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Robledo Puch was mad because they insinuated that he was gay and sent "letter"

Serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch sent a letter to Luis Ortega insulted by the way he is presented in the film "El Ángel."

Specifically the most famous sociopath of the country's history is highly sensitized by the way his sexuality was shown during the time when his murderous career was developed.

Robledo Puch, sentenced to 11 murder and interpreted In the film by Lorenzo "Toto" Ferro a letter was sent to the director of "The Angel", the film that is a hit in all theaters in the country .

The only aspect that disturbed the serial killer is what refers to his sexuality: he repeatedly reiterates that "he is not gay" and that he "left with many girls" when he was young, even though he has been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

It seems that the alleged gay sexuality is something that particularly annoys Robledo Puch who already crossed the expert Osvaldo Raffo, as when he studied it in his 80's detailed his, as he wrote, "amaneramiento".

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Millions of unprotected Facebook passwords: change it as soon as possible

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<p>" keep password secure "(<em> keep password secure </em>) is <strong> Facebook refers to one of its biggest security deficiencies so far. </strong> And considering that a few months ago (September 2018), they acknowledged that 50 million accounts were affected by a security crime </strong> that had left them vulnerable , and just one year (March 2018) that their connection to Cambridge Analytica was revealed by a misuse of user data </strong></p>
<p>  Now they come back to the foreground, but "keeping the passwords secure" is exactly the opposite of what they have done, in particular, it has been found that <strong> hundreds of millions of disadvantages Facebook users' emails were stored in plain text </strong> (that is, as you read these lines r, <strong> without any type of encryption </strong>) in the systems of the social network. The serious thing is that <strong> thousands of employees in Facebook </strong> can do simple searches to find those passwords without protecting. </p>
<p>  The social network admits in their blog that "as part of a security routine in January, we found that some of the users' passwords were stored in a plain text format on our internal storage systems." </p>
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Security Analyst Brian Krebs was the first to make it shine on his blog, explaining that one of his sources on Facebook had warned him of this fact. Hours later, the social network adopted it.

The study specifically pointed out that between 200 and 600 million passwords that could have been stored in this way could be found with more than 20,000 employees in the social network.

Facebook has been the social network most affected by this failure, but not the only one. Users of Instagram social networks owned by Facebook, have also become victims of this failure, only to a lesser extent.

Some of the passwords could have been exposed this way since 2012.

What can you do as a user?

Facebook has a user base of around 2700 million worldwide. The hundreds of millions of potential users involved account for a significant share.

The social network explains in its blog that will notify affected users. "We appreciate that we will announce hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens of millions of other Facebook users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users," they say.

Still, the best users can do Facebook and Instagram change your passwords as soon as possible.

It is also recommended to enable second authentication factor which means that you only need to enter a user to access the social network and password, but you also need to enter a code that will be sent by another method , such as the web application, an authentication app or an SMS.

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Fiscal concluye que no hay pruebas de colusión de Trump y su equipo con Rusia durante las elecciones – BioBioChile

  1. Fiscal concluye que no hay pruebas de colusión de tromp y su equipo con Rusia durante las elecciones BioBioChile
  2. Fiscal Mueller conclucion de hubo conspiración entre Rusia y campo de trump Cooperativa.cl
  3. EEUU expectante por conocer el informe Mueller: Trump guarda silencio BioBioChile
  4. Informe de Mueller concluye que nadie de campana de Trump conspiró con Rusia LaTercera
  5. El informe de Robert Mueller revela que no hubo colusión entre el equipo de campaña de Trump y Rusia Infobae America [19659002] Ver cobertura completa en Google Noticias

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Estaba desaparecido hace diez días: Encuentran cuerpo de un hombre en estero de Talca – Nacional

24Horas.cl Tvn


On homebuilding encontrado muerto durante la domingo 24 de marzo en la zona norte de Talca.

corresponding to the 35 seconds of the first day, they appear in descarecido of the 14th of the first year.

The path of the sequence is the same as the Isaac, declares in local queue of the bus bus. and los lugares que él solia frecuentar, pero al sabere de él, decidieron al esto del Río Claro. a principios de 201



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Follow the transfer of the premiere to the new Huawei P30

  Follow the ignition of the new Huawei P30

24 MAR 2019 Technology

Tuesday 26 in Paris presented the new telephone line focused on photography of the Asian brand [19659004] A phone that will write about the rules is the one the Huawei company expects to present next March 26 at the launch event held in Paris, France.

This time, the eyes will be placed on the arrival of the P30 line on their smartphones, phones that have always been characterized by innovations in mobile photography.

It is expected that there are three phones shown by Richard Yu on this occasion: Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite, and in whose earlier campaign everything seems to point out its strength is zoom, which allows to have clear approaches that no other cell of its kind has

The event will be held on Tuesday March 26 at 2 pm in Paris (1

0 in Chile and 7 in Mexico), so all you have to do is set the clocks and save this link to be the first witnesses to the new Huawei will bring us.

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A woman in Texas was attacked by her two dogs, as a quarantine in a veterinary clinic because of an earlier attack, police said.

Johana Villafane, 33 years old and from the city of Irving, was declared dead on Saturday at a hospital in Dallas, security forces said.

In a statement she added that the woman had gone to the veterinary clinic to feed her two pit bulls and was in a training zone when it attacked.

The dogs were so aggressive that the paramedics initially could not go to Villafane. A policeman shot and killed both animals and the woman was taken to the hospital.

The statement did not give details of the first event that led to the two dogs being blocked.

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