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Robledo Puch was mad because they insinuated that he was gay and sent "letter"

Serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch sent a letter to Luis Ortega insulted by the way he is presented in the film "El Ángel."

Specifically the most famous sociopath of the country's history is highly sensitized by the way his sexuality was shown during the time when his murderous career was developed.

Robledo Puch, sentenced to 11 murder and interpreted In the film by Lorenzo "Toto" Ferro a letter was sent to the director of "The Angel", the film that is a hit in all theaters in the country .

The only aspect that disturbed the serial killer is what refers to his sexuality: he repeatedly reiterates that "he is not gay" and that he "left with many girls" when he was young, even though he has been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

It seems that the alleged gay sexuality is something that particularly annoys Robledo Puch who already crossed the expert Osvaldo Raffo, as when he studied it in his 80's detailed his, as he wrote, "amaneramiento".

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Sindicato announces the lawsuit against Walmart despite an agreement that broke down national

At midnight of this Tuesday the work of 19459004 by the workers' organization Walmart Chile was disrupted after 6 days of mobilization within the framework of the collective bargaining process.

Among the main achievements, the Union President, Juan Moreno, mentioned that achieved a real adjustment of up to 5.1%, and that all workers affected by multifunctionality will receive further adjustment. 3.5%.

In addition, the adaptations of these contracts must be negotiated with the union at Hypermarket, Express and Acuenta.

Union leaders described the achievements as a precedent for trade, but announced that they will resort to courts for the company's anti-union behavior .

"There is still much to do. But we think it is necessary to say that relationships are not the same as yesterday. When you attack the working class, you have to respond" he explained.


In that sense, Moreno predicted that they will file complaints on Wednesday and Thursday of the week.

Congratulations to the President Walmart workers for reaching the goal through their Twitter account, the President of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), Barbara Figueroa of collective bargaining.

Furthermore, Figueroa emphasized that "a historical precedent is achieved by forcing a company to consider workers against automation and change of functions. But when the company punishes the exercise of the right to strike, it is deeply wrong".

The latter refers to the reduction of the negotiation period's bonus for having implemented the strike. As reported by the union, the company would have adjusted the bonus after the end of the conflict by 35%.

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Mañalich whips out on the Bachelor's government for HIV figures: "It continued to insist on old campaigns, outdated, not pointing to the basics" – LaTercera

  1. Mañalich whips out on the bachelor government for HIV figures: "They continued to insist on old, outdated campaigns that did not point to the ground" LaTercera
  2. UN: Chile has the highest level of new HIV infections in Latin America Cooperativa .cl [19659002] UN report on HIV: Chile is the Latin American country with the highest annual rate of infection El Desconcierto
  3. The UN confirms that Chile is the country in Latin America where HIV transmission increased most in the clinic
  4. UN: HIV infections increased by 7 percent in Latin America Cooperativa.cl
  5. See full coverage in Google News

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Un globo ocular gigante anticipa or even the Fortnite del fin de semana

Fortnite see prepares for new gran event. La novena temporada del juego está llegando a su avec y para celebrar los dos dígitos Epic Games está preparando a pediatric (valga el término) entre Cattus a huge monstruo submarino y Doggus by robot giants

Pair of entender quién o qué Cattus hay que remontarse a principos de mayo de este ao, cuando la volcán que se encuentra en la isla causó grandes destrozos y en el mapa, inclusive of the nevada llamada Pico Polar. Algunas semanas después, bajo la superficie de all apareció un tremendous ojoertenciente en criatura viva que seguia a los jugadores que se aproximaran a la.

Eventual or unnecessary variation of the date of application of the deadline set. You will also find the corners of the row and the ice is between the voices of usuarios. Una series of images and information filter confirms the name of the cattatura of Cattus.

Doggus by part, a robot giant is a constructor of general information in the case of a plan of the cadaver dentist de los restos del volcán y ya está prácticamente completado

Final date of the semana, the date of the indications and the number of increments, the number of times the maps are distributed (introduces the current temporas) comenzaron a proyectar una cuenta regresiva que terminará este sábado 20 a las 15 horas (hora local)

Durante la temporada nueve aparecieron de cantidad de señales de la cadre de la cadre que le recomendaban a los jugadores refugiarse "en la altura" cuando aparezca el peligro usuarios anticipan de gran batalla de destroirá parte del mapa en el proceso

Los posters filtrados que luego aparecieron en el mapa | Imagen: Reddit

Eventually the final de temporada, como y costumbre, podra vivirse en vivo desde el juego. Leave quieran formar part of the coma of the batalla and primar persona of the conectar este sado.

And esta note:

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They are celebrating in Monumental: the injured players who would return to the train next week | football

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Pablo Ovalle | UNO Agency

Relief in Colo Colo . Good news received the picture albo during this day from his medical body after the large number of injuries inflicted by the team.

Wilson Ferrada a kinesiologist at the club, told BíoBío Deportes that much of the players who suffered physical illnesses will soon return to the courts.

"Esteban Paredes, Agustín Orión, Pablo Mouche, Jorge Valdivia and Cristian Gutiérrez are at the last stage of their respective injuries," the professional said. 19659008] "They are already in sports grants and hope we get them all to work in normal formal next week" detailed Ferrada about the said players' status.

Another that the kinesiologist had words for went to Juan Manuel Insaurralde . The defender left the duel against Barnechea for Copa Chile with discomfort and his state also worried in the coach Mario Salas.

"He has a concussion in the quadriceps, there is no muscle damage. It has a contracture product of a kind, but we hope it can happen this day," says Ferrada.

It is worth mentioning that Colo Colo and Barnechea will play for the return match in the Copa Chile Round of 16, this Sunday, July 21 from 12:30 in the National Stadium.

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Adiós a hito de la industria automotriz – Sobre Ruedas

Seguramente no sean muchas las personas que no conozcan al escarabajo. Tal vez, los que sepan mucho the cars now they que marca es, o tampoco sepan que se fabricó durante 81 años. You can see the rigurosa es of the Volswagen Beetle, which is the same as the industrial automotriz.

Pero nada es eterno y marca alemana decidió pona la fincioni del cionico delico. La última unidad salió de la planta de Puebla, and Mexico, where you will find many museums and companies.
This is the most important, the escarabajo (the original and the original), and the obliquity of the cotiano como cualquier otro de uso diario. Se veía and cualquier call, and cualquier barrio y and cualquier lugar del mundo. Per la automotriz alemana despidió con honores a su modelo más vendido, más entrañable y, tal vez, más querido.

And Mexico, between two years (between 1

997 and 1997), is the 1.7 milliseconds

Please select the model model of the latest beetle, the final edition (Final version), the final version. a final part of the pasado, su despedida fue tan emotiva como necesaria. Ahora, la línea de producción será ocupada by el tarek, by SUV que respond a las necesidades de los tiempos actuales


El escarabajo fue diseñado por Ferdinando Porsche, quien le entregó el boceto a Adolf Hitler. La idea to create a baroque baro cost operative para la clase trabajadora alemana pudilla movilizarse en forma economica, ya que la situación europea en era baro le cencion que luego deribó en Segunda Guerra Mundial, cuando Alemania invadió Polonia un año más tarde

Todo da como resultado la primera edición del llamado "Auto del pueblo" el significado en alemán de Volkswagen (Volk por "pueblo" y Carriage di "coche").

Deson entonces el Escarabajo (Vocho como It is possible to convert the data to different transformations.

As a result of the original, it is said that in 2003 the record of the autos is that of the history of the 21 milles of the production. Seguramente se verán rodando por diferentes países durante muchos años más

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