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This will affect users in the Microsoft browser based on Chromium

Although it was surprisingly surprising at the beginning, if you analyze this movement on Redmond it is all logic because there is no doubt that success was originally expected from the integrated browser in Windows 10, Edge has not been the expected, much less. In fact, right now, this suggestion is to move around the Internet around 5% penetration and as we say is integrated by default in the operating system most used by the world

That's why Microsoft has decided to refrain from its engine and invest in the current uncontested sector leader, Chromium . It is true that there are currently several options similar to Chrom, but it is expected that, thanks to the experience of Microsoft their suggestion will give something new to the users of Chrome and its "derivatives".

It is obvious that both Microsoft and Google are a step forward, because on the one hand there is an opportunity to Redmond to develop a browser that convinces users, and for The giant searches are another victory for their project.

Not everyone is so optimistic about Microsoft's new browser

But in this sector of software, the last few years have been a third in discord that a few months ago tried to grow with the improvements introduced in your program, we talked about Mozilla with Firefox . That's why, as this movement that will perform the software, the giant wakes up seriously, both its own Mozilla and its millions users ] as they have already suggested publicly.

From its point of view, the adoption of the Chrome

Chrome Edge of Microsoft will not make more than reinforces the leadership position and Google's monopoly in this regard, which can be very harmful to the rest . And of course, this will affect your proposal, Firefox, and its users, because Web Developer may stop worrying about other options outside of Chrome Universe .

And it's a long time that Mozilla struggles to offer an alternative to what is presented by Google, with a proposal focused more on privacy all of these argue for Internet Health so this step given by Microsoft will not assume more than one step back in its goals .

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New disorder in Chile Vamos: Piñera calls for unity after RN criticism for public safety agenda | national

The government's public safety agenda became tangled. The above was partly driven to last week – the product of a crazy bullet – Baltazar, under the age of 9 months at home.

Tomorrow his parents, Linda Villagra and Yanier Díaz, were at the Palacio de La Moneda, having breakfast with President Sebastián Piñera and the first lady, Cecilia Morel.

On Monday, the Paz Ciudadana Foundation also revealed a study that indicated that homes that have been robbed this year in 201

9 have increased by 4.2%. And yesterday, in the House, the preventive identity check was sent to the Senate since the age of 16.

The latter was the drop that flooded the glass of RN President Mario Desbordes, who criticized the government for compromising public safety; not so, when it comes to reintegrating the tax system.


Recall that National Renewal constituted identity verification since age 14, which was finally denied to have support from Christian democracy and be able to send the initiative.

These appeals by Desbordes echoed in the Palacio de La Moneda, especially in Sebastián Piñera. The president answered the questions and said it was easier to criticize than to go ahead and emphasized that unity is important in defeating crime.


The president also defended himself by handing over the service to prosecutors and judges, emphasizing that 18 massive Preventive rounds have been made that have managed to stop 72,000 people, but that a large part of these people are released very quickly.

In this context, the head of state called on prosecutors and judges to unite around the cause of public safety.

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"We closed the monument for life": fans fans celebrated with & # 39; Pepe & # 39; Rojas after a failed Chilean | Sports

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Colo Colo wasted a great opportunity to shorten the distance with Universidad Católica after draw 2-2 against Huachipato at Monumental Stadium.

With this result, those led by Mario Salas were thirteen units of the Crusaders who came from losing the minimum account to Unión la Calera.

On the Talcahuano team, they remain in expected positions to reach a quota for an international cup next year. In Pedreros, they were orderly and solid defensively, and one of their main values ​​was José Rojas.

& # 39; Pepe & # 39; lived a special game. From known blue past he took several pipes. In addition, he played at a certain moment. On 80 minutes and when the match was matched, a ball was in the area of ​​Cacique and the defender did not hesitate to connect it to a Chilean.

Asking his bad fortune, the pirate did not go as expected and landed the ball with the crane. Chilean football fans quickly recalled what had happened and commented on social networks.

"If Pepe Rojas gets a Chilean target, we close Monumental for life" and "El Pepe Rojas he is late for the Chileans." Were some of the reactions.

Check out the comments below:

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Cajeros automáticos que escupen dinero free de repente: new malware bancario

Imagine this is a como hoy: a martes a las 10 de la mañana. Vas al banco porque tenses que sacar dinero de un cajero. Divisas uno, te acercas y de repente el propio cajero automático empieza a expulsar dinero, así por las buenas. Una máquina ATM to get rid of todos / as soñamos que haga: darnos dinero gratis, como si estuviera estropeada or algo. It is only possible in Freibug, Alemania, for November 2017. It is also a passport to ahdo in 2019.

Cajeros expulsan todo su dinero

El empleado de banko di cuenta de lo que esta haciendo in the Freiburg cajero, they act as a waiter for the habits of the boss and his cocaine and men's giant: “Ho-ho-ho! Let's make some cutlets today! ” ('cutlets' meaning chuletas, pero and ruso es un juego de palabras que significa un fajo de dinero). ¿Qué estaba pasando? Now, after the Revolution of the Maquinas (aun), sino has become infectious with malware Cutlet Maker, has been exposed to provocar que unavailable at ATM expulse todo el dinero

Consequently, and to a certain extent, the Jackpotting technique is usable by cybercriminals for hacking and unauthorized access to the credit card, as well as other physical or device features in addition to a USB port. Esta tecnica provocó one of the cajeros locos en 201

7 en Alemania que reportó a los ladrones que la usaron 1.4 millones de euros aunque en casos como el del banco de freiburg por eemplo no hubo robos, sino que el cajero expulsó los billetes y el banco los recogió. Y of a number of notices that are required by the new and may escalate to the mundo.


Según fuentes cercanas and estos ataques an ATM le he señalado a la web Motherboard -que en 2017 llevó a cabo una investigación with an emisora ​​alemana-, los ataques he descendido and alemania a inicios de este 2019, pero " he crecido and otras partes del mundo ", incluyendo los estados unidos, america latina and the south of asia , acarreando con ello problemas bancarios en las entidades cuyos cajeros ATM están siendo pirateados. It is one of the most popular in Jackpotting " and in Estados Unidos siendo is extremely popular" .

Christoph Hebbecker, a fiscal district and the North Rhine-Westphalia almanac, In addition, there are 10 incidents involving investigations and Alemania in February and November of 2017, which are similar in nature, similar to the two cases of misdemeanor criminal mischief. The moment they are connected to afectadas, aunas las fuentes de Motherboard aludo que trató de sucursales de la entidad española Banco Santander, concretamente and modelos ATM Wincor 2000xe.

Desde la primavera de 2018, Berlin have almost 36 cases of top typing, siendo sólo and Alemania or a total of 82 jobs with Jackpotting and est 2 years. ¿La causa? Según una fuente, la edad de los cajeros automáticos, basic orders Windows demasiado viejos siendo "máquinas muy viejas y lentas" and for escalating seguras.

malware Cutlet Maker

Una inversion of 1,000 dollars

Aunque en este juego del banco y el hacker, which is responsible for también de los propias entidades bancarias. David N. Tente, Director of the American and Canadian Division of the ATM Industry Association, said “for the Jackpotting Executive, debates access to the internal components of cajero . As it is prevalent, the primary physical attacker and the logger are unpowered by the jackpotting preventer. "

Motherboard has lost its burden on the eco-cation: from the hackers who are using the Cutlet Maker malware, which is explicitly for 1,000 dollars accessed by viruses only with the 'official' and un manual manuals and instructions for aprender a manejarlo ya hackear y vaciar un cajero automático. Una inversion de mil euros a cambio de un objetivo potencial de 1 million en caso com elemán. As a result of the extension of the cajeros to the members of the pancreas and continents, basic or enter into the expedition of Cutlet Maker.

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Karol responds to a follower who blamed her for not completing her studies

"Nice to meet you" panelist and radio animator, Karol Lucero, is arguably one of the most influential Creole characters on the web. On Instagram alone, he already has more than 2.6 million followers.

This is a movement of his virtual fame that he is in the process of releasing his own book entitled "Like", which already promises to be a furore in sales.

For this reason, everything he shares in his popular social networking trend or debate, as well as a recent photograph that was accompanied by a text that reflected on his professional experience.

"One of the best things that happened to me was not having the money to finish the career my parents wanted; I turned the financial problem into a great opportunity. Soon # Like all the country's bookstores … book in Karol.cl ”, type Karol.

It should be mentioned that Lucero studied law for a couple of years, but for financial reasons he had to leave it, at which time he found himself with the possibility of communication.

However, a follower soon gave his opinion not to finish a professional career.

Debate on the Web

“How good that life rewarded you with It carol your TV success. But not everyone is the same, it is important to study. A mother who works for her children to get her profession told. And as your parents, I'm proud that my oldest son is a professional and projects himself in life, "the woman said. will be successful, the important thing is that they are simply happy. ”

Finally, Megas shared another photograph with a new author, all in connection with the exchange of ideas we have seen before.

View this post on Instagram [19659012] NO EVENTS; that's life … Someone graduated at 23, but only got a job at 27, someone already had a degree at 25, but died at 40. While another graduated at 50 and lived to 90. There is Someone who is still is single while another who is studying high school with him is already grandfather. There are those who have one partner and love one another, there are those who love each other and are nothing. Obama retired at 55 and Trump started at 70. Everyone in this world is living according to his own time. The people around you may seem to be ahead of you, and some seem to be following you, but everyone is pursuing their own career in their own time. Don't be envied by them, they are in your life and you are in yours. So relax. You're not late. You haven't arrived early. You're just in time. #CARPEDIEM Soon # Likes in all bookstores in the country; Book at Karol.cl #fotooftheday 📸 @ edy.ignacio

A post shared by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Karol Jesús Lucero V. (@karol_lucerov) on Source link

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