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Uber quiere comprar Lime o Bird, alquiler de patinetes eléctricos


Uber es conocida por haberse lanzado al mercado como alternative taxi ; Pero con Uber Eats, por ejemplo, tambien ofrecen un servicio alternativo a Deliveroo y sus similares. Yahora, La Conocida Compañía Parece Estar Plantándose la compra de empresa dedicada al Alquiler de patinetes eléctricos . ]]and nowadays, and many of the mercados of the sector.

Uber was published in 1969, and published in 19459026, entitled 'Crewed Mercury of the Patents of Electrons', and Apuntan and Informed. Y las opciones que está valorando la compañía dedicada a las VTC pasan por la adquisición de estas dos empresas. The hecho, aseguran que es posible que las negociaciones concluyan antes de finales de año. On the other hand, there is no doubt about the decision of the camino tomar exactamente, even though it is not a adquisición the unity of the empire les ayudaría a hacer frente a las limitaciones and el suministro de patinetes eléctricos. Un problema al que han tenido que enfrentarse ya en los últimos meses.

Lime y Bird están en situación perfect para la compra de Uber, y son líderes el alquiler de patinetes eléctricos

And estos momentos, tanto Lime como Bird están bajo una constante presión para la fundraising. Uber ya tiene una participación minoritaria en Lime, y la relación entre ambas empresas es más estrecha que con Bird. Este Verano, Rachel Holt, Directora de Nueva Movilidad and Uber, you're welcome to 'inversión y asociación con Lime es un paso más (para Uber) para converirse en una opción única para tadas las de transportes'. Eregion del taxi, pero Uber y Cabify de multiplicado sus descargas “/>

Tregua del taxi, pero uber y cabify he multiplicado sus descargas

An estos momentos, Bird está valorada and aproximadamente 2,000 millones the dolphins, mientras que Lime tiene su última valoración and 1,100 millones ] the dolphins. Respecto a esta información, Their Birds have a reputation as a companion 'no está en venta' by the declaration of the state of affairs, which is the responsibility of a reforcer of the Negociaciones. Desde Uber y Lime, his embargo, he sees him pronouniado al respecto.

Escrito por Carlos González

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Las invocaciones tendrán restricciones de uso

Final Fantasy VII Remake just titled Square-Enix Buscar revives in France, a reimagination of the original concept of 1997, for all the mechanics of the trend and another trend un resideño profundo, its embargo, un mecánica present and embased versions tend to be limited to the moment of usarla.

Invocaciones, un mecánica que podíamos en prácticamente en la mitad de Final Fantasy VII era muy util and especially cuando nos enfrentábamos a tediosos enemigos en el system de combate al azar del RPG, with its podium barrer en los enigigos normales, que sólo nos retrasaban en la aventura, its embargo, and Final Fantasy VII Remake as estarán available antes, miestas aún estemos en Midgar y Según su Productor Ejecutivo, Yoshinori Kitas e, la mecánica tendrá ciertas limitaciones e n su uso.

The Acuerdo a lo que comenta Yoshinori Kitase and a clip of the cuenta oficial of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Twitter, el uso de las invocaciones será de exclusive of jefes finals y enemigos poderosos, y soó podremos hacer uso de ellas, cuando la materia equipada and el arma comience a "resonar" dándonos la oportunidad de poder invocar, como fue mostrado en la TGS 201

9, an Ifirit por ejemplo. [1965900] "El jugador's equipa materia de invocación, y esa materia entonces resonará cuando estés combatiendo jefes o contra ciertos enemigos poderosos, y además cuando se cumplan ciertas condiciones especiales. And at this moment, we select the command of the 'invocation' of the communist community and resonate, and the monopoly of the invocation of the battalion. Una vez invocado, Ifrit permanenter and el campo de batalla durante un tiempo en especifico, y luchará de manera automática. For now, you can control a Cloud, if you want to continue running on time. Una vez que la barra de ATB se rellene, puedes usarla para hacer uso una de las habilidades especiales de Ifrit. The first mode, which is present in the realm of real algae ata extremadamente poderosos and luchar jununto and aliado de gran poder al enfrentar duros jefes ”

It is posible for the invasion of 1945 [1945FantasyVIIRemakewhich is the way it is, eliminates evidences of the normal and the unimaginable, and is in no way accelerated by progress, but presently presented Midgar and more primer “episodio” de un total no conocido.

Final Fantasy VII Remake hará su lanzamiento el próximo 3 de Marzo de 2020 en la plataforma de Playstation 4

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The reaction of the next Argentine is connected to the new society – Fútbol Internacional

24Horas.cl TVN


"No puede ser tan linda" y "Messi con la camiseta nueva de la seleccion Argentina es la octava maravilla del mundo" fueron algunos de los comentarios que surgieron and reasons sociales de revelarse la nueva indumentaria de la albiceleste.

Esta camiseta, se estrenará and el amistoso ante Brasil este 15 de novembre destaca por tener the bandera of Argentina and the lot of people.



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Satoshi Nakamoto, BTC Prize would have floor and digital euro proposals | CriptoNoticias

This week, the price of bitcoin dropped again to values ​​of about $ 8,000. The decline was noticed on November 8, but as of November 10, the price returned to the range exceeding $ 9,000. At the time of writing this article, the price is $ 8,709, according to figures from Messari.io.

Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most recognized figures in the Bitcoin ecosystem, warned Twitter followers about Jörg Molt, a German who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. In this regard, he said that the man is a liar because he published some photographs where they were seen together and pointed out that they were friends, which is not true.

CriptoNoticias allows interested parties to keep up with changes in market prices for bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin relative to their local currency. To do this, they can visit the Mercado Latino section, which has a price calculator to quickly and easily convert.

Among other interesting news, analyst Willy Woo explains in a series of tweets that change in Bitcoin prices that respond to investment behavior takes at least a month to be reflected in prices . Therefore, he says that to talk about important next moves that could break the price range between $ 7,000 and $ 1

4,000, the appropriate time frame would be between December this year and March 2020.

This is the most outstanding news:

  • one who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto is said to be a complete fraud. The character, who appears on his Twitter profile as Jörg Molt (or Joerg Molt), claims to be one of the founders of Bitcoin . He even tries to expand his legion of followers by promising 1 bitcoin to those who follow his profile and repay his principal.
  • For analyst Willy Woo, the bitcoin price would have already found a flat and a clear area in the middle of the current bull market. That range, he wrote via Twitter, ranges from $ 7,000 to $ 14,000 . On the other hand, the analyst pointed out that before investing in an altcoin, it is important to analyze the behavior of its market. The expert points out that the last four years of a cryptocurrency are crucial in determining whether its value will remain or decrease.
  • The German Association of Private Banks (Bankenverband), which represents more than 200 commercial banking institutions, published a document on October 30, stating that he agreed that the euro area economy needs a programmable digital euro or what's the same, a euro like cryptocurrency.
  • The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF by its abbreviation in English) burned more than half of the lumen (XLM), the symbol native to its network, which was in circulation. The information was released by CEO Denelle Dixon on November 4 during the first day of the Stellar Meridian Conference, which is taking place in Mexico City.
  • Decree on Electronic Administration published On November 5 in Spain, it generated various reactions to a measure that prohibits the creation of a self-supreme digital identification based on a blockchain. With this law, the Spanish government places a handbrake on the plans to create a Catalan digital republic that sought to strengthen the citizens of the autonomous region.


  • In Venezuela, the mandatory nature of use of petro (PTR) was prescribed in the accounting of natural and legal persons in Venezuela . With this measure, economists ensure that it distorts the economy even more, as it does not solve the existing structural problem and is rather an accessory element that prevents the application of effective solutions. Meanwhile, the company SatoshiLabs, maker of the cold wallet brand for cryptocurrencies Trezor, this week issued a statement denying any association with the Venezuelan government and petro.
  • A survey of users of loan agreements on the MakerDAO platform, revealed that ten addresses concentrate 40.6% of the total DAI supply . The study was conducted by analyst Bowen Wang, co-founder of DDEX, a decentralized exchange house to negotiate with characters based on Ethereum.
  • Members of the Argentine ecosystem pointed out that an interpretation error was generated by the measure introduced by the mandatory request from the central bank for permission to buy cryptocurrency by credit card. They clarify that the new standard does not prohibit the purchase of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with cards in the local market .

If you want to know the meaning of several words in crypto world terminology, you can consult them in the comprehensive dictionary from CriptoNoticias.

Tokenization: in the environment with blockchains, refers to the process by which a physical asset corresponds to a symbol or a certain number of tokens in a blockchain. In this way, for example, a car or service happens to be represented and traded digitally.

This week's encryption:

Although Amazon, one of the largest online stores in the world, does not accept payments with bitcoin, there are some services outside the portal that allow you to buy with cryptocurrency. One of them is Purse. On this platform, the user can exchange with another Amazon user who is interested in acquiring BTC. This tutorial shows you how to create an account in Purse, receive the desired product and release the amount into bitcoins.

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joker: they eliminate the stage in the bathtub because it was very strong | guason | dc series | joaquin phoenix | toddler movies | arthur fleck | Cinema and comics

When it was announced that Joker would have an R rating, it caused a surprise among viewers to imagine what kind of content a movie could present about a villain taken from the series but after the premiere of the movie, many they agreed to feel discomfort from the strong scenes.

However, Todd Phillips stated that the most extreme images of the production had not yet emerged. This was commented on during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where the filmmaker praised Joaquin Phoenix for his temporary delivery in acting.

Joker – Trailer

YOU CAN SEE: Black Widow: This is what David Harbor looks like as the Red Guardian, the Soviet hero

"One of Joaquin's good things is that he is always willing to try things. So sometimes we stopped early and started trying things out. he laughs when he goes to Zazie's apartment (Beetz) and returns to the corridor and laughs alone in that living room. "

Despite this, Phillips removed some of the improvised content to ensure that the final band was rated R." We shot another two or three, one that is great in a bathtub but I don't think we can include it in a movie with an R rating and it's not because it was pornographic, but just crazy, "the filmmaker concluded.

YOU CAN SEE: Arrowverse: Finally! The Crisis in Endless Countries Launches Its First Official Teaser [VIDEO]

The director failed to explain exactly what happened in the scene left in the assembly hall, but given the film's coldness, it is not difficult to idealize the opportunities that may happen .

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Aquí tenes el asombroso trailer definitely Pokémon Espada y Escudo de cara a suminent lanzamiento

A solo show of Pokémon Espada and Escudo salgan a la venta Nintendo Switch Nintendo has querido dejarnos with its latest trailer for Esperanto editions and as it is for most recently nos espera en la region of galar .

La mayor parte de secuencias ya las hemos visto anteriormente and otros videos he ido saliendo a la luz, pero hay un para detalles que destacan especialmente y es la Presence of of Pokémon which is not conocíamos todavía .

Uno de ellos podemos observes how it is in Pokémon cona forma Live un bombin a la cabeza, a bigote and a baston, centers on the other side in an aspect that can be extraordinarily formatted as a way of looking at a line of lines and suits already. ¿Do you see the Galar de Pokémon in existence?

 Pokemon Espada Escudo

 Pokemon Espada Escudo

For them, it is fantastic to see the mayor of the Pokémon as he reveals his momentum, as his variant of the human race Área Silvestre loses rivals versus queues los emocionantes combates the gymnasium. You are not allowed to fail like Dinamax and Gigamax as well as for incursions and to participate in meetings with tres jugadores más.

Pokémon Espada y Escudo de qué hablar cuando salgan a la venta el November 15 and exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Ya no qua nada para vivir una aventura its igual in the region of the Galar and compañía de los Pokémon de octava generación de la saga.

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