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Tips for keeping your Android smartphone safe from malicious code

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why the specific malicious software for this operating system is the most common. As far as the security of our connected devices is concerned, it is important to protect them from the outset and be aware of the different maneuvers used by criminals to trick users and infect devices.

A Kaspersky Lab survey, 83% of Android apps have access to their proprietary data, and 96% of these apps can be started without permission.

"We can not deny that cybercriminals are very creative and therefore users can not leave them no open door that allows them to compromise their files, steal confidential information or get their banking information," said Santiago Pontiroli, security analyst for Kaspersky Lab . "Many users also download programs without examining their origins, which can make them a serious headache. That's why it's important to be informed and understand the dangers of downloading all types of applications from the Internet."

To prevent headache and ensure that Android device owners are protected, Kaspersky Lab offers recommendations so that they do not fall into traps of cybercriminals.

How to download an application safely? Google has a whole department designed to verify applications that end up in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, malicious code programs can be filtered from time to time. Although the risk of downloading an infected application directly from the official store is much less than if you download it from another source.

Download it only and was it ready? Before downloading an application, examine thoroughly about the description, creators, and number of people who have reported problems or malicious program attacks with this application.

The application has a score of 1

0 points. What is the problem? A high grade application is good, useful and probably safer. But be careful. A high rating is not everything and the evaluations from users must be consistent, written by people who have used the app and not bots, even if they are negative. Sometimes cyber criminal automated networks use to improve app evaluation, so users will not suspect any suspicions at the time of download. Also check the number of users who downloaded the application because those containing millions of downloads are less likely to be infected with malicious software.

What does the program need to know about me? From the permission settings, the user can control how much freedom an application has. For example, is it necessary that the program you use to listen to music has access to your camera? And to your microphone? The most common hazards cause applications to steal your data (location, contacts, personal files) and perform certain operations in a hidden way, such as shooting, recording audio, videos, sending messages, among other things. According to Kaspersky Lab, about 40% of the population in Latin America recognize that they do not verify the privileges of their preinstalled mobile applications on their Android and iOS devices, and 15% of them do not authenticate when downloading or installing new applications on your mobile devices.

Less is more. This phrase also applies to the online world, because fewer applications the user has on his device, the lower the risk of being a victim of an attack.

"The last time I updated my applications were …" The more updated you are the operating system and versions of the programs will be minor security issues that the user and his device will encounter. Therefore, updates should be made on a regular basis. "More than having technology to their advantage, users need to be aware of the dangers found on the Internet to avoid them and to stay protected from the possible risks that exist," says Pontiroli.

Dubbeldosskydd. Dual Factor Authentication is a resource offered by multiple online service providers that add an additional security layer to the login process for all accounts. because it requires the user to provide two forms of authentication. The first form – in general – is a password. The second factor may be all depending on the service, a text message or a code sent to an email.

My password is 1234. It is imperative that you choose a password to avoid identity theft and information about your accounts. Even if they usually remember everything, users often prefer to enter a password that is easy to remember, even if it means more vulnerable. This increases the likelihood that cybercriminals can guess passwords and abuse accounts. The password management software, such as Kaspersky Password Manager, can help you store and manage more secure passwords that contain multiple characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Make sure your internet connection is secure. It is important that you do not make online purchases or bank transactions when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN) because all information you send on this network will be protected. Also, use tools that enable you to make secure online purchases and banking transactions for computers or Macs, such as Secure Money.

What do I need more? Regardless of the purpose of your download, make sure your device has a robust security solution that allows to verify applications in addition to the anti-theft service, which allows the user to enable the remote alarm, photograph the alleged thief, block the device, and delete all information.

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These are the exclusive colors with which the Galaxy S10 Lite will be launched | technique

Different versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 are expected and, in addition to differentiating with their technical features, it will also depend on the different colors that are finally sold, as each of the aforementioned devices will offer a different design offer.

It was previously leaked that Samsung had chosen six colors to use on its next Galaxy S10 line, but contrary to what originally believed, some of these colors will be exclusive for the cheapest version.

The six colors that Samsung probably launches its Galaxy S10 line will be black, white, blue, green, yellow and red . Now according to the latest information, Galaxy S 1

0 Lite will have all these colors, but yellow and red will be exclusive for this release.

In this way, if you want to buy the regular Galaxy S10 or plus, you need to determine the colors black, white, blue or green. It is quite common that cheaper models, usually purchased by younger customers, have a greater number of colors.

It is currently unknown if the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 + will also have the default colors in black and white, blue and green, although they may change, as it may be a more limited edition.

It has also been regrettable that Samsung is preparing a ceramic design for Galaxy S10 + although it only appears in black and white colors.

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The "one of a kind" grave discovered in Egypt and intact for 4 400 years – BBC News


A group of Egyptian archaeologists have revealed a high priest's grave that has been intact for 4,400 years. The specialists, who continue to work on the spot to try to find the owner's sarcophagus, describe the grave as "one of a kind."

A group of archaeologists in Egypt made an exciting discovery : a high priest which was intact for 4 . 400 years.

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Antiquity Council in that country described the foundations as "unique of its kind".

Vilaplatsen – located in the Saqqara pyramid complex, near Cairo – is rich in colorful hieroglyphs and statues of pharaohs.

The decorative scenes show the owner, one

Archaeologists will begin digging the grave on December 16 and waiting for other discoveries, including the priest's sarcophagus.

This is what they found …

  The private grave is part of a large and ancient necropolis in Saqqara, where the first Egyptian pyramids lie.
The private tomb is part of a large and ancient necropolis in Saqqara where the first Egyptian pyramids.

  The tomb was found on a buried weapon, which can help explain why it escaped from the robbers.
The tomb was found on a buried weapon that helps explain why it was not

  The walls of the tomb are covered with hieroglyphs, the writing system in ancient Egypt.
The tomb's walls are covered with hieroglyphs, the writing system in ancient Egypt.

  The ancient Egyptian sculptures are often cut on graves and temple walls.
Ancient Egyptians often sculpted figures on tombs and temple walls.

  Mustafa Abdo is the project's main excavator. The grave is 10 meters long, 3 meters wide and barely 3 meters high.
Mustafa Abdo is the project's main excavator. The grave is 10 meters long, 3 wide and barely 3 meters long.

  The priests were important people in ancient Egyptian society, because the joy of the gods was an absolute priority.
The priests were important people in ancient Egyptian society, because the joyous gods had an absolute priority.

  According to experts, the tombs have survived unusually well for almost 4 400 years.
According to experts, the colors of the grave have survived unusually well for almost 4 400 years.

  The artifacts are found in the fifth dynasty, which ruled Egypt from around 2500 BC. to 2 350.
The artifacts are found in the fifth dynasty that ruled Egypt from about 2,500 to 2,350 BC.

  The colorful scenes on the walls represent the owner - a high priest - with his family.
The colorful scenes on the walls represent the owner – a sumo said Cerdote – with his family

  Archaeologists plan to explore the grave more and plan to find the priest's chest
Archaeologists continue to explore the grave and plan to find the priest's coffin.

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Mario Salas will be playing a Colo Colo on a daily basis Fútbol

¿encontraste un error?

Juan Mabromata In Agence France Presse

Durante la jornada se conocieron nuevos detalles acerca de la posible llegada del tecnico de Sporting Cristal, Mario Salas, a la banca de Colo Colo Tras la Salida de Héctor Tapia.

Durante la semana, Marcelo Espina and Gabriel Ruiz Tagle He was a man of the conversation of the excentrenador of the Universidad Católica.

Según informação La Tercera , see estaría hablando de contrato por las proximas dos temporadas, vínculo similar que mantiene con elunto peruano.

Its embargo, or contrasted with the final revision of the final period, and the overall outcome of the results.

Recordemos que la opción de Salas es la úica situación que genera consenso en la Blanco y Negro, pés creen que el comandante es el tecnico ideal para Colo Colo.

The hottest of Esteban Paredes' most deserves of the Salas, the Dándole la 'bendición' and the Prenéa conferencia.

"It's normal to have a lot of music, and you're welcome to Católica, so you can do it yourself, and you'll love the president of the island. Gusta a la mayoría del directorio y a mí en lo principal ", dijo.

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Meet the "erotic" bathroom in the house Pangal Andrade is located in Cajón del Maipo

Pangal Andrade's houses have been presented through social networks and the media, not only because it belongs to the exchico reality, but also because it has been built by him for 3 years, is sustainable, has sought to preserve the image of the environment and also has a mini zoo with protected species.

But now it is suggested that Pangal through its Instagram account showed some of this construction. It's the bathroom that not only has a mirror that is too hot, but also the shower, although many say it looks like a cobra, others say it's something else.

"They say many things. I think that's how it looks in your imagination: some think it's a cobra, but that's what you interpret. It's the same as wine, which is not the price, but what you like, "concluded Pangal according to page 7.

Review the pictures

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Ex Gope, who registered the head accused of the crimes of cats: "The High Command Carabineros abandoned them"

Lester Figueroa is one of ten Gope uniforms released in connection with the murder of Mapuche member Camilo Catrillanca. He was taken from Carabineros after recording a video of his partner Carlos Alarcón, the chief accused of the crime. Because of this, Figueroa believes that the institution directed by Hermes Soto has turned back on him and his friends who were at the scene of crime and left them to their destiny because "they needed responsible people and they were" 19659002] Lester Figueroa is one of 10 ex-Carabineros killed at the killing of Camilo Catrillanca. The reason for his expulsion was to record the accused of Mapuche Comunero, Carlos Alarcon's crimes, inside the police station serving him for persecution.

For Figueroa, Carabineros has left them to their destiny: "Carabineros is an obedient and non-abandoned institution, he received orders from the lawyer and his direct boss and in such circumstances did he do what a carabinery would do if he did not agree With what he was ordered, they would still be in danger. The Gope as the High Command turned back without waiting for the investigation, he said in an interview with the newspaper La Tercera.

"They needed the responsibility and they be them without knowing why they used

Figueroa claims that although "it hurts" what happened in those weeks, "does not regret" to have filmed Alarcon's video, which was only directed at Gope in the country and that "someone leaked. I never thought about damaging the institutional image. "

He actually explains that Alarcón himself asked him to record it because he wanted to record a video for Gope in the country and thus to thank the help they organized. Gope is like a big family, and under these circumstances we are doing that way. "


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