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"Chernobyl" may be upset "when they see us"

The Emmy Awards 2019
will go live on September 22. While a large number of prices
was presented at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 14 and September 15
main categories remain someone's game. One of the most discussed categories
not yet announced is the Oustanding Limited Series. With five fantastic choices
When voting, fans are eagerly waiting for the winner. As of right now, When
They see us
a fan and critic favorite, seems to be the main runner for
the award, but HBO's well-received documentary about Chernobyl could draw
an upset.

When They See Us is favorite in its category

(Back Row 🙂 Berry Welsh, Jonathan King, Freddy Miyares, Chris Chalk, Jovan Adepo, Justin Cunningham, Niecy Nash (front row 🙂 Jane Rosenthal , Joshua Jackson, Michael K. Williams, Ethan Herisse, Asante Blackk and Jharrel Jerome | Photo by Handout / Getty Images for Netflix

Netflix Original, When
They see us
touched on the infamous jogger case from Central Park in 1989. In April
19, 1989, Trisha Melli, an investment banker, was raped and abused in the north
Woods of Central Park. Five men, picked by the police simply because they were there
in the park at the time of the incident, was also convicted of the crime
even if they had nothing to do with it. Odie Henderson,
for RogerEbert.com,
notes that the limited series touches one of the most
productive issues in the US criminal justice system – the fact that people
of color is assumed guilty all the time.

With an amazing role, live events and events
the inclusion of the five men who were sentenced later proved innocent
as shown in the series, When They See Us is an absolute front-runner for one
Abundance of Emmy Awards. The top prize for the limited series of jockeys is
Outstanding Limited Series, and many believe it will take home the award, but Chernobyl
has the opportunity to pull off an upset.

Chernobyl was a successful success for HBO

Craig Mazin, creator of Chernobyl ,
has two previous points to his name. He worked on both sequels to the hit
comedy, The Hangover . While previously working in comedy, Mazin was
Be sure to give the topic of the miniseries the depth and reverence it deserves.
sat down with Vox
to discuss the process of putting together
the limited series. He talked about creating the story and noted, “So when I had a choice, I went for the smaller ones
dramatic version. We are dealing with a largely oral history. There's alot
written material, but the written material is sometimes not with itself.
It is a story that took place in a closed society. There are many challenges
where. "

  & # 39; Chernobyl & # 39;
The abandoned city of Pripyat, the focus of the & # 39; Chernobyl & # 39; (HBO) | Photo by: STR / NurPhoto via Getty Images

That doesn't mean Mazin
did not manage to anger some people. When the limited series hit HBO's schedule,
it was controversy. Russian media have regarded the series as a torment
of their darkest moment. Not all American media were in love
the series, even though it is the highest ranked program on IMDB. Masha Gessen off
The New Yorker
punished Mazin for creating caricatures of the people
involved in the disaster.

What series is Chernobyl
and When They See Us compete against?

While Chernobyl and
When They See Us is among the most discussed limited series on
voting at the Emmy Awards 2019, they are not the only nominees in the category
worth mentioning. The two favorites will go up against Escape
at Dannemora
Fosse / Verdon and Sharp Objects .

Escape on
took a deep dive into one
2015 jail escape from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Two
convicted killers were assisted in their escape attempt by an employee. The doomed
criminals had an ongoing relationship with the employee.

a limited series created by Marti Noxon, uses the debut novel
by Gillian Flynn. The novel is about a seasoned criminal reporter who returns to
her hometown after being released from a psychiatric hospital. At home, under
in her mother's watchful eye, she begins to investigate the mysterious death
of two young girls.

  Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse
(L-R) Actress Gwen Verdon and choreographer Bob Fosse | Photo by Martha Holmes / The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images

The last challenger in
category, Fosse / Verdon,
aired on FX in April 2019 in eight parts. The limited series is all about
partnership between Bob Fosse, a choreographer, and Gwen Verdon, an acclaimed Broadway
Dancer. Their troubled romantic relationship is explored behind
background for the entertainment industry.

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