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Tips for keeping your Android smartphone safe from malicious code

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why the specific malicious software for this operating system is the most common. As far as the security of our connected devices is concerned, it is important to protect them from the outset and be aware of the different maneuvers used by criminals to trick users and infect devices.

A Kaspersky Lab survey, 83% of Android apps have access to their proprietary data, and 96% of these apps can be started without permission.

"We can not deny that cybercriminals are very creative and therefore users can not leave them no open door that allows them to compromise their files, steal confidential information or get their banking information," said Santiago Pontiroli, security analyst for Kaspersky Lab . "Many users also download programs without examining their origins, which can make them a serious headache. That's why it's important to be informed and understand the dangers of downloading all types of applications from the Internet."

To prevent headache and ensure that Android device owners are protected, Kaspersky Lab offers recommendations so that they do not fall into traps of cybercriminals.

How to download an application safely? Google has a whole department designed to verify applications that end up in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, malicious code programs can be filtered from time to time. Although the risk of downloading an infected application directly from the official store is much less than if you download it from another source.

Download it only and was it ready? Before downloading an application, examine thoroughly about the description, creators, and number of people who have reported problems or malicious program attacks with this application.

The application has a score of 1

0 points. What is the problem? A high grade application is good, useful and probably safer. But be careful. A high rating is not everything and the evaluations from users must be consistent, written by people who have used the app and not bots, even if they are negative. Sometimes cyber criminal automated networks use to improve app evaluation, so users will not suspect any suspicions at the time of download. Also check the number of users who downloaded the application because those containing millions of downloads are less likely to be infected with malicious software.

What does the program need to know about me? From the permission settings, the user can control how much freedom an application has. For example, is it necessary that the program you use to listen to music has access to your camera? And to your microphone? The most common hazards cause applications to steal your data (location, contacts, personal files) and perform certain operations in a hidden way, such as shooting, recording audio, videos, sending messages, among other things. According to Kaspersky Lab, about 40% of the population in Latin America recognize that they do not verify the privileges of their preinstalled mobile applications on their Android and iOS devices, and 15% of them do not authenticate when downloading or installing new applications on your mobile devices.

Less is more. This phrase also applies to the online world, because fewer applications the user has on his device, the lower the risk of being a victim of an attack.

"The last time I updated my applications were …" The more updated you are the operating system and versions of the programs will be minor security issues that the user and his device will encounter. Therefore, updates should be made on a regular basis. "More than having technology to their advantage, users need to be aware of the dangers found on the Internet to avoid them and to stay protected from the possible risks that exist," says Pontiroli.

Dubbeldosskydd. Dual Factor Authentication is a resource offered by multiple online service providers that add an additional security layer to the login process for all accounts. because it requires the user to provide two forms of authentication. The first form – in general – is a password. The second factor may be all depending on the service, a text message or a code sent to an email.

My password is 1234. It is imperative that you choose a password to avoid identity theft and information about your accounts. Even if they usually remember everything, users often prefer to enter a password that is easy to remember, even if it means more vulnerable. This increases the likelihood that cybercriminals can guess passwords and abuse accounts. The password management software, such as Kaspersky Password Manager, can help you store and manage more secure passwords that contain multiple characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Make sure your internet connection is secure. It is important that you do not make online purchases or bank transactions when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN) because all information you send on this network will be protected. Also, use tools that enable you to make secure online purchases and banking transactions for computers or Macs, such as Secure Money.

What do I need more? Regardless of the purpose of your download, make sure your device has a robust security solution that allows to verify applications in addition to the anti-theft service, which allows the user to enable the remote alarm, photograph the alleged thief, block the device, and delete all information.

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Atlético continued until the extension to win the Super Cup to Madrid »PrensaFútbol

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Although the team led by Juliet Lopetegui, the match had won 79, equalizing Diego Costa in the lead time to force extra time. And in that case, "colchoneros" was more accurate and achieved a 4-2 to add their first title for the season.

By Cristóbal del Campo H. | @chrsvandevelde

Even though it's a vacation, it's not an obstacle to ending football. In addition, this was a new continental final this Wednesday. Is Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid in a new derby in the capital of Spain, but this time it was "colchoneros" who celebrated after winning 4-2 in the long run and winning Supercopa de Europa 201

8. [19659006] Real_Madrid_Atlético_Costa_celebra_Supercopa_Europa_2018_Getty " src = "https://s3.amazonaws.com/prensafutbol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/15184816/Real_Madrid_Atl%C3%A9tico_Costa_celebra_Supercopa_Europa_2018_Getty.jpg" width = "300" height = "210 ” />" Meringues " came to the definition of the Champions of Champions League, while Diego Simeone – who was not in court after the suspension – questioned the definition after winning the Europa League 2017-18. And it was the latter who scored, Diego Costa was the one who sent a huge goal for 1-0.

Not even a minute's game passed by when the Spanish national team controlled the ball and gave him almost no angle from the right sector and opened the score for "colchoneros". Of course, Christmas Lopetegui saw the tie tremendously, and at 27, Karim Benzema linked a good center to the right of Gareth Bale and matched the numbers with a title.

In the complement, however, the three-hour champion turned the match. After a penalty kick by Juanfran, Sergio Ramos (63 & # 39;) did not break out of the 12 steps and set 2-1. Thus, the title was considered to be in the hands of Casablanca, but at 79 "Costa returned to Simeone after pass by Angel Correa and put the 2-2 who ended up forcing the extension.

" The Athletics "was better in the extension
Diego Costa's second goal set again those led by Cholo in the match, and it started to mirror immediately on the scoreboard.  Real_Madrid_Atlético_Saúl_celebra_Supercopa_Europa_2018_Getty "src =" https://s3.amazonaws.com/prensafutbol/wp-content/uploads / 2018/08/15184810 / Real_Madrid_Atl% C3% A9tico_Sa% C3% BAl_celebra_Supercopa_Europa_2018_Getty.jpg "width =" 300 "height =" 210 the fixas to damage the opposite arc.

Thus, when the clock marked 98 minutes dressed Saul Ñíguez as a hero In Estonia, he beat goalkeeper Keylor Navas with an impressive left foot volley and set 3-2. It lowered the mood in Lopetegui, and there was still "icing on the cake", because at 104, Koke was who was assisted by Vitolo and sentenced the last 4-2.

Despite the efforts of the "White House" during the second overtime, "Atleti" defended the tooth and nail benefit. In this way, Juliet Lopetegui made his first failure as Madrid coach, while "colchoneros" finally managed to overcome his "black beast", which denied him 2014 and 2016 championships.

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The owner of European University puts it on sale with the rest of its continental business | business

Laureat Education Group, a business conglomerate specializing in higher education with 60 university campuses, spread over 20 countries, has begun a massive disinvestment process that will affect all of its operations in Europe, Asia and Central America, and in practice, the sale of the European University university institution as it operates in Spain.

This has been confirmed by US leaders in the final presentation of results that correspond to the second quarter of your fiscal year. Then, the company detailed its plans to "divest its business units in Europe, Asia and Central America, with which it is expected to generate at least EUR 1

,000 million in sales and create a more simplified business model", as explained in the investor's document. It says that, when leaving these markets, the company will focus its business in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, along with its hybrid university models, blending face-to-face and online education in the US and Australia. Laureate sources and the European University consulted by this publication refer to the documents mentioned above. The Group's CEO and Chairman Eilif Serck-Hanssen stated in the notice to investors that "the company is committed to finding new owners who share our values ​​for providing quality, affordable higher education."

Laureate is present in Europe in Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom, except Spain. This includes his university in Universidad Europa in Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands, as well as Real Madrid University School and IEDE Business School . All are part of the Iniciativas Culturales de España SL, whose dominant company is Laureate, bringing together 16,000 students.

The jewel of the crown is the European University of Madrid. According to the latest accounts available in the Mercantile Registry for 2016, the Madrid Center with two campuses in Villaviciosa de Odón and Alcobendas generated revenues of 136 million euros that year, with an EBITDA of over 22 million and a net profit. of 9.5 million. The financial liability amounted to EUR 90 million. According to the financial data reflected in the Insight View tool, at least since 2008 the Madrid Center has always provided benefits and achieved a net profit of 20 million in 2011. In 2016, Laureate began about 1,700 workers, of whom 1,200 are teachers.

The Laureate began a first divestment wave in 2017, leading to the expiration of seven markets, which led to the University's network spreading over 18 countries. According to the company's calculations, it will reduce its annual income of 100 million. A larger effect will have the second wave of sales, which will reduce Laureat's sales by 700 million a year and its ebitda by 100. At present, 62% of earnings revenue is generated in its four main markets: Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

He has already sold his business in China, Italy or Germany

Holidays . As reflected in the financial statements for the first half of the year, Laureate has already closed the sale of its business units in Cyprus, Italy, China, Germany and Morocco. For them, he has received a $ 300 million profit. The sale was included in the first phase of the divestment process.

Results . Laureate generated $ 2,133 million in the first half, while operating profit improved by 32% to 238 million due to reduced cost of sales of business units.

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Denzel Washington, a relentless justice in "Equalizer 2"

Denzel Washington was a solo actor until he decided to steal in the first sequel to his long career as the main character of Equalizer 2 & # 39;

In this actor he takes the role of Robert McCall a former CIA agent who leaves his retreat to do justice on his own behalf in favor of those who believe he deserves it, a modern version of the character that achieved fame in a television series in the 80's.

The actor returns to be headed by director Antoine Fuqua for the fourth time after co-operation in "The Magnificent Seven" Richard Wenk also returns to be part of the team as ] scriptwriter and responsible for giving continuity to the story that began four years ago, with a lonely man who tried to live with normal employment, until abuse of power and injustice of whom a woman who was caught in a prostitution network where victims ] urged him to act to protect her.

The attractiveness of the attitude was his desire to do good for good and to become a legal instrument no matter who needs it. Attributes that have been explored differently in other characters in the fiction, but as in the hands of Denzel Washington acquired a more humanitarian opinion .

But this time, the script puts McCall in a complex situation, where many personal questions will arise when freedom and life by his ex-partner and friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) is in danger.

Video: YouTube Account: FilmSelect Español.

McCall must test his best raid techniques and fight to meet a group of kidnappers and sicarios who put the protagonist in an extreme situation and the viewer in front of a series of spectacular scenes of action ] and leave.

The production incorporates cast to Pedro Pascal in the role of Dave York, a man who is part of a past that is relevant to the action. Ashton Sander is another of the new faces in the story, where he plays Miles Whittaker who becomes McCall's new protégé.

From these new circumstances Tape offers revealing a new facet of the mythical and lone vigilant, although it still retains the sensation of risk and the driving force of the action as the main attraction to the public.

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Fire affects housing in Cerro Molino de Valparaíso – national

© Twitter @petricb   Fire affects housing in Cerro Molino de Valparaíso

The staff of seven fire fighting units controlled the flames.


During the early Thursday, a fire hit three homes at Cerro Molino in Valparaiso, specifically at the crossing of Artigas streets with Santos Ossa.

The staff of seven fire units controlled the flames. [19659007] It has been reported earlier that six people were injured and one was injured by the fire.

Currently Ongoing …


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What will be the new iPhone in the technology industry? Maybe it's an Apple Car

The CarPlay system is the company's most real proposal in the automotive industry, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple Car will be released

in recent years

was involved in various rumors that linked it to the development of an intelligent car after employing various managers and engineers from the automotive industry.
Mercedez-Benz and Ford. The initiative also carries the name internally
Proyecto Titan, after identifying some prototype vehicles that circulated near the headquarters, which has the company in Cupertino, California.

Now is the turn of the report from Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst who is known in the industry to promote the characteristics of
iPhone launches. But this time, his analysis pointed to the company's perspective regarding the development of an Apple Car, the next lead product of the company led by Tim Cook.

Without going into technical details, Kuo points out in his report that

Apple will go on the market between 2023 and 2025, and will have an effect as good as it had

The first mobile phone model for the company that changed the way to use these electronic devices in the mobile telecommunications sector.

According to Kuo, Apple has better integration of hardware, software and services in the engineering industry, something that can potentially replicate within the automotive industry. The enhanced reality technology available on iPhone and iPad is another of the analyst's main arguments.

Currently, the only concrete that Apple has in the car industry CarPlay, the entertainment and information system, provides access to iPhone services from the vehicle's integrated display. In the same segment, Google is using Android Auto, but it differs from Apple with Waymo, the division specializes in developing autonomous driving systems without interfering with the proprietary manufacturing of a vehicle.

Under the guidance of Kuo, analyst of TF International Securities, Apple's ambition was to go beyond the autonomous Titan Project drive to develop its own model within an automotive industry that already has
contributions from various actors in the field of technology, for example
Intel, NVidia, Google and Uber, among many other

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