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Chevrolet C8 Mid-Engine Corvette used a Porsche gearbox

The road back in 2015 we saw the first test mill for 2020 Corvette, a car GM was denied for years. When we recently sat down with the people behind the middle project, they confirmed that out there was really mullet and that it was definitely still there and ran. But Popular Mechanics went close with Holden, and it's even more than we originally thought.

Double "Blackjack" looks Holden out with big fender spots, a covered bed to hide the engine and a massive wing. None of it was final, more a test bed to prove a hypothesis, but as Popular Mechanics found it had some shocking parts included. Especially the gearbox.

Blackjack's interior is racecar-crude, its transfer is a custom PDK from a Porsche. But the basic structure and the suspension were crucial to determining everything that happened next.

That's right, PDK. It makes sense. While the powertrain was not near the end, the team behind Corvette knew they wanted the speed and connection with dual connection offers. PDK is the best out there, and Corvette has always competed directly with 91

1. If you will refer to PDK, you can just as well start with PDK.

The gearbox that ended in Corvette is a DCT designed and built by Tremec. It is meant to be faster than a human being but equally engaging. It also takes a page from the Graziano gearbox used by McLaren. The paddles are directly connected to the gearbox, there is no middleman.

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