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Tips for keeping your Android smartphone safe from malicious code

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why the specific malicious software for this operating system is the most common. As far as the security of our connected devices is concerned, it is important to protect them from the outset and be aware of the different maneuvers used by criminals to trick users and infect devices.

A Kaspersky Lab survey, 83% of Android apps have access to their proprietary data, and 96% of these apps can be started without permission.

"We can not deny that cybercriminals are very creative and therefore users can not leave them no open door that allows them to compromise their files, steal confidential information or get their banking information," said Santiago Pontiroli, security analyst for Kaspersky Lab . "Many users also download programs without examining their origins, which can make them a serious headache. That's why it's important to be informed and understand the dangers of downloading all types of applications from the Internet."

To prevent headache and ensure that Android device owners are protected, Kaspersky Lab offers recommendations so that they do not fall into traps of cybercriminals.

How to download an application safely? Google has a whole department designed to verify applications that end up in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, malicious code programs can be filtered from time to time. Although the risk of downloading an infected application directly from the official store is much less than if you download it from another source.

Download it only and was it ready? Before downloading an application, examine thoroughly about the description, creators, and number of people who have reported problems or malicious program attacks with this application.

The application has a score of 1

0 points. What is the problem? A high grade application is good, useful and probably safer. But be careful. A high rating is not everything and the evaluations from users must be consistent, written by people who have used the app and not bots, even if they are negative. Sometimes cyber criminal automated networks use to improve app evaluation, so users will not suspect any suspicions at the time of download. Also check the number of users who downloaded the application because those containing millions of downloads are less likely to be infected with malicious software.

What does the program need to know about me? From the permission settings, the user can control how much freedom an application has. For example, is it necessary that the program you use to listen to music has access to your camera? And to your microphone? The most common hazards cause applications to steal your data (location, contacts, personal files) and perform certain operations in a hidden way, such as shooting, recording audio, videos, sending messages, among other things. According to Kaspersky Lab, about 40% of the population in Latin America recognize that they do not verify the privileges of their preinstalled mobile applications on their Android and iOS devices, and 15% of them do not authenticate when downloading or installing new applications on your mobile devices.

Less is more. This phrase also applies to the online world, because fewer applications the user has on his device, the lower the risk of being a victim of an attack.

"The last time I updated my applications were …" The more updated you are the operating system and versions of the programs will be minor security issues that the user and his device will encounter. Therefore, updates should be made on a regular basis. "More than having technology to their advantage, users need to be aware of the dangers found on the Internet to avoid them and to stay protected from the possible risks that exist," says Pontiroli.

Dubbeldosskydd. Dual Factor Authentication is a resource offered by multiple online service providers that add an additional security layer to the login process for all accounts. because it requires the user to provide two forms of authentication. The first form – in general – is a password. The second factor may be all depending on the service, a text message or a code sent to an email.

My password is 1234. It is imperative that you choose a password to avoid identity theft and information about your accounts. Even if they usually remember everything, users often prefer to enter a password that is easy to remember, even if it means more vulnerable. This increases the likelihood that cybercriminals can guess passwords and abuse accounts. The password management software, such as Kaspersky Password Manager, can help you store and manage more secure passwords that contain multiple characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Make sure your internet connection is secure. It is important that you do not make online purchases or bank transactions when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN) because all information you send on this network will be protected. Also, use tools that enable you to make secure online purchases and banking transactions for computers or Macs, such as Secure Money.

What do I need more? Regardless of the purpose of your download, make sure your device has a robust security solution that allows to verify applications in addition to the anti-theft service, which allows the user to enable the remote alarm, photograph the alleged thief, block the device, and delete all information.

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What happened to Madeleine McCann? Theories on the Netflix documentary about the mysterious case | present

It was May 3, 2007, when life in the McCann family changed forever, as their daughter Madeleine disappeared into a hotel complex in Portugal. Since then, the child's parents have done everything to find where they are.

During these years of research, there have been several theories discussed in this regard. In this context, the Netflix documentary Madeline McCann's disappearance has revealed new antecedents and raised other hypotheses.

The production of 8 chapters is supported by interviews with various experts who participated in the research. One of them is Julian Peribanez, the private detective employed by Gerry and Kate McCann, Maddie's parents. As explained in the series, the girl would be alive and would even stay in Portugal despite all these years.

In this context, it is stated that Maddie was kidnapped from the hotel room, for to be handed over to a trading network . His characteristics and blond appearance would have motivated them to take it because it would have more value on the black market.



"The mafias usually go for poor children from third world countries, that is the main source, the value Madeleine had was very high, they would get a lot of money" detail the detective.

Provided that the theory was true, Peribanez points out that Portugal was a strategic place for the kidnappers, as they could take the victims by boat to almost anywhere in Europe




"There are many, many cases where missing children have been found they have returned home, after months, even years" explained Ernie Allen, head of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States, who created a reference picture of what Madeleine would look like today.

documentary, a hope is created that shows the case of Jaycee Dugard, an American girl who was abducted at age nine while leaving her home to a school bus stop in California. 18 years later, the girl was released from her prisoner after having two girls in captivity.



Other Theories

However, this is not the only theory that the documentary represents. Recall that Madeleine's parents decided not to participate in the production and can even tune in to the streaming platform.

This is because they contained Gonçalo Amaral's theory, a Portuguese policeman who says that the girl at that time 3 years old accidentally died in the room and that her body was concealed by her parents.

In the Netflix documentary, Amaral confirms this theory and assures that local sources explained that were three English men who came to a church to cremate a coffin . The police say Madeleine's remnants can be there.



In addition, it gives rise to the possibility that a local pedophile may have kidnapped Madeleine and then murdered her. Over the years before McCann's disappearance, several sexual abuses against minors in the Algarve, Portugal, had been recorded. 19659007] One final theory says that the girl woke up that night and when she did not find her parents who ate dinner in a nearby restaurant, she left the room and looked for them, in that case Maddie fell a nearby well, or in the work done near the town was buried when the work resumed the next day.

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Investigadores del Hospital Vall d’Hebron descubren fármaco

Investigadores del Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) he discharges a new traumatic inhibitor of the causative agent of tumors, otrosis, cáncer de pulmón, el mals agresivo. En España detects 28,645 nuevos casos de cáncer de pulmón cada año y est es de la cáncer más frecuente en el mundo. The reason is that it is possible to use ratones and esperan poder to phase the ensemble to human and el 2020.

The equipment liderado Laura Soucek, investigator del Grupo de Modelización de Terapias Anti-Tumorales and Ratón del VHIO y cofundadora y directora ejecutiva de Peptomyc SL ha descubierto una nueva manera de atacar al MYC, a gen clave and desarrollo de la mayoría de tumores. Soucek comenzó a desarrollar su idea de inhibir este gen hace 20 años. Para ello, esta doctora diseño Omomyc, transgenic in inhibition of dichroic proteins, generates effects adversos and results in a convertible and unconventional administration.

La doctora Laura Soucek comenzó hace 20 años a buscar la manera they inhibit MYC, gene clave and el desarrollo de los tumores.

Según publica la revista 'Science Transational Medicine ', and un artículo cuya primera autora es Marie-Eve Beaulieu, anteriormente investigadora en el grupo the soucek and the direct cientifica of Peptomyc SL, he demostrado cum Omomyc powdered anti-Mycum therapy with the microcrystalline, subtle aggresivo and mortal and feminine.

Ensayo clínico and humanos and 2020 [19659006] La investigadora Soucek confirma que el fármaco tambiénies la capacidad de reclair células del sistema inmunitario en el foco tumoral. If the investigator is concerned, then doctors, unless the investigator combines the MYC with the immunotherapy, the strategies of the therapy will be based on the diagnosis of potential and differential tumors.

Fumar es la principal causa de la mayoría de tumores de pulmón, segun los médicos

Los expertos he confirmado que the principal causa de la mayoría de los cánceres de pulmón es fumar . The amount of money that you can pay for your account is also the cost of consumption, but the desarial value can be increased by the amount of money. La exposición in altos level de contaminación, radiación y asbesto entre otros, también puede aumentar el riesgo de enfermedad aunque el afectado no sea fumador.

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NASA's InSight probe is stuck on Mars

Problem: The drill in the NASA InSight robot is stuck in Mars soil. They think it can not be so encouraging news for NASA researchers and Mars fans to make any "maneuvers".

There is not so encouraging news for NASA researchers and Mars fans: Marsmark has beaten the InSight robot. whose mission is to analyze seismic movements on the red planet, measure the temperature and study the variations in the North Pole in its orbit around the sun. Of course, it uses its drill … which is now immobilized.

  Bad news: NASA's InSight probe is stuck on Mars "title =" Bad news: NASA's InSight probe stuck on Mars "src =" https://media.metrolatam.com/201[ads1]2/02/02/25 March1 518bb3a9d8b224eb0d081abf7fe9b982.jpg "/>

<h4> How NASA plans to save InSight on Mars </h4>
<p>  While the little robot is in trouble far from home, scientists are already researching how to release it through some maneuvers. One of the problems they present is that they don't know exactly what happens to HP3 (drill or mole); just know that since March 2, 19459008 did not have any activity. </p>
<p>  Currently, the space agency has planned to perform a 10-15 mn hammer sample; which will allow the robot seismometer to listen to the drill hits with what has captured it. That way, they can know exactly what they are facing. </p>
<div><script async src=

We hope that researchers will be happy and soon the small and valuable InSight will continue to investigate outer space and look for some answers for people.

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Joven sobreviviente a tiroteo and escuela de parkland se suicida

Sydney Aiello sobrevivió a la masacre de 2018 en escuela secundaria Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Parkland, Florida se suicidó, dijeron a CNN personas cercanas a la familia.

Su madre, Cara, le dijo a WFOR, aviliada de CNN, que Please see the full list of the details of the deadline masivos of mortis and the history of the state Unidos and the diagnosis of tracts of estra postraumático

Aiello, estudiante de la Florida Atlantic University murió el domingo. Su funeral el fours and Davie, Florida

Lee: Madre alerta que encontró videos que daban instrucciones de suicidio en YouTube Kids

Aiello había estado en This is the first part of the masivo, but no later than the original one will be available for disparities, such as the value, of WFOR. Aiello, animadora en escuela secundaria, graduation unos meses después de que un adolescent mató a tiros a 1

4 estudiantes y tres maestros allí

La familia de Meadow Pollack, una de las estudiantes que moto o tiroteo de parkland describió ao allo como "aluien querido por Meadow"

María de Stoneman Douglas envió esta semana correo electrónico de duelo por la muerte de Aiello dijo una maestra a CNN.

Un antiguo profesor de historia describió a allo como "agradable, siempre sonriente y habladora". Siempre estaba ansiosa por saludar a todos en el pasillo "dijo la maestra.

Lee también:" Veo su cara y me recuerda a mi hijo ": La vida de la madre de Zamudio a cargo de una joven transexual

La masacre del 14 de febrero de 201 8 fue llevada a cabo por exestudian de Stoneman Douglas, Nicholas Cruz de 19 años, qui confesó el atacante armado y fue acusado de 17 cargos de asesinato

En las semanas posteriores al ataque, los estudiantes en duo lanzaron un movimiento nacional que pedía cambios en las políticas que evitarían una tragedia similar .

Los defensores de la seguridad de armas reconocen los esfuerzos por la legislación estatal promulgada el año pasado en todo por legisladores republicanos y demócratas en 26 estados y la la ciudad de Washington, divine informa del finale de Giffords Law Center para Prevenir la Violencia Armada.

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Con grandes sorpresas: Estos fueron los results de jornada inaugural de Copa Chile | Fútbol

¿encontraste un error?


Volvió el torneo más tradicional del fútbol chileno. La Copa Chile da vamos a la primera fase dando varias sorpresas

An una instancia donde participaron equipos de Primera B, Segunda Division y Tercera A dos cuadros de menor categoría

Sin duda alguna, la victoria que produza mas sorpresa se da en el Estadio Regional de los Andes. There is no connection to the local local, Trasadino, eliminator of the San Luis de Quillota .

See it on the left hand side of an amateur user's website. and la primera división del fútbol chileno . Los quinta región supieron aguantar los noventa minutos y fueron más certeros desde el punto del penal. Ahora esperan rival cuadro de Primera División.

De la rata de la jornada, Deportes Vallenar derrotó por 2-1 a Deportes Copiapó gracias a un doblete de Fidel Córdoba . Los locales militan en la segunda División, mientras qui Copiapo en Primera B.

El que también estuvo cerca de la hazaña fue Fernández Vial quen lasta loo penales pero sucumbió ante Deportes Temuco en el Ester Roa Rebolledo. The 'Inmortal' estuvo con jugador menos durante la mitad del segundo tiempo y quedo fuera de la competencia por minimos detales.

An otros resultados, Deportes Colina cayó por 3-1 ante Santiago Morning, Barnechea derrotó en condición de visitante a Rengo por 3-2, San Antonio Unido se inclinó como local ante Deportes la Serena por 2-1 y en Los Ángeles, Iberia se despidió de la Copa por miso resultado ante Ñublense.

Cabe destacar que los clasificados a la siguiente round the list of the Divisional divisions, the [es] del campeón del certamen clasificará a la proxima edición de Copa Libertadores .

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