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Fran Undurraga is “corrected” by the Instagram user after showing up to train


The national model recorded his glute routine from Mexico.

Fran Undurraga keep passing quarantined in Mexico with her boyfriend, Clovis Nienow. From there, he enchants his daily more than a million followers on Instagram with various entries showing their figure and training. At this time, a user of the social network “Challenged” to deliver a bad message by showing your glute routine.

The national model was shown training in a video with a sensual sports jacket and promote a Mexican energy drink, in which he wrote: “Emphasize the routine to increase the changeHis followers immediately responded with compliments and reached the end of this note more than 55 thousand views and almost 300 comments.

But in the answers, some emphasized it they criticized his way of training. “Squats poorly executed“”

;Be careful with the message you deliver to your followers with the exercises“”It shows that you are not training, you look very uncomfortable“”What exercises did you do to increase leadership?“Be some of them.

Undragaga, far from caring, thanked for tips and declared that “it is difficult to train at home, especially in such a small space“. According to sizing on your bust, entertained his followers by replying: “Plastic surgeon Training“.

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