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Robledo Puch was mad because they insinuated that he was gay and sent "letter"

Serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch sent a letter to Luis Ortega insulted by the way he is presented in the film "El Ángel."

Specifically the most famous sociopath of the country's history is highly sensitized by the way his sexuality was shown during the time when his murderous career was developed.

Robledo Puch, sentenced to 11 murder and interpreted In the film by Lorenzo "Toto" Ferro a letter was sent to the director of "The Angel", the film that is a hit in all theaters in the country .

The only aspect that disturbed the serial killer is what refers to his sexuality: he repeatedly reiterates that "he is not gay" and that he "left with many girls" when he was young, even though he has been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

It seems that the alleged gay sexuality is something that particularly annoys Robledo Puch who already crossed the expert Osvaldo Raffo, as when he studied it in his 80's detailed his, as he wrote, "amaneramiento".

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This technical demo included in Travis strikes again: No more heroes point to a new title being developed – Nintenderos.com

We have a curiosity that our comrades from NintenDúo echoed just a few minutes ago. Apparently Travis strikes again: No more heroes seem to contain evidence of the next match in the series.

This is believed to be because once over, a demonstration is available technology which clearly shows us how the control system would look in the next series of the series and which also contains some words that point to the same. Remember that Suda51, director of the game, has already shared on several occasions that he is interested in starting No More Heroes 3, but at present there is nothing confirmed and the following projects do not belong to the main series.

You can take a look at this technical demo in the video we leave you below:

One year as his wife, after killing her, she buried her body in the garden community

A tragic case has moved the city of Tampa in the United States earlier this year, as it was discovered that a man murdered his wife and posed as her for a year to avoid suspicions. When discovered by his family, he killed his father, mother and older brother.

The main character in this case is a young man named Shelby Svensen (23), who married two years ago with a woman named Jamie Ivanic. The young woman had been adopted by Richard Ivancic (71

) and his wife Laura Ivancic (59), because they could not have children naturally.

According to the American media, the Tampa Bay Times, the relationship between Shelby and Jamie was pretty bad, then for two years of marriage, there were three calls to the police for human assault. The couple also had two children, five and three years.

According to the police armed with this case, the two had a very strong discussion in January 2018, then the young man had lost control and would have hit his wife on the head and caused him to die immediately.

Probably, Svensen dug a 2 meter hole in the garden of the house to hide there Jamie's body, the night of that day, and not to raise suspicions of neighbors.

  Jamie Ivanic | Capture TV
Jamie Ivanic | Capture TV

The second part of his plan consisted of reconciling the woman. In this way, she began to post pictures of the children on her Facebook profile, which meant that people believed that life was normal.

Her plan seemed to be perfect, because the subject used it his wife did not have a good relationship with her parents and brother, because they talked a little by phone and the visit between them was zero.

According to the Washington Post, Karma Stewart, Jamie's biological sister, was adopted by another family for months trying to contact her relative via telephone, but the man always responded to the calls.

According to Stewart, the answer that Svensen always gave was that his wife "did not have time to talk because he was very busy with children."

The biological sister added that in April 2018 she had talked to Jamie's mother, Laura Ivancic, who would have told her that her daughter looked very tired in the pictures of social networks (they would have been old pictures).

However, the case took an unexpected turnaround on January 4 when the dead bodies of Richard, Laura Ivanic and brother were found in a home in Tampa. of the second victim

  Ivanic Family | Tampa Bay Times
Ivanic Family | Tampa Bay Times

The announcement to the police was given by a child from the previous marriage to the family's father, who had gone to the address several times before the New Year, always finding the air conditioner and noticed it from the inside a sharp odor.

"On December 31, one of the children called the former marriage of Richard Ivancic, father of Jamie, (police). He was surprised he had not shown signs of life since the beginning of the month and the neighbors said the air conditioner had run Continuously. Also the house gave off a route smell. Ivancica's bodies were in disintegration. They had been beaten to death, police said.

Suspected left soon Svensen, when the man fled the city one day after the new year. the fact that he was seen in the state of Ohio driving a van belonging to Ivanics.

The investigation also showed that valuable jewelry had been stolen from the family home, game consoles and cash, which agreed that the subject rented a year an apartment in the city of Parma, Ohio.

The theory handled by the police suggests that the family would have heard of the murder of the daughter and would have tried to accuse the man, but this one was faster and killed them to blow.

Shelby fled to the said state together with her two children, who were in good conditions. He went to on January 12 and one day later he admitted his mothers, son-in-law and his ex-wife.

Jamie's body was dug two days later, while Justice is waiting to be extradited to Svensen to Florida (USA) to start the respective trial. At present, the man is facing four charges of murder, so that at best he is sentenced to prison and without the possibility of asking for future concessions.

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Alexis returns to training at Manchester United

Tocopillano returned to work in the "Red Devils" office and has the opportunity to be in the duel on Saturday against Brighton by the Premier League.

In the middle of the good moment Manchester United goes through through Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Alexis Sánchez lives a "resurrection". And that is that nortino has sometimes added minutes and has helped with key help to win the parties.

His only problem has been the damage, which has marginalized him in the meetings against Cardiff, Huddersfield, Bournemouth and the last in front of Tottenham. This Wednesday Alexis returned to training with Manchester United considering the duel on Saturday against Brighton by the Premier League.

Good news for the Norwegian coach who gets ahead of the national team for the straight end of the season and for Saturday's game (1

2:00 chilean time). "Red Devils" is in search of its sixth consecutive victory in the English league.

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Greater transparency, modernization and cyber security: The government issues the law that updates the Chilean banking system

This Wednesday, President Sebastian Piñera, together with the finance minister Felipe Larraín, issued with a document in the Patio de los Naranjos the new law reforming banking law. His end? update the bank with the most stringent standards in the world, improve control within the system and strengthen security systems.

The initiative will make it possible to change the management of the banks 'and financial institutions' superintendent (SBIF), which will subordinate to the Financial Market Commission (CMF), at a maturity not exceeding one year. It will be effective, according to Finance Minister Felipe Larraín, from June 1 this year.

Will the change be sudden? Joaquín Cortez, CMF's president, told Pulso that "we are working on everything that will work from the first day, the market does not know any change".

New scenario

The new law has several pillars: reducing the possibility of bankruptcy of banks, improving cyber security standards for all participating institutions, promoting access to credit for SMEs and setting up a new control system for banks, among others.

In La Moneda, Piñera explained that "it is possible to let our financial system go into the world to raise money or to carry out its business with the guarantee of being a system fully updated to the standards set by it." most modern and demanding banking legislation. "

The initiative was addressed in Congress during Michelle Bachelet, and counted on cross-sectoral agreement.

Regarding regulations, when the banking reform comes into force, these will be covered by the standards in the Basel III agreements, the standard that governs banking in Europe and North America.

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Curious death of Pacto de Sangre character released wave of memes on social networks | TV and Show

The death of characters in television series usually generates an impact on viewers, but this Tuesday Pacto de Sangre took more laughter than surprise with the curious death of one of his villains.

This is about Roberto (Felipe Ríos), the man who kept Marco (Néstor Cantillana) kidnapped, who was also extorted after being told he was responsible for death Daniela Solis (Antonia Bosman).

The man demanded 200 million pesos in exchange for his freedom and silence, but before he could realize his plan he drowned with a piece of meat.

  Channel 13
Channel 13

Before you forced Marco to go to the bank, Roberto sat in front of him to have lunch and accused him of his participation in the youth's death A surveillance began to suffocate.

The businessman wanted to help him but when he was tied it was impossible. "Raise your hands, stay in your stomach and breathe" he said from the chair. At one point, Roberto even tried to send him a knife to cut his moorings and come to the rescue, but he couldn't reach his goal. Roberto died on the spot and left Marco unlocked.

The character's death released a wave of comments on social networks, where the public was shocked by the curious way in which history's villain was eliminated.

Of course, jokes and memes were not expected.

You can check out the scene here

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