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Charles Oakley sends support to Patrick Ewing

Charles Oakley appears to have interrupted his Patrick Ewing bashing.

Oakley delivered a heartfelt message on social media after his former Knicks teammate and current Georgetown coach announced Friday that he is hospitalized with coronavirus in Washington DC.

“I went to war with you for ten years. I’m not leaving you on the battlefield now, ”Oakley tweeted with a photo of him and Ewing with the Knicks. “Will be good Patrick. More fights to come. @ CoachEwing33 #BrothersFight #PatrickEwing #GetWellBrother. “

Oakley has been critical of Ewing’s leadership and games during the 90’s Knicks playoffs, especially against the Michael Jordan-led Bulls.

“My case with [Jordan] is, “It̵

7;s not like you hit us with 20,” Oakley told The Post earlier this month. “Most games fell to two, three possessions. You’ve taken pictures. We did not. The best player won. Michael was a better player than Patrick is enough. “

Ewing has taken the highway when it comes to comments from Oakley.

“I have nothing to say about what Charles has to say,” Ewing had said on the Good Show when asked about Oakley’s criticism. “He’s one of my best teammates. We went into many wars and a lot of wars against the bulls. So everyone has the right to their own opinion. “

The Knicks also sent support to Ewing on Friday.

“Soon, Big Fella. Stay strong, ”wrote the team’s official account with a retweet of Ewing’s statement.

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