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Antwon Rose Jr. shooting: Michael Rosfeld, East Pittsburgh officer, accused of criminal assassination in death

Last Updated June 27, 2018 10:59 EDT PITTSBURGH – The Police Chief of East Pittsburgh as killed shot 17-year-old Antwon Rose Jr. June 19th has been punished for murder. According to the court record, the police chief of East Pittsburgh, Michael Rosfeld, was formally charged Wednesday morning. Allegheny County District Attorney's Office is expected to provide an update at 11.00. …

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3 Mass. State troops arrested by federal authorities in the fraud probe

The federal authorities have arrested three state police forces, two recently retired and one who has been temporarily suspended, in an ongoing probe in alleged overtime fraud, and officials will shorten the media at 11.00 Words of arrests came in brief advice from the United States : Lawyer Andrew E. Leling's Office. Judicial applications identify the defendants as David W. …

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Officer loaded into fatal shooting by unarmed teenager

Police officer in Pittsburgh who shot and killed an unguarded teen last week has been charged at his death. The officer, identified by the authorities like Michael Rosfeld in the Allegheny County Police Department, was arrested and accused of counting a crime killings Wednesday morning, according to court records received by ABC News. He is scheduled to appear before a …

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Trump Backs smoother restrictions on Chinese investment

WASHINGTON – President Trump has chosen a more moderate approach to restricting Chinese investment in the United States, rejecting more aggressive restrictions that would have introduced new barriers to Beijing. Mr. Trump said Wednesday morning that he supports a bipartisan push in Congress to expand the authority of the US Investment Committee, or Cfius, which reviews foreign investment for security …

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President Donald Trump to back down smoother restrictions on China's investment

David Jackson, USA TODAY Published 7:46 AM ET June 27, 2018 | Updated 8:19 ET ET June 27, 2018 President Trump and China President Xi Jinping (Photo: FRED DUFOUR, AFP / Getty Images) ] WASHINGTON – Holding on another trade confrontation with China, President Trump asked the Congress Wednesday to strengthen an authority that could limit or kill investments from …

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Florida man smackdown on an SUV

(RNN) – A driver in southern Florida caught an extreme case of rage on video. It starts with a man who holds up and bends his muscles in front of a black SUV. He knocked out a college strongman, set up his dukes and released two haymakers on the SUV grill. Was it as it may not sneak the SUV. …

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