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This will affect users in the Microsoft browser based on Chromium

Although it was surprisingly surprising at the beginning, if you analyze this movement on Redmond it is all logic because there is no doubt that success was originally expected from the integrated browser in Windows 10, Edge has not been the expected, much less. In fact, right now, this suggestion is to move around the Internet around 5% penetration and as we say is integrated by default in the operating system most used by the world

That's why Microsoft has decided to refrain from its engine and invest in the current uncontested sector leader, Chromium . It is true that there are currently several options similar to Chrom, but it is expected that, thanks to the experience of Microsoft their suggestion will give something new to the users of Chrome and its "derivatives".

It is obvious that both Microsoft and Google are a step forward, because on the one hand there is an opportunity to Redmond to develop a browser that convinces users, and for The giant searches are another victory for their project.

Not everyone is so optimistic about Microsoft's new browser

But in this sector of software, the last few years have been a third in discord that a few months ago tried to grow with the improvements introduced in your program, we talked about Mozilla with Firefox . That's why, as this movement that will perform the software, the giant wakes up seriously, both its own Mozilla and its millions users ] as they have already suggested publicly.

From its point of view, the adoption of the Chrome

Chrome Edge of Microsoft will not make more than reinforces the leadership position and Google's monopoly in this regard, which can be very harmful to the rest . And of course, this will affect your proposal, Firefox, and its users, because Web Developer may stop worrying about other options outside of Chrome Universe .

And it's a long time that Mozilla struggles to offer an alternative to what is presented by Google, with a proposal focused more on privacy all of these argue for Internet Health so this step given by Microsoft will not assume more than one step back in its goals .

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Fascinating: detects cell in our body that can repair damaged hearts

They imagine that the body itself can repair itself, just as Wolverine does in the X-Men, because we are almost certain that it can or at least the heart, after a group of researchers from the University of Calgary, in Canada, discovered one new new cell that can heal heart damage.

The data, published in the journal "Immunity", describes that there is a cell population that so far has not been identified in the pericardial fluid, which found itself inside the sac around the heart, which has these "healing" properties.

The discovery was made by Dr. Paul Kubes and Paul Fedak who were a specific cell, a macrophage in the heart cavity called Street 6+ that helped repair the heart in mice.

But after discovering it in rodents, the specialists discovered the same type of cells in the pericardium of people with heart ulcers. n, which offers a possible and ultimately minimal invasive solution for people with heart damage.

from the outside and in

So far, doctors have never considered the possibility that elements outside the heart could repair it. This is because the heart muscle, unlike other organs, has a rather limited ability to heal itself.

Professor at the Department of Heart Sciences at the Canadian University, Dr. Paul Fedak insisted that the discovery of a new cell that can help heal damaged heart muscles opens a door to new therapies for the millions of people with heart disease. "

" We always knew that the heart is in a thing full of Pericardial fluid is rich in cell healing which may be the secret to repairing and regenerating the new heart muscle. The possibilities for new discoveries and new innovative therapies are exciting and important, "he added.

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Samsung launched the Galaxy A80 in Chile, the new mobile phone with rotating camera

Everyone turns and turns.

The Galaxy A80 was launched today in Chile after a very long wait, and it was a long time ago when the brand made it known in a private event to the press.

After a few months last time users can access this new Samsung phone designed to impress, with a rotating camera and screen uninterrupted, in addition to quite impressive technical specifications:

  • AMOLED screen 6.7 inches FullHD [19659005] Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB storage
  • Fingerprint reader under the screen
  • Rotating camera with 48 mp off / 2.0 + wide angle of 8 mp off / 2.2 + TOF 3D sensor
  • 3700 mAh battery
 ] The innovative and weird mobile phone from Samsung comes to Mexico: Galaxy A80, price and availability

From Samsung, they describe this:

Galaxy A80 is the first Samsung Smartphone that is equipped with a rotating camera that slides to capture everything that occurs around, without the user having to worry about the quality of videos and pictures because it has the same characteristics when taking a front or back e photography. The same experience is available when taking pictures on video.

It does not matter whether it is day or night, because this equipment allows you to take sharp pictures of excellent quality thanks to its 48MP main camera. In addition, it is possible to photograph and capture everything for easy sharing, such as live videos, with its 123 degree Ultra Wide Angle lens. When you start picture or video mode, with a simple monitor on the screen, the camera automatically rotates to start the "selfie mode". In addition, it has 128 GB of ROM to capture any self-help or panoramic images you want.

On the other hand, and thanks to its 3D depth, the user can use the Dynamic Focus feature not only in the pictures, but also in video recordings. With this mode you can blur behind the background so that the person has all the head or whatever you want to mark.

Of course, it is a terminal intended for photography, with high-quality envelopes, besides the processor, which at least in the paper does not look as powerful as that included in the line S or Not, but you have to try.

With Dolby Atmos sound and a gigantic screen without interruption, the position also poses as an excellent multimedia consumption team

Arrived in 3 colors and its initial launch price is CLP $ 549,990.

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Luisito Comunica introduces: el famoso youtuber mexicano fue acusado de engañar a su novia – 17/07/2019

amigo there are problems between problems, problems and instantaneous disabilities in the case of deja mal parado … ¿or even? En México aseguran que Luisito Comunica el youtuber más famoso del país, se vio envuelto en un escándalo con su novia "Chule" luego de un video que se viralizó y tiene como protagonista a su amigo.

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek most conocido como Luisito Comunica, an influencer of the 28 years ques tes the 24 millones de seguidores en su canal. And so videos muestra cómo es dia a dia en los paíse que visita con tono humorístico y particular. Hace poco, suvisita a Chernobyl generó repudió en las reasons sociales .

¿Qué pasó con Luisito Comunica? Esa pregunta se está replicando en las reasons sociales en las últimas horas. Y la respuesta se puede ver video un canal Badabun

All, la presentadora Lizbeth Rodríguez hace el show " Exponiendo infieles "donde revisan celulares de personas para encontrar supuestas infidelidades. An interview with Luisito, DebRyanShow, salió en el video "lo" expuso "una conversación en un grupo de WhatsApp sobre una supuesta mujer que había tenido sexo con él .

Su novia Cinthya Velazques, "Chule" salió a responder llorando en on video the Instagram: "Dudo de veracidad de todo esto, pero the todas maneras apreciaría mucho que me dejen de etiquetar en estas cosas ".

 Luisito Comunica. Una de sus polémicas fotos and Chernobyl.

Luisito Comunica. Una de sus polémicas fotos en Chernobyl

And Twitter the theme fue tendencia y enseguida llovieron las críticas. The fans are most likely to find out about the situation and are manifested on the menus and the followers of the mexicano.

¿Seguirán juntos Luisito y Chule ? The real world is the only way to get to the top of the screen after the situation. Tampoco lo hizo su amigo Ryan.

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season 4 is coming soon and will tell you more about Erangel

The PUBG will soon receive a major update aimed at renewing the viewer's appearance and improving certain aspects of the fighting pass with the arrival of Season 4 . Patch 4.1 contains new missions and rewards for Survivor Pass as well as the remarkable map improvement Erangel . Next, July 24, 19459005, the update will reach PC while console players have to wait until the end of summer.

With the closest arrival of season 4, PUBG has released his movie trailer and for the first time we set ourselves in time and lift up a plot. From this patch, the updates of PUBG will bypass the theme of the various seasons that will be offered. In this case, we will discover part of the story on the island .

] The map Erangel has received a full face wash, which we can see in the textures, shadows and appearance of the split map in the patches. PUBG "/>

"La Chule", novia de Luisito Comunica, pide que no la etiquettes and publications by supuesta infidelidad de su novio

Luisito Comunica y su novia Chule – Instagram

La novia de Luisito Comunica publica un video, casa llorando, pidiendo a sus seguirere que la la etiquette en publica de supuesta infidelidad de su novio

Metro Ecuador [19659004] Miércoles 17 July 2019, read 08:15

Luisito Comunica y su novia Chule – Instagram

Luisito Comunica y su novia, "La Chule" no han dejado de ser tendencia. This video is a video of a popular infidelity for YouTube. Quien destapó la olla fue la 'chica Badabun' Lizbeth Rodríguez. Ella encontró un mensaje del 'Rey Palomo' contándolo todo

Tras toda la polémica que se generado en reasons sociales Cinthya publicó historia. Ella pidiendo a sus seguidores que la la etiquette et publicaciones que linka que ver con el theme.

"Yo de la veracidad de todo esto. Les pido amigos que no et et etiques et esas cosas porque. La verdad no es fácil tener una relación así pública ". They are located at the también youtuber mexicana entre lowrimas.

Mira el video parte I

Part II

La polémica

And su nuevo segmento, expoiendo youtubers del programa Exponiendo Infieles, Lizbeth revisó el celular de Ryan Hoffman, mejor conocido como Debryan show

The chico tenia of grupo de WhatsApp donate también estaba including Luisito Comunica, and the conversations of the grup aparecenes donde Luisito cuenta cómo engañó a su novia.

Los fans de Luisito Comunica se decepcionaron de saber que su ídolo pudo serle infiel a “La Chule”. The momento, the youtuber no ha respondido al video the "la chica Badabun"

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