamlined. If you look closely you will find that many of the icons in "Discovery" have changed. For example, the "circle of friends" who are all most familiar with have become a hollow style in the new version, and this is exactly the same as the previously released iOS version.

Compared to the old version, the new version is more "easy" when it comes to Banner, function keys, chat windows, list arrangements etc. It looks better. At the same time, the new icons are also nicer and the overall feeling is good!

Many icons in "Discovery" have also been renewed

The change of chat window is not so depressed!

3rd Wallet "green"

In addition to the user interface, "wallet" is also a very obvious improvement in the new version, this improvement begins from the panel "I", you find the previous "wallet" change It became a "payment", and There was a camera icon in the upper right corner that was not available before (later).

"Wallet" became "Payment"

After you clicked "Payment" you will find that the changes inside are equally large. The previous "bank card" was filled in the "wallet". The term "change" was also broader than before. "Changes", "zero money", "bank cards" and "kissing cards" were all placed here. Clearer than previous logic. For example, the former "Nero Money Pass" is just a small module under "Changes", but the new version of the design makes people feel that it is a cash management product along with "changes". And such a definition is obviously the most consistent with the location of "zero money". After all, it is a fist product such as microcredit and balance Bao is competing with.

"Wallet" secondary side comparison

"Wallet" third page side

4. Time Video "Crashing"

Time Video is a new addition to WeChat version 7.0.0, a bit like the usual vibrating sound. Once you have clicked on the camera's icon at the top right of "I" you can take a short video. Like vibrato, you can add text, audio tracks, positioning, and emoticons to this short video. The most embarrassing thing is that WeChat can match any suitable music according to the content of the video you shoot, which is very appropriate.

Unlike a friend's circle, the recorded short video does not appear in friends, but becomes a small bubble on your avatar. When your friend double clicks on the bubble, you can watch your video.

Popular point, you can understand it as a short video version of the circle of friends, it is estimated that it will not be long before, the friends of the pervasive micro companies can find this entry, such as Xidi Harmony, etc. It is.

Time video

The group chat panel also adds a short video recording. If your buddy adds a short video, you can see a small circle at the top right of the panel. Circle, click to swipe up and down to display short video clips published by other group chat friends. And you can also like these videos by clicking on the little bubble in the lower left corner of the video screen.

Group chat can browse the small video clips shared by group friends as brushing sounds

5. Video support Easy editing

In addition to direct recording, the new version of WeChat It also allows us to directly download an existing video as a time video. Like vibrato, the current WeChat also limits the total length of the video clip at 15 seconds. If the inserted small video exceeds 15 seconds, the next time bar will appear. By dragging the time bar to the left and right, we can quickly crop a 15 second short video.

Video support simple editing

6. Strong reminder

Strong reminder is a new feature added by WeChat 7.0.0, the popular explanation is when there is a friend to When you send a message, you can view the reminder in full screen. And this strong reminder is really awkward, it can directly cross the phone lock screen before the user opens the lock screen. In order to avoid shocking users, WeChat's restrictions on strong reminders are also very strict.

First, the recipient must open the reminder himself, not the sender. Second, the strong reminder must be assigned to the person, that is, the user determines which friend's message uses the strong reminder, and not all reminders use the strong reminder. Finally, the strong reminder has an automatic time-out (default 3 hours), as long as the scheduled time is reached, the strong reminder will automatically expire, the user must be manually reset.

Strong reminder

With these limitations, the strong reminder basically has lost the "disturbing people's" properties and thus becomes a more practical function. And when you turn on the strong reminder, a "strong reminder" button appears on the "WeChat" tab, which contains a list of all friends who have enabled strong reminders. The only thing that makes people feel a bit uncomfortable is that it is just a monitor and cannot be interrupted with one click. If you want to cancel a friend's strong reminder status, you still need to enter the TA's personal information page.

After activating the strong reminder, the top of the website will pop up to quickly see all the friends who have opened the strong reminder

7. Stylish feature

Finally say the newly added "stylish" feature has actually evolved from the former "look at it". In the new version, take a look at the article that is still famous by your friends, but just show your friends. The whole interface looks like the previous WeChat public account, users can intuitively see friends who share their interests and like the article. At the same time, the new version of the page is more in line with the average user's aesthetics than the old version, at least it seems more immediate.

The new version of "stylish" and the old version of "look and see" contrast

8. Other changes

The new version differs from the old version in many details For example, the "Album" button at the bottom of the old "I" page shows, after clicking, the friend circle you sent out, but the new version becomes "Friends Circle Album" and "Time Video", more in line with "Album". The location of the two words.

The recently revised "Album" panel

while the friend information page also matched a new flat color. "Personal photo album" here becomes a "circle of friends", after all, the "circle of friends" is released here!

Friends' details page, in addition to the user interface, "personal album" has become a more appropriate "circle of friends"


The above is the Android version of WeChat 7.0 All the content of .0 is generally a UI change, and the function is more in line with the user logic of the general user. At the same time, the addition of "Time Video" and "Look and See" is also a new version of the heavy function, which is the most powerful upgrade in history. From the current experimental situation, although the Android version of WeChat 7.0.0 is still labeled as "internal beta", but the function and stability are already very good, it is estimated that it takes a long time to release, interested partners may be patient.

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