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Tips for keeping your Android smartphone safe from malicious code

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why the specific malicious software for this operating system is the most common. As far as the security of our connected devices is concerned, it is important to protect them from the outset and be aware of the different maneuvers used by criminals to trick users and infect devices.

A Kaspersky Lab survey, 83% of Android apps have access to their proprietary data, and 96% of these apps can be started without permission.

"We can not deny that cybercriminals are very creative and therefore users can not leave them no open door that allows them to compromise their files, steal confidential information or get their banking information," said Santiago Pontiroli, security analyst for Kaspersky Lab . "Many users also download programs without examining their origins, which can make them a serious headache. That's why it's important to be informed and understand the dangers of downloading all types of applications from the Internet."

To prevent headache and ensure that Android device owners are protected, Kaspersky Lab offers recommendations so that they do not fall into traps of cybercriminals.

How to download an application safely? Google has a whole department designed to verify applications that end up in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, malicious code programs can be filtered from time to time. Although the risk of downloading an infected application directly from the official store is much less than if you download it from another source.

Download it only and was it ready? Before downloading an application, examine thoroughly about the description, creators, and number of people who have reported problems or malicious program attacks with this application.

The application has a score of 1

0 points. What is the problem? A high grade application is good, useful and probably safer. But be careful. A high rating is not everything and the evaluations from users must be consistent, written by people who have used the app and not bots, even if they are negative. Sometimes cyber criminal automated networks use to improve app evaluation, so users will not suspect any suspicions at the time of download. Also check the number of users who downloaded the application because those containing millions of downloads are less likely to be infected with malicious software.

What does the program need to know about me? From the permission settings, the user can control how much freedom an application has. For example, is it necessary that the program you use to listen to music has access to your camera? And to your microphone? The most common hazards cause applications to steal your data (location, contacts, personal files) and perform certain operations in a hidden way, such as shooting, recording audio, videos, sending messages, among other things. According to Kaspersky Lab, about 40% of the population in Latin America recognize that they do not verify the privileges of their preinstalled mobile applications on their Android and iOS devices, and 15% of them do not authenticate when downloading or installing new applications on your mobile devices.

Less is more. This phrase also applies to the online world, because fewer applications the user has on his device, the lower the risk of being a victim of an attack.

"The last time I updated my applications were …" The more updated you are the operating system and versions of the programs will be minor security issues that the user and his device will encounter. Therefore, updates should be made on a regular basis. "More than having technology to their advantage, users need to be aware of the dangers found on the Internet to avoid them and to stay protected from the possible risks that exist," says Pontiroli.

Dubbeldosskydd. Dual Factor Authentication is a resource offered by multiple online service providers that add an additional security layer to the login process for all accounts. because it requires the user to provide two forms of authentication. The first form – in general – is a password. The second factor may be all depending on the service, a text message or a code sent to an email.

My password is 1234. It is imperative that you choose a password to avoid identity theft and information about your accounts. Even if they usually remember everything, users often prefer to enter a password that is easy to remember, even if it means more vulnerable. This increases the likelihood that cybercriminals can guess passwords and abuse accounts. The password management software, such as Kaspersky Password Manager, can help you store and manage more secure passwords that contain multiple characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Make sure your internet connection is secure. It is important that you do not make online purchases or bank transactions when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN) because all information you send on this network will be protected. Also, use tools that enable you to make secure online purchases and banking transactions for computers or Macs, such as Secure Money.

What do I need more? Regardless of the purpose of your download, make sure your device has a robust security solution that allows to verify applications in addition to the anti-theft service, which allows the user to enable the remote alarm, photograph the alleged thief, block the device, and delete all information.

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The millionaire Paul Allen has no inheritance

  Paul Allen

The $ 20 billion left by Microsoft co-founder will go to institutions that he financed during his lifetime.

Paul Allen was an outstanding person. Jody says that, his sister. She is the only one who has a direct blood relationship with Microsoft's founder, who died on Monday, October 16, at the age of 65, leaving a great fortune worth over $ 20,000 million. This great technical visionary never married or had children. But his legacy in philanthropy helps to understand where his wealth will go, which includes two of the world's largest yachts, mansions, wars and artworks.

Details of where his colossal fortune resides, they know each other All, 44th in Forbes's billionaire list, was one of the first signatories of the Giving Pledge initiative launched by his friend and former partner Bill Gates together with Warren Buffett 201

0. It amounted to $ 11.8 billion. euro and promised to allocate at least half to philanthropy. This means that his legacy will go to institutions that he financed in the past.

Although he was a conscientious person, he did not renounce investing the money he collected with Microsoft's shares. He owned several mansions on Mercer Island, in the suburb of Seattle, where he lived. He had another in the exclusive community of Athernon, in San Francisco, and much in Los Angeles next to a medieval style mansion in Beverly Hills. Real Estate Property in the Pacific is completed with a property in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

He also invested in a ranch in Tetonia (Idaho), in Manhattan as well as in London and on the French Blue Coast. But if their mansions are impressed, more spectacular were their yachts Tatoosh and Octopus. In the first he spent 140 million. The other is valued at 175 million. The fleet includes Scientific explorer RV Petrel, with which he discovered USS Indianapolis and USS Lexington.

The foreseeable case is that all these assets are sold or auctioned, to distribute the profit to charity. All was a great force in philanthropy. Just three years ago he received Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. At the ceremony he said he looked like a catalyst, an example of how to provide solutions to overcome the major problems faced by humanity.

He tried to get the same impact as the code on which Windows operating systems were built, which changed the way to work and communicate forever. It led him to donate nearly $ 2.3 billion in life to projects in health, education, art, ecological conservation and research in the field of intelligence, both naturally and artificially.

Allen's past helps to understand his logic when he donates. His father worked in the library at the University of Washington, where he stuck with Bill Gates to use computers in the computer science department. From here he decided for $ 48 million. He also provides a clue to his mindset, for he as an investor would be very aware of the idea to be executed before he dedicated himself to doing so. (Elpaís.com)

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La Series Luke Cage fue cancelada por Netflix y Marvel

Luke Cage (interpreted by Mike Colter) quizás sea a prueba de balas by no de cancellaciones


Cuando todavía está fresca la noticia de que Netflix canceled the series Iron Fist has been published by Luke Cage and released the Marvel que

"Desafortunadamente, Luke Cage No regresará para una tercera temporada", dijeron Marvel y Netflix and una declarationación emitida a Variety el viernes.

] "Todos and Marvel Television and Netflix están agradecidos con los dedicados showrunner escritores, elenco y equipo que dieron vida al héroe de Harlem and las últimas dos temporadas, you are los los fanáticos que apoyaron la serie", concluyó

Jessica Jones (The Launched Movie Actuality),

The Punisher y Daredevil (Que acaba de estrenar su tercera temporada)?

Crucemos los dedos para que tanto Luke Cage como Iron Fist ] ] streaming the Disney que se lanzará and 201


Marvel, Disney and Netflix no responding to the inmediate of a solicitud of the adventurers.

CNET Pop: Nuestro espacio dedicado al cine, las series y la cultura popular.

¿Quieres seguir toda nuestra cobertura de cine, televisión y entretenimiento? Dale "Me Gusta" a nuestra página especial and Facebook.

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Este sábado 22 de octubre se realizará nueva apertura del puente Cau Cau de Valdivia

See adelantó el levantamiento de los brazos del puente Cau Cau de Valdivia parade de 20 october, con el propósito de permittero de la embarcación
Don Juan II, que inicialmente debía realizarse el domingo 21. Esto, luego de la
The Ultimate Sixth of the Mesa Tecnica, and the Secondary Part of MOP, Transportes, la
Armada, Carabineros and Asenav; donde se decidio que la tercera apertura
programada del puente Cau cau se adelante en un día.

And este sentido,
Primaron las condiciones climáticas favorables para zarpe de la embarcación
desde el Canal de Chacao, desde déns trasladará a la bahía de Corral, para
Luego ingresar a los astilleros de Asenav por el río Cau Cau.

The acuerdo a lo que
confirmó la seremi de Obras Públicas de Los Ríos, Sandra Ili el apresto para la
Elevación de los tableros del puente see a 4-star hotel
sawballs, different horizons and que Carabineros cortará el tránsito vehicular por el
puente; para que posteriormente, entre las 7 y 8 de la mañana se produzca el
paso de la barcaza Don Juan II.

"Después de la
información que nos entregó la Capitanía de Puerto de Valdivia, see Tomó la
determinación de adelantar la apertura del puente Cau Cau, para el sobado 20
debido a las condiciones climáticas para la Autoridad Marítima, por tanto, en
coordinación con la mesa técnica, see estimó que era factible adelantar esta
Operación. Comenzaremos muy temprano el día sábado, a partir de las 4 de la
mañana; You will see the coordinates of Carabineros y Transportes para cortar
el tráfico vehicular. Estaremos desde primera hora coordinando para que todo
see desarrolle de la mejor manera, como sucedido las últimas veces ", dijo la
serology part MOP de Los Ríos, Sandra Ili.

Una vez producido
Please note that the information is not available in the meantime
tableros del viaducto, a fin de tener el puente nuevamente habilitado para el
tráfico vehicular aproximadamente a las 1

1 horas.

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Conac launches breast cancer prevention campaign

The statistics of ready: breast cancer are the most common in women and the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. In addition, all women are receptive to developing it and that 70% do not present identifiable risk factors. Therefore, the key for prevention is to maintain the warning against this pathology.

Every year, the National Cancer Corporation (CONAC) raises its annual campaign to establish a systematic control program including a specialized clinical trial and mammogram, together with the self-esteem between controls. The campaign #AhoraTocaCuidaete, was created and donated by AgenciaPlaya.

This is because it is the age at which the risk of suffering from this disease increases. But women who have a history in their family of breast cancer, it is advisable to have screening mammograms between 30 and 35 years.

In the United States, 1

in every 7-8 women develop breast cancer (12-14% risk) and 1 to 28 women will die for this reason (3.6% risk), according to the study by Sorrel A. Hope of Hope 2017. In Chile, the numbers are alarming: every year they are diagnosed about 4,200 new cases (43.2 x 100,000) and approximately 1,500 women (15.5 x 100,000) die according to a study from the Ministry of Health from 2017.

The main risk factors are age and family history of breast and ovarian cancer, especially the presence of genetic mutations BRCA 1 and BRCA2, among others.

Irrigation increases with age and in Chile, 7 out of 10 women have diagnosed older than 50 years and most cases occur in women's without family history. Too early detection, a mammogram of good quality is the test that allows for early screening, recommended for all women, from 40 years and especially for over 50 years on an annual basis. [19659003] It is important for the population to know that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing the disease. Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends:

– Eat a balanced diet and avoid alcohol abuse.

] – Perform exercise regularly: recommended is three hour weekly exercise.

– Avoid overweight. Obese women have a higher risk of breast cancer than women of normal weight.

– Avoid smoking.


  • Appearance of a lump or hard nodulosa that can be detected by the naked eye.
  • Change of shape, symmetry or enlargement of the breast contour.
  • Thickening or curing of the breast tissue.
  • Change in appearance, reduction, reduction or excretion of the nipple.
  • Thickening, inflammation or appearance of orange peel skin in the breast


  • Genetics: Be a BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carrier, or have a family history of breast cancer or ovaries
  • Age: Risk increases when we age, especially over 45 years.
  • Pregnancy: There is greater risk if the first child is after the age of 30.
  • Personal history: Haber presumed early menstruation or late menopause, as well as having already treated a previous breast cancer.
  • Habits: A high fat diet, obesity and consumption of tobacco and alcohol are also risk factors.

Hours can be booked at 2 2347 4000 or at www.conac.cl.

At the beginning of the month, Conac, supported by Epson Chile and Avery Dennison, installed an impression on the front of Gam Cultural Center. Large format to promote early detection of breast cancer.

The graphics belong to Kehity Reyes, a second-year student at DUOC UC Advertising in Viña del Mar, who won the competition "Print in large Latin America 2018-2019".

"In CONAC, we are very grateful to have been selected by Epson. It is very important because the social organizations do not have the financial capacity for diffusion appropriate for citizenship. Therefore, we value the effort that will enable this to be maintained. beautiful image that reminds women that breast cancer is detected in time has great potential for healing, "said Director of Conac, Catalina Agosín.

National Cancer Corporation (CONAC) is an ideal organization for autonomous funding that provides professional attention to solidarity for early detection and relief of cancer in Chile. With 40 years of service and a network of 30 offices around the country, it works to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families and provide them with clinical, financial and emotional support.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. iPhone XS Max: Which is better?


The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Trip Camera is facing the iPhone XS Max.

Josh Miller / CNET

Yes. Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a phone with Android 9 Pie and iPhone XS Max contains iOS 12 but this battle may go beyond your preference for an operating system. The new Huawei phone offers three cameras and interesting configuration options, while Apple's phone is the largest in the company's history and has a large screen with few facets and a slightly smaller eyebrow.

Let's begin with the design Both phones are made of glass, although the Huawei phone comes in five different colors, including the beautiful Twilight tone, while the iPhone XS Max comes in the traditional silver and space gray and also the new golden tone . On the back, both cameras stick slightly, even though the Mate 20 Pro is triple and lies inside a square frame that makes it a little bigger.

Both phones feel a little big in the hand. The screen for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is 6.39 inches and that for the iPhone XS Max 6.5 inch. Both are OLED, but the Chinese phone has higher resolution and pixel density.


The fingerprint sensor on the screen is a step ahead of Huawei in terms of competition.

Josh Miller / CNET

Fingerprint Sensor on Screen: Differentiation aspect

Huawei has done its homework this year and has added a new 3D sensor to the eyebrows, which makes the face recognition system much safer and set to level with the iPhone XS Max. If this is no longer a power for the Apple phone, Max faces a weakness: Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers an additional identification method like the fingerprint sensor on the screen.

In my first tests with Max did not feel the need to use the sensor because face detection is fast. But Huawei's phone adds this news that does not have Apple.

When talking about performance, both phones are completely different because they contain different processors and RAM features, as well as different technologies to make the data more fluid. What's different is that the iPhone XS Max comes in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage, while the Mate 20 Pro only comes in 128GB and 256GB.

Huawei has also launched a new way to increase storage, in this case through a new NanoSD, while Apple never allows you to increase storage.

Cameras: The Real Tone

In addition to the design, the colors or its big screen, something very important is the cameras. Huawei has incorporated a triple camera with wide-angle sensor, which simply promises to give us even better pictures than the Huawei P20 Pro. We made a comparison of the camera on the iPhone XS Max with that for the P20 Pro and in many times the Huawei phone won the Apple phone that has the same XS Max camera.

The Huawei phone has a typical 40 megapixel camera with an opening of f / 1.8; a 20-megapixel wide-angle lens with f / 2.2 aperture and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens with f / 2.4 aperture, while the iPhone XS Max has a 12 megapixel double, which makes beautiful portraits but has no effects, filters and other fun options like beauty mode.

On paper, Huawei has a battery larger than 4,200 mAh, compared to 3,199 mAh for iPhone XS Max, but in this section we will do more in-depth tests to determine which phone it has best lead and battery life . Of course, Huawei's instant charge is expected to be higher than the iPhone as it has happened before. And even though the two phones have wireless charging, only Huawei's reverse wireless charging.


Watch this:

iPhone XR comes and we think about Huawei Mate 20


The prices

Huawei Mate 20 Pro start at EUR 1 049 for the 6 GB + 128 GB version, while the iPhone XS Max starts at US $ 1 099 or EUR 1 259 for the 64 GB version of storage. And you, what would you buy?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. iPhone XS Max

Huawei Mate 20 Pro iPhone XS Max
Screen 6.39 inch (OLED) 6.5 inch (OLED)
Resolution 3,120×1,440 pixels 2,688×1,242 pixels
Density of pixels 538ppp 458ppp
Operating Android 9 Pie, EMUI 9.0 iOS 12
Processor 2.6 GHz Kirin 980 (eight cores) Apple A12 Bionic (six kernels)
Storage 128GB, 256GB 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
Storage Expansion Yes, but through NanoSD (not microSD) No.
Rear camera An ordinary 40 megapixel camera with an opening on f / 1.8; a 20 megapixel wide-angle lens with f / 2.2 aperture and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with f / 2.4 aperture lens Dual 12 megapixel camera, one with optical image stabilization and f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 mixer
Slow motion recording 240fps in Full HD, 60fps in 4K
Front Camera 24 megapixels 7 Megapixels (TrueDepth Camera)
RAM 6GB or 8GB 4GB
Battery 4,200mAh 3 179 mAh
Removable battery No. No.
Connection 4G / LTE, Bluetooth, Infrared 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4, 5 GHz)
NFC Yes Yes
Water Resistant Yes, (IP68: up to 2 meters deep for up to 30 minutes) Yes (IP68: up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes)
Fingerprint Reader Yes, on screen No.
Iris reader No. No.
Face Yes (3D) Yes (Face ID)
Wireless charge Yes and inverse Yes
Key Features Fingerprint reader integrated into the screen, three cameras behind, very small facets, relatively large eyebrows, can charge other devices wirelessly, have no headphone jack and have 3D facila recognition with animated emojis. Screenshot almost without facets, 3D face recognition, animojis, bokeh effect that can be adjusted after taking the photo, Apple Pay, Siri, Double Speaker, 3D Touch
Size 157.8×72.3×8.6mm 157.5×77.4×7.7mm
Weight 189 grams 208 grams

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