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China ready to plan to broaden foreign access to its economy: WSJ

A dinner between Xi and Trump at a group of 20 summits earlier this month has offered some optimism about trade negotiations after both countries agreed to temporarily suspend new tariffs until 2019. Trump on Tuesday went on Twitter to highlight "very productive" conversations with Beijing and told its followers to "watch some important messages!"

Still, there has been little room for optimism that the two economic power plants will reach an agreement with the long list over US accusations against China's economic policies, including state aid to certain industries and theft of intellectual property rights.

The White House has hit several rounds of charges on goods imported from China in 201

8 as part of the president's relocation to protect US business interests. Trump, along with US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, hopes that sanctions will force foreign counterparts to maintain more favorable trade agreements.

The President has had mixed success with the tactics and produces both a revised version of the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as the headache for long-term economic allies such as Canada and the European Union. Trump has specifically targeted Beijing with charges for alleged intellectual theft and also contributes to the huge trade balance between the two nations.

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