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Chickenpox breaks out at Boone County School, which affects 32 students

WALTON, Ky. (WKRC) – The Northern Kentucky Health Department says a watercourse outbreak at a Walton school has spread to 32 students so far.

The outbreak happened at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart / Assumption Academy. The health department said the majority of the students concerned were not fully immunized. The health department reaches out to the community so that anyone who is not vaccinated against chickenpox can get their immunizations.

"Even though we have been working with the school to contain the disease since February, the health department has recently seen an increased increase in the number of infected students at school who have caused us to take additional control measures at school and the public is aware that chickenpox can be in the community, says Dr. Lynne Saddler, District Director of Health at the Northern Kentucky Health Department.

Chicken pox, or varicella, is a disease that can cause bladder-like rash, fever, fatigue and itching, and can last from five to seven days is easy to spread from person to person. [1

9659002] The virus can be particularly dangerous for infants, those who are pregnant and all with weakened immune systems, which can cause life-threatening complications. The health department says the best way to prevent the vaccination is.

the school has been interrupted and will be relocated to reduce the risk of spreading the virus further Every student without evidence of vaccination must not attend school until three weeks after the start of the symptoms of the last student or employee affected.

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