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The secret of the iconic Edinburgh clock that almost always gives the wrong time – BBC News

There are some things that do not change when you visit Edinburgh: The Gothic saga castle was built on a volcanic mountain, the medieval maze of alleys and alleys, the majesty of the cemeteries …

That's something Something else taken for given in the Scottish capital, which is also the hallmark of Princes Street, the main road for the city.

This is the time that marks the time of Hotel Tower Balmoral which is always wrong.

It's a time of three minutes, to be exact.

Centennial tradition

The clock's history in the tower is legendary in Edinburgh, but it intrigues those who visit it. city ​​for the first time.

For an untouched eye, the 58 meter high tower is simply a part of the Calton Hill, landscape, the best viewpoint in the city center.

But the hands of his watch They are not at all well-synchronized adas since 1

902, when the construction of the Edwardian era was opened with the name North British Station Hotel.

At that time, like now, you could see the platforms and signal tower at the nearby Waverley train station

And the owners wanted to ensure that their passengers and Edinburgh's rushed travelers did not miss their train .

Gave them three extra minutes, they thought that those passengers would have more time to buy their tickets, get to your train and unload your luggage before the station's whistle blows.

Secret Corner

Still today, it's about a very calculated mistake that helps keep the city in time.

And the cold and cloudy day I visited the city to learn this story, I took security director Iain Davidson me through the dimly lit tile tower to the Balmoral Hotel.

sixteen suites or floors, we walked in through a door that could have led to a wardrobe for bears.

But instead there was a black spiral staircase curling around the tower that formed woodlandings. Each step was like one step back in time.

"Visually, this is one of the most interesting but secret places in Edinburgh," said Davidson once upon me, as the daylight flooded space to reveal a brick gallery adorned with four symmetrical bellbells.

"From the street, everyone is always wondering how to look up here, is not that wonderful?" he asked.

Davidson explained that the only major change for the last 116 years is that the clock was rolled manually; The tradition lasted until the 70's when it was electrified.

"This means that the tower does not get as many visitors as people can think," he said.

The exception

In reality, the clock does not seem good. Hour every day of the year is not technically true.

Your time is set for a certain annual event: On the threshold of New Year or Hogmanay, as the shooter calls it, the tower receives a single visit: an engineer who corrects the three-minute delay.

"Simple and easy, time has to set the right time for the traditional countdown to midnight watches," explained Davidson. "Apart from that, everyone knows perfectly well that the time is wrong."

To know more, I came into contact with the Smith of Derby company, run by the fifth generation of a series of watchmakers who do more than Century is responsible for The Balmoral Tower Clock by James Ritchie & Son, its subsidiary Broxburn.

"We take care of 5,000 watches around the world saying that The Balmoral's strange is to be short," said Tony Charlesworth, employed by the company.

"He's the only one we pay not to have it at that time . We were never asked to sit at the right time, he says.

According to Charlesworth, while people have smartphones and watches, "you'd be surprised at how much public watches look, especially when they're in a hurry."

But, predictably, by Hotel Bamoral will continue to mark a whim to wrong. And among the romantics, the legend survives that it is for lovers to have more time to kiss before saying goodbye .

In Edinburgh, it is simply assumed that the clock does not mark the time well.

"It would be a public protest if we put it on time," said Charlesworth.

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