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World of Warcraft Classic set to launch this summer

World of Warcraft fans who remember the original version of the game – or are ready to experience it for the first time – August 27. World of Warcraft: Classic will be included for all World of Warcraft subscriptions. It's set to roll out into stages that slowly introduce all the appropriate raid content to a similar end to the …

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Red Dead Online adds more of a co-op campaign, cuts down on grief

Red Dead Online is still in its beta process. So far, most of these upgrades have been incremented, such as more cosmetics to unlock or new showdown modes. Today, Rockstar announced the most sweeping update yet, expanding on the co-op campaign, expanding free litter and even adding poker for a little taste. This update is intended to "strengthen and stabilize …

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Red Dead Online Leaves Beta and Adds to Huge Spring Update

Red Dead Online's latest update has released and it's the biggest one yet. Introducing Poker, roleplaying tools, brand new co-op story missions, and more, the update brings Red Dead Online out of beta. The future of Red Dead Online not only includes improvements to the core elements of the world to make every aspect of the game fun for all …

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Is Augmented Reality the Future of Gaming?

  Innovation in technology is the single most important thing that keeps life moving forward. Without it, everything would grow stagnant. That’s certainly true for the online gambling industry. Without innovation, gamblers would likely grow tired of playing the same table games or online slots. It matters not that the slots have different faces when the engine that drives them …

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Morning after: Lenovo's folding screen computer

Not all laptops are foldable? Lenovo works on a ThinkPad with a collapsible monitor Now that we have almost folded smartphones, Lenovo is trying on a larger scale the new prototype technology. It has a 13.3-inch OLED screen that closes with a Galaxy Fold-like magnetic lock. Platform format, the flexible seam disappears, and when open, a keyboard on the lower …

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Spotify-owned Soundtrap wants to make editing a podcast as easy as using Google Docs

Soundtrap, a music editing company owned by Spotify, is launching a new product today specially designed to make podcast editing easier. The new product, called Soundtrap for Storytellers, is a complete web-based podcast production tool that enables users to record, edit and measure their sound. The most impressive feature is how easy it is to edit: podcasters can only cut …

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