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Robledo Puch was mad because they insinuated that he was gay and sent "letter"

Serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch sent a letter to Luis Ortega insulted by the way he is presented in the film "El Ángel."

Specifically the most famous sociopath of the country's history is highly sensitized by the way his sexuality was shown during the time when his murderous career was developed.

Robledo Puch, sentenced to 11 murder and interpreted In the film by Lorenzo "Toto" Ferro a letter was sent to the director of "The Angel", the film that is a hit in all theaters in the country .

The only aspect that disturbed the serial killer is what refers to his sexuality: he repeatedly reiterates that "he is not gay" and that he "left with many girls" when he was young, even though he has been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

It seems that the alleged gay sexuality is something that particularly annoys Robledo Puch who already crossed the expert Osvaldo Raffo, as when he studied it in his 80's detailed his, as he wrote, "amaneramiento".

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"Detective Pikachu", a pokémon among people revealed his first trailer

Fans in the popular Pokémon series can now enjoy the first trailer of the movie "Detective Pikachu", remembering the character will be the protagonist.

The film is inspired by the famous Nintendo video game, where Ase's yellow friend is the star.

The land revolves around Tim Goodman, the character of fair Smith and the adorable Pikachu.

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"The story begins when a private detective named Harry Goodman disappears mysteriously and his son 21 years old Tim will start to investigate what happened. To help in the investigation comes to be the companion Pokémon of Harry, Detective Pikachu: A super detective hilarious intelligent and adore, which is a mystery for itself, "said Warner Bross.

The project began its filming in London with Ryan Reynolds leading role and giving voice to Pikachu, while Justice Smith will be responsible for giving life to the human companion of character.

The film will also contain Kathryn's participation Newton and Ken Watanabe (known because he works in Godzilla) in his role, while Rob Letterman will guide the film.

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The script will be Nicole Perlman, Alex Hisch, Eric Pearson and Tom McCarthy.

This project is a free adaptation of the homonyma video game that was introduced in 2016 in Japan and that will soon be released for the Nintendo 3DS consoles.

It is recalled that the movie Detective Pikachu arrives at theaters on May 10, 2019.

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With bariatric surgery and dietary changes, IMSS improves the quality of life for patients with obesity

By bariatric surgery and dietary changes, a patient with disease fatigue is able to improve its quality thanks to the specialized treatment given to him by the Medical Institute of the High Medical Medical Unit (UMAE) No. 14 of the National Medical Center, "Adolfo Ruiz Cortines", from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Veracruz, Puerto.

Coordinator of Bariatric Surgery at UMAE, Dr. Octavio Ávila Mercado, within the framework of World Day Against Obesity, mentioned that UMAE Veracruz encourages specialized treatment to its recipients with this condition, which on average has 40 kilograms of your body mass index (BMI).

"Lupita is one of the cases of obese obesity we have addressed this year, which was referred to by Cardel's Family Medical Unit (UMF) to adapt to the protocol for interdisciplinary care with endocrinology, nutrition, contact psychiatry, internmedicin, anaesthesiology and thus performing a procedure called bariatric surgery, "explained the surgeon.

He also said that the surgical procedure consists of various medical and non-medical procedures to achieve an effective and lasting weight loss, he stated that (BMI) is calculated depending on the patient's weight and height.

Guadalupe Chimal Gaitán is originally from the community of Gloria, Ursulo Galván municipality, she is 39 years old, she is two children's mother and she says: "Without understanding, my obesity prevented me from doing things as usual as fortress shoes stupid to pick up something, scratch my back and I realized until I started to depend completely on my husband, after reaching 127 kilos. "

" Thanks to surgery and medical care, I have been able to lose 30 kilo, today it is possible I go with my children, I can play, I can laugh, I can do many things; eating is not filling your stomach; learning to eat changes your life teaches you to love yourself and value you more , he said to Mrs. Guadalupe.

Bariatric surgery is to make anatomical modification via laparoscopic minimally invasive gastric capacity, in this case 80 percent of the stomach was removed to leave a small container and able to remove the area there If the hunger hormone is produced, the doctor explained; It should be noted that only four high special medical devices in the country perform the technology.

He emphasized that physical activities and modifying eating habits are reduced by reducing the consumption of sugars, fats and calories, favoring a diet healthy, nutritious, varied and sufficient to maintain ideal weight.

Dr Ávila Mercado mentioned that Guadalupe is currently receiving a nutritional rehabilitation treatment and is expected to continue with her normal life and thereby guarantee a better quality of her salute.

He added that gastrointestinal surgery is an alternative, helping to correct eating habits, but it is not advisable to reach these instances and urges people to eat healthy foods, take balanced diets and exercise routines, and that the best medicine available is preventive.

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Next iPhone would leave "notch" on screen

A new patent registered by the US company Apple proposes that the next generation of iPhone completely abandon the "notch" or the screen integrates the camera system accordingly.

According to the report from Softpedia the documents filed with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO, for its acronym in English) describe a system consisting of sensors similar to the current TrueDepth camera in iPhone X and XS, that will be hidden underneath the screen to provide a broader visual experience.

Also mentioned are some materials that would be composed of the glass that will cover the screen, for example soda lime, borosilicate and aluminosilicate the latter available in Corning products.

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Mujica and Castillo met Sendic on the farm to define their political future

Former Vice President Raúl Sendic met on Monday with former President José Mujica and Communist Senator Juan Castillo to negotiate his role in the next election campaign.

Sendik plans to lead the list of 711 to the Senate, but on the broad front it is almost unanimous that this would hurt the political strength. In fact, the sentence still depends on Sendic after the court of the political conduct (TCP) has taken the decision, which awarded him "unfair" practice in handling business cards.

Supreme President Javier Miranda had assigned Mujica and Castillo to meet Sendic to negotiate a "political" outcome. The meeting took place this morning at 9 o'clock on the former president's farm and lasted about one hour, reported to El Observador political sources. In the conversation, more than one scenario was handled, but all required the National Plenary Filters to be executed after the Congress, which the FA has scheduled for December 1

and December 2.

Mujica left to inform Miranda directly about the content of the conversation before commencing a trip to Mexico this Wednesday.

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Schedule, TV and likely formations

& # 39; La Roja & # 39; Preparing for Double Day FIFA in November, where he will meet Costa Rica and Honduras hoping to improve what was done in October in the United States where he lost 3-0 to Peru and won with smallest account to Mexico. Reinaldo Rueda gave a list of surprises, where he mixed experiences and youngsters.

The Colombian re-cited old acquaintances, such as Esteban Paredes, Johnny Herrera and Jean Beausejour . He was also astonished at the conversation of players who did not come and showed a good performance and had been questioned in his team, as is the case with Marcos Bolados and Andrés Vilches by Universidad Católica and César Pinares by Colo Colo.

Most of the other names have been common in the Rueda process. Some of them have not responded well, but the strategen is still convinced that his national team level will rise in these friendships.

This Friday Chile will jump to the field El Teniente Stadium with the best he will face "Ticos", Rueda expects everyone to be available and thus secure a victory and criticize the recent months.

Chile vs Costa Rica: Schedule, TV and Probable Formations

Chile: Herrera; Island, Roco, Maripán, Beausejour; Medal, Vidal, Pablo Hernández; Alexis, Sagal y Castillo .

Costa Rica: Alvarado ; Gamboa, Gonzalez, Waston, Matarrita; Guzmán, Cruz, Ruiz, Oviedo; Ramirez and Campbell

Time: 21:15

Day: Friday, November 16th

Stadium: El Teniente

TV: Chilevisión

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