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James Schwab: ICE whistleblower interview with CBS interrupted by surprise visit by government agents – exclusive

In his first television interview, former immigration and customs ombudsman James Schwab (19459004) opened up for why he suddenly left March. But his interview with CBS News Jamie Yuccas on Wednesday was unexpectedly terminated by agents who identified themselves as agents from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Office. "They just said they would talk to me about the …

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Empathy, understanding and guns in the age of social media

How do you make a seemingly impossible conversation possible? Throughout April, I was one of several journalists helping a closed Facebook group of 150 participants talk about one of America's most divisive issues: guns. The group chewed Deelden hebben dozen van artikelen, statistieken, meningen en even een paar dingen gedaan, zoals de veiligheid, de geestelijke ziekte, het interpreteren van de …

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Flash flood clock issued for parts of Mass. Thursday

A flash flood clock was issued for parts of East, Central and Western Massachusetts by 8 o'clock on Thursday, as there are heavy rain showers throughout the day, National Weather Service reported. The forecast expects the rain will include heavier showers and thunderstorms, the weather service said in a Facebook post Thursday morning. Boston and the surrounding area are expected …

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Oklahoma voter approves question to legalize medical marijuana

TULSA, Okla. – Oklahomans voted "yes" on state question 788 on Tuesday to legalize medical marijuana. So, what's next? Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin meets with legislative leaders, government agencies and marijuana industry experts on how to keep up with proper rules. According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the first step is to be its board to review the 63 …

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Homophobia can be a factor in 10-year-old murder: Officials

The southern California authorities arrested a mother's boyfriend after her child was found dead last week under suspicious circumstances and now they are looking at whether the boy's perception that he was gay played a part in his death after a long history of child abuse. Deputies from Lancaster, California, the station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department responded …

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Feud between neighbors in the apartment, attempted bombing led to the fatal shooting of the California firefighter, says DA

A feud between two neighborhoods began a chain reaction that led to a fire fighting death in Long Beach, California, on Monday, prosecutors prosecuted. Thomas Man Kim was accused of murder after the authorities claim that the 77-year-old put an explosive unit in his apartment trying to kill the woman who lived in the unit above her own. The attempt …

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