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Iran's Foreign Minister warns Trump to take back the threat

Iran's Foreign Minister on Monday dismissed President Trump's laundered "genocide collections", warning him not to threaten the existence of the Islamic Republic. With tensions that stood between the two countries Trump tweeted Sunday : "If Iran wants to fight, it will be the official end of Iran. Never prevent the United States again!" President's malicious message came after reports that …

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Eiffel Tower closed and evacuated as man climbing the landmark

Visitors started tweeting pictures and videos of the individual climbing up the tower, which is 324 meters (1,062 feet) tall. "The Eiffel Tower has been closed and is in the process of being evacuated because a person is scaling. it, "a spokeswoman for the landmark said. Firefighters are at the scene Claire Murphy, who is on vacation in Paris, told …

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The Frenchman was sentenced to death over Indonesia's drug trafficking

Image copyright Reuters [19659004] Picture caption Félix Dorfin says he will appeal his death sentence A Frenchman has been sentenced to death for drug trafficking in a shock statement after the prosecutors had requested a 20-year prison sentence. Félix Dorfin, 35, was sentenced to deal with 3kg (6.6lb) of various drugs He was arrested in September last year at the …

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Nigel Farage doused with milkshake in Newcastle | Policy

Nigel Farage has suffered a milkshake in Newcastle city center following a glow of similar incidents against right-wing candidates in the European election campaign. The fractional leader seemed to be furious after the incident and was heard to bribe "It's a complete failure, you could have seen a mile " as his security team led him away. A 32-year-old man …

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Austrian government in concern about the video scandal

Image Copyright AFP Captions Chancellor Kurz formed a coalition with the Right Party in October 2017 Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz struggles to crush his coalition government after a video scandal forced his right-right deputy Heinz-Christian Strache to resign. Attention is now focused on Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, a member of the Strache's Freedom Party (FPÖ). In a short press release, …

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Iraqi Shiite figures warn of US-Iran war could "burn" Iraq

Map locates the green zone in Baghdad, Iraq. BAGHDAD – Leading Iraqi Shiite figures warned Monday against attempts to drag their country to a war between the United States and Iran and said it would make Iraq a battlefield once again, just as it is on the road to recovery . The warning came hours after a rocket struck into …

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