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China Broadcast of Eurovision was recalled after anti-HBT censorship – variation

The European Broadcasting Union has terminated the agreement with China's Mango TV to show Saturday's finals in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mango is one of China's largest television operators and is part of the Hunan Television Group, which has several business relations with Lionsgate.

The decision was made after Mango TV edited Wednesday's transfer of the semifinal to remove gay elements. The European Broadcasting Union said editing was not in line with its values ​​"of universality and inclusivity and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music. It is regrettable that we therefore immediately terminate our partnership with the sender and will not be allowed to broadcast Second Semifinal or Grand Final. "

Mango TV broadcasted its transfer of Ireland's singing performance, which included two men dancing together, as well as the Albanian performance. It also featured rainbow battles, symbols of LGBT pride and images of tattoo artists.

Over the past year, the Chinese government has taken an increasingly conservative world view. It imposes that position and a return to "core socialist values" within its own limits through increased intervention over the Internet and social media.

Earlier this year, the government reverted to what is perceived as decadent Western culture, classifying artists with exposed tattoos, homosexuality and hip hop music as unwanted elements.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1

997 and ceased to be classified as a mental disorder from 2001. But it is still a socially problematic problem.

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