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Courts of law Michigan needs new congressional maps in partisan gerrymandering cases

On Thursday, a panel of three federal judges in Michigan ruled that state legislators unfairly drafted state and congressional districts and had to come up with new borders. The trial was filed by the League of Women Voters of Michigan and claimed that Republicans in the state legislature had deliberately established districts that disadvantaged democratic candidates. The three judges said …

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After the Pentagon ends the contract, the Top Secret Group group promises to continue: NPR

Jason's has developed technologies as a laser that can help reduce atmospheric distortion. The Air Force uses it to better photograph appropriate spy satellites. R. Fugate / Air Force Research Laboratory hide caption change subtitle R. Fugate / Air Force Research Laboratory Jason's has developed technologies as a laser that can help reduce atmospheric distortion. The Air Force uses it …

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Cassowary who killed Florida one is now for sale

Marvin Hojas, who grows the huge birds, was killed on April 19 when one of his bags attacked him after he fell on the courtyard of his Gainesville home, Alachua County, Florida Sheriff's Office said. The San Diego Zoo says cassowaries are considered "the most dangerous bird in the world." Now comes the checkout – like a second cassette – …

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Massachusetts judge who helped illegal immigrants escaped staged accused, federal authorities say

A Massachusetts judge and court officer accused of helping an illegal immigrant flee an immigrant and customs administrator waiting to get him in custody, was accused on Thursday by a federal jury for justice obstruction and three other bills, officials said. [19659002] Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and Court Officer, identified in court documents as Wesley MacGregor, …

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Obama's not endorsing, but he didn't talk Biden out of running in 2020

For the last four years, Biden has never fully reconciled with his choice. It's a decision Obama and his top aides helped him toward, considering Biden was grieving the death of his son, Beau and Obama had already promised his support to Clinton. Instead, during a handful of conversations in recent months, people close to both men say Obama listed …

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Biden joins 2020 race and vows to fight 'everything trump embraces' – live | US news

Indivisible the group that helped to organize and mobilize a sprawling resistance movement to Donald Trump, is asking 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to pledge their support for the party's next nominee. The Democratic primary field now numbers 20 candidates with the entrance of Joe Biden on Thursday morning. An effort to avoid the bitter infighting that followed the unexpectedly contentious …

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