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China states that "Deputy Ministerial" officials will be in Washington for trade talks

Chinese officials are expected to be in Washington this week to hold consultations with the United States ahead of high-level talks in October.

State-controlled media CCTV on Tuesday reported that Deputy Minister of Finance Liao Min will lead a Deputy Ministerial Delegation to discuss trade and economic issues, according to CNBC's translation.

The meeting comes at the invitation of the United States, CCTV reported.

The timing of the meeting was unclear – the CCTV report said China's delegation would visit the United States on Wednesday, but Reuters quoted US trade ombudsmen as saying that vice-level talks would begin on Thursday.

The United States and China have been engaged in a trade dispute for more than a year, with both sides slapping against billions on each other's goods worth billions of dollars.

Tensions escalated last month as both sides announced increased tariffs on each other's goods.

In response to earlier you ties, on August 23, they announced that they would apply new duties of between 5% and 1

0% on $ 75 billion for goods from the United States. President Donald Trump then threatened to raise tariffs on all Chinese products by the end of the year.

Both sides have since made small concessions, with Beijing exempting some US products from additional tariffs.

By "good will" and at the Beijing request, the Trump administration also agreed to delay $ 250 billion in Chinese goods increases by two weeks – from October 1 to October 15. The People's Republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary on October 1.

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