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Robledo Puch was mad because they insinuated that he was gay and sent "letter"

Serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch sent a letter to Luis Ortega insulted by the way he is presented in the film "El Ángel."

Specifically the most famous sociopath of the country's history is highly sensitized by the way his sexuality was shown during the time when his murderous career was developed.

Robledo Puch, sentenced to 11 murder and interpreted In the film by Lorenzo "Toto" Ferro a letter was sent to the director of "The Angel", the film that is a hit in all theaters in the country .

The only aspect that disturbed the serial killer is what refers to his sexuality: he repeatedly reiterates that "he is not gay" and that he "left with many girls" when he was young, even though he has been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

It seems that the alleged gay sexuality is something that particularly annoys Robledo Puch who already crossed the expert Osvaldo Raffo, as when he studied it in his 80's detailed his, as he wrote, "amaneramiento".

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MTV reveals intimate video of "Resistiré" participants

Ignacia Michelson and Sergeant Rap played in one of the hottest moments in the reality show "Resistiré" on Monday in a new episode of the show hosted by Diana Bolocco and Facundo Gómez.

This is an intimate and uncensored video Nacha y Sargento, which did not come out completely in Chile, but as MTV showed, with pictures of an intimate meeting between the model and the mexican.

The post quickly became viralized on the web.

Watch the video:

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Presidential election of Pancho Saavedra who received hives on twitter

Constant contact with their social networks has the animator "Places that talk" and "Towards wind and tides" in channel 13. But on Monday they even told him to leave Chile for "communist" 19659002] It happens that he made a controversial political vote and asked who would be the new president in Chile.

Everything began when [13459004] the leader of channel 13 decided to delete the first ballot and asked that his followers vote for Decisions that annoyed some users there were also those who claimed that they had eliminated the investigation because "José Antonio Kast was primarily" politician with whom the animator has had more than one difference.

Contrary to the violence of some of the messages received, Saavedra decided by the same social network to reveal the aggressiveness of some of the ersonas

We leave you the message:

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Z-success of world war does not decrease! His sales are spectacular

It has become one of this year's most successful video games.

Shortly after announcing that World War Z has exceeded sales expectations with its successful launch, the team at Saber Interactive announced that its cooperative action game is close to the two million games sold in its first month of life. which makes it one of the most successful releases of the current year. To celebrate, the authors of World War II have released a new trailer for the game.

Based on the film of Paramount Pictures which in turn is based on the book of the same name, "is a testimony both of the incredible collaboration experience created by Saber Interactive and Focus Home, and of our great appeal franchises around the world, "said one of Paramoun's directors.

A few days ago Saber Interactive Team has already advanced the road map with new content for World War II Z, highlighting the presence of a new scenario, an additional enemy or extreme difficulty.

More on: World War Z ] and Saber Interactive .

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U. La Calera buscará dar el primer golpe ante Atlético Mineiro a segunda ronda de la Sudamericana

Unión La Calera quiere seguir haciendo historia en Copa Sudamericana ante martes buscará quedarse con la ventaja ante Atlético Mineiro en el duelo de ida de la Segunda ronda del certamen

El cuadro cementero ya logró eliminar a elenco brasileño en el torneo, cuando dej en el camino a Chapecoense en la primera phase.

Los dirigidos por Francisco In the case of the semana su the origin and the local ante Unión Española are the primary reason for the local locale, which is why buscar revertir ante el conjunto "Galo".

The cara al choque, el estratega comentó que: " Nos va a servir para seguir exigiéndonos para trater de crecer y me como equipo. Este alto de exigencia siempre de beneficios del punto de vista competitivo".

Por su parte , or equipo de Belo Horizonte viajará este martes a la ciudad en la región de Valparaíso donde se jugará el encuentro.

El técnico Rodrigo Santana no contará con el defensa Réver lesionado el pasado sábado, en el partido que los blanquinegros derrotaron 2-1

a Flamengo, pero adelantó que su sustituto será Leonardo Silva

La Calera posiblemente alineará con: Augusto Batalla; Pablo Alvarado, Cristian Vilches, Erick Wiemberg, Erik Figueroa; Matías Laba, Juan Leiva, Yonathan Andía; Eugenio Isnaldo, Walter Bou y Marcelo Larrondo

Atlético Mineiro saltará a la cancha con: Michael; Guga, Igor Rabello, Leonardo Silva, Patric; Elias, Adilson, Vinicius, David Terans; Alerrandro y Yimmi Chará

El duelo se jugará este martes en el Estadio "Nicolás Chahuán" part de las 20:30 horas de nuestro país, y podrás seguirlo con el Marcador Virtual de AlAireLibre.cl

Más de Copa Sudamericana

 La cartelera para seguir la Copa Sudamericana en TV

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Estados Unidos retrasa tres meses las sanciones a Huawei

Estados Unidos deciduous lunes postergar hasta mediados de agosto la ciudad de exportaciones de tecnología al gigante tecnológico chino Huawei, según anunció el Departamento de Comercio.

que esa postergación fue decidida para que huawei y sus socios tyempo "para mantener y resale y ya ya existos existentes y actualmente en pleno funcionamiento, including las actualizaciones de software".

Según medios especializados, [ThesituationinaGoogledevicewiththetechnologyavailabletoChina and the actual services provided by the equipments of Huawei

LEA TAMBIÉN: Sernac dice que actuales clientes de Huawei no series afectados por guerra comercial

La decisión de la Blanca se genera después que Presidente, Donald Trump, instalara en la lista negra la empresa tecnoló gina china, lo que productu una preocupación general a la usuarios de todo el mundo y la caída de Wall Street con alió quiebre de las relaciones entre Google y Huawei.

Decide on the value of Huawei's ratifica, the companion to access the actual operating system of the Android operating system and send the message to the next quesue of the file. Please contact the service of the Google Play Store and Gmail.

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