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Charlie Rose was sued for sexual harassment by former makeup artist

Gina G. Riggi says that Rose routinely ridiculed her physical appearance and made inappropriate comments about her weight, often humiliating her in front of her friends and colleagues.

"Throughout the work day and at work events, Mr. Rose routinely groped and lost his female staff, pressed on them, kissed them, pulled them against him, whispered in their ears, stared at their breasts, looked down their shirts and otherwise exposed them to inappropriate and unwanted physical contact, "according to the lawsuit. "Mr. Rose commented on their physical appearance, asked inappropriate questions about their personal and romantic lives, and charged them with phone calls in the evening. In many cases … he made explicit sexual offenses."

Rose's attorney, Jonathan Bach, told CNN that Rose "strongly denies and will strongly deny these allegations."

"Among other things," Bach said, "the allegations in the complaint are completely inconsistent with written statements from the complainant to Mr. Rose, including" I love working for you at your show, and would love to be a part of any show that you host "," I consider it an honor to be a member of your team "and" hope to see you more often! Please stop at anytime (smiling emoji). "

The lawsuit arrived on Thursday in New York and also names Bloomberg LP because Rose's show was filmed in Bloomberg's studios.

" At no time was the plaintiff an employee of ours, "Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet told CNN." We understand that the complainant was a contractor for Charlie Rose Inc. and given that they operated independently of us, any of her compensation would have been handled solely by Charlie Rose Inc. "

" We have no records of any complaints, "added Trippet.

Rose was fired from CBS News and PBS 201

7, a day after The Washington Post published a story about alleged harassment, based on interviews with eight women who described "unwanted sexual advances. "

He was co-host of" CBS This Morning "and was also a" 60 Minutes "correspondent.

At that time, Rose said in a statement that he" deeply apologized "for what he acknowledged was" inappropriate behavior . "[19659002] Riggi worked as head makeup artist for" Charlie Rose Show "and" Charlie Rose: The Week ", but also worked on various television programs and handled makeup for high-profile individuals, according to court documents.

She worked on "Saturday Night Live," "60 Minutes," "Nightline," "Goo d Morning America," and other television shows, according to court documents.

She also provided makeup for President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, among others .

Riggi also claims that Rose used the Bloomberg studio where he recorded his show as a "sexual hunting ground."

Rose "shouted at her female staff," according to the suit, adding that he targeted young women who had just began their career, attracted them to dr inks and dinner in disguise of a career council meeting.

"But far from being an advocate for their careers, Mr. Rose treated them as sexual targets, with his power and influence to serve his personal desires," according to the lawsuit.

CNN's Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.

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