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An error in Google Chrome blocks your Windows 10 computer


If there is something that users have complained about, relative to the browser Google Chrome are the performance issues . The huge [consumption] of RAM and, sometimes, excessive use of the CPU. Now, one thing is the [] bad Chrome's usual performance, and another thing is this new error-free that directly allows to block a computer with Windows operating system 1

0 using of 100% CPU. The problem explodes through a scam of a false technical support.

The problem is based on the use of a JavaScript code that generates a load loop; By doing so, the affected user cannot close the tab that this malicious code is running on or to shut down the browser regularly. The only option is to manually stop the Google Chrome process, from Task Manager in Windows 10 or to shut down the computer completely to prevent it from running more the loop in JavaScript.

So take advantage of this failure in Google Chrome to block computers with Windows 10 that generate a loop in JavaScript

If we access a URL that uses this Google Chrome error as a user we find a dialog where we are told that our computer has been affected by a virus . This is not true, but in the message they assure us this and also clarify that our passwords our web history, our credit card information and other private data may be affected. Obviously a false warning for the user. And even though we try to close the dialog and choose not to show it again, we go directly into into a loop by accessing the URL again.

The problem is that this malicious code, in JavaScript, causes the CPU to be used 100% ; so we can do absolutely nothing. The only option, as we said before, is to manually close the browser from the Task Manager or shut down the computer completely. But even with these two actions, we must be careful not to reset the Chrome tabs when opening the browser.

Written by Carlos González

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The transplant figure is approaching the best year recorded: Minsal calls for respect for donor decision | national

To save lives, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich reiterated the call for organ donation, a request accompanied by the announcement of National Transplant Coordinator, Juan Eduardo Sánchez, who assured that they are approaching the best registered numbers, .

"We almost match the best year that was 201

7, we have so far 362 transplants from 128 donors . (…) I think what needs to be done here is to emphasize that the families of people who are capable of being possible and potential donors respect the decision they have made in life, he says.

https: //media.biobiochile.cl/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/el22donacion2019pa1.mp3 [19659004[ThisInformationTardockContrastallowed four million people registered as non-donors .

In this regard, the President of the Transplantation Commission for the Medical College of Chile, Ana María Arriagada, assured that the institutional and commitment of the authorities should be strengthened.

https://media.biobiochile.cl/ wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / el22donacion2019pa2.mp3

In this regard, Deputy and Chairman of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Celis (PPD) said , that figures on organ donation are still low and added that one may be required for diffusion.


In turn, Deputy Member of the Chamber's Health Commission, Daniel Verdessi (DC) He said that the government is on the right line, but the numbers must match the high international statistics.

https://media.biobiochile.cl/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/el22donacion2019pa4.mp3 [19659004] On Friday 27 September, National Organ Donor Day, a body that will be used by authorities and experts on the area to promote this practice in Chile.

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Happy 130th Anniversary, Nintendo! – LevelUp

The coming hours will be a celebration for Nintendo fans as the calendar a few hours ago marked September 23 in Japan, an important date for the company and its followers since a day like this, but from 1889 its history began without thinking that more than a century later, we would here talk about the success achieved after we entered the video game sector.

On September 23, 1889, under the leadership of Fusajiro Yamauchi, Nintendo began operations in a small space in Kyoto, Japan, with the goal of entering the entertainment sector through the Hanafuda letters, companies that the company owned from the day it was founded until 1956. During this period, the company had the names Yamauchi Nintendo & Co. Ltd. and Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd., although he always emphasized the special in his name which can be interpreted as "in the hands of heaven."

  Nintens first headquarters in Japan
Nintendo's first headquarters in Japan

During the post-war period, under the leadership of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the family business sought to diversify its operations beyond the card business and this led them to dabble in sectors such as public transport, channels and even passing hotels. However, since the 1960s, Nintendo, already with a company name Nintendo Co., Ltd. was. interested in toys by Gunpei Yokoi. For decades, the Japanese company would have an inclination toward electronic entertainment with products such as Game & Watch and later on video games in Arcade, where creatives like Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda gave their first talent a try. But every radical change in 1983 after the launch of Famicom, the home console that would mark a before and after, not just for the company, but for the industry because it could lift it in one of its darkest moments. [19659002] From there, the rest were history and generations of players enjoying and enjoying everything Nintendo has to offer with NES, Game Boy, Super Nes, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch, besides the creative legacy left by names like Satoru Iwata, Gunpei Yokoi himself, and now left to developers like Shinya Takahashi and others linked to the company with a strong bond, like Masahiro Sakurai.

Happy 130th anniversary, Nintendo!

Nintendo Switch Lite – Available on Amazon :

What are your best memories with Nintendo?

Tell us in the comments and follow us, in LEVEL UP.

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Seremi de Salud conducted more than 1500 vacation inspections in Valparaíso

The inspectors from the Regional Health Ministry in the Valparaíso region conducted more than 1,500 inspections of food and restaurant shops, butchers, pie factories and supermarkets focusing on control work in branches and fields, during national holidays.

According to Health Seremi, Francisco Álvarez, during the holiday, 131 health reviews were taken in the region, mainly for the sale of foods of unknown origin and poor operating conditions.

"Thanks to the work done by the inspection groups in Seremi de Salud, we reached almost 1,500 inspections during these national holidays and almost half a ton of products in poor condition or with labeling problems could be confiscated, over 130 sanitary summaries in the various points of the celebration in our region, to be able to avoid problems associated with the food involved, at this time when the celebration was extended for almost a week, "said the regional authority.

Following this intensive inspection, the ban on the operation of four establishments, mainly

Similarly, nearly 500 kilograms of food, mainly meat, empanador, sauces, prepared dishes and sweets that were in poor condition or with the changing cold chain, were seized.

The ceremony highlighted the role played by the inspectors and coordination with other public organizations such as provincial governments, police and investigations. [1

9659002] Similarly, he emphasized the role of the aid network in facing the strong demand for attention they experienced during this long holiday of national holidays.

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Bachelet clarifies the political future and casts new candidacies: centroizquierda values ​​its decision | national

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former President Michelle Bachelet, clarified her political future in Chile and ruled out new nominations .

Above, in an interview she granted TV National and will be broadcast on Sunday evening.

In conversation with the State signal, Bachelet said his intentions are not to reach La Moneda for the third time. "I do not want to be a candidate and I will not be a candidate" he said.

Center Left leaders described their statements as "consistent," pointing out that now the pressure will be to seek new viable and competitive leadership for the next presidential election.

The leader of the radical party, Carlos Maldonado, said it is necessary to look for new references. The former minister added that Bachel's role is "in the history of Chile." Felipe Delpin, made it clear that the Bachelet cycle was "fulfilled" so the bloc must seek "a viable and competitive candidacy."

https://media.biobiochile.cl/wp-content/ uploads / 2019/09 / el22bacheletcandsv2.mp3


Another of the topics that Bachelet will touch on in the interview – and which has been put forward by La Tercera – is the controversy over the adopted link that would have his last campaign Presidential election with the OAS and Brazilian businessman Leo Pinheiro.

While Bachelet excluded all relations with the company, the former president was surprised by this new background and added that "the situation is not explained" because there are speculative issues "like the Chacao Bridge assigned to the Piñera government," the former head of state said.

For the former Chancellor and current President of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, the alleged link between Bachelet and Pinheiro is not a "naive coincidence", the same position as Senator José Miguel has Insulza (PS), who acknowledged that the charges against Bachelet are a "machining."


On Monday, September 16, a newspaper from Sao Paulo released the alleged testimony of Pinheiro, former president of the OAS, who stated in his statement that former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva requested money from that company over $ 100 million – for the Bachelet campaign in 2013.

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The rebirth of Frank Kudelka in Argentina has a former Palestinian flyer as a figure

Newell won a key game for Aldosivi 2-0 and finished fourth in the Super League with a smaller game. Julián Fernández scored his first goal in the Rosario team.

About two months were lost Frank Kudelka after his departure from University of Chile. After a complicated start in the National Championship the Argentine coach left his place in the Blues in mid-March and in May Newell's Old Boys were formalized .

The Rosario Group's goal is to remain in the first division, as it is very complicated in the average table. This Sunday, "Leprosy" in Marcelo Bielsa Stadium prevailed 2-0 to Aldosivi, a direct rival.

The goals were scored by Jerónimo Cacciabue (2 & # 39;) and Julián Fernández (81

). The Palestinian ex-host utilized a rebound in the area and scored his first goal at Newells. In addition to the goal, the Argentine and who spent two years in the Arabs has been one of the most prominent in the good campaign.

The role of Kudelka reached 13 points and was fourth in the Super League . He has a pending match against Independiente and is four units away from leader Boca Juniors his next opponent.


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