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Anthem: Fix These Problems ASAP!

By Destin Legarie This has been a surprisingly difficult article for me to write. BioWare has done a decent job of pushing out fixed fixes like the 300 changes announced as recently as yesterday that add to things including items like a respawn timer, a fix that Defender Rifle bug, and add easier access to expeditions. In addition, even with …

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Are Fortnite Omega Challenges Back in Season 8?

There are many rumors about flying around another set of Omega challenges shown in season 8. This is what we know. Fortnite Season 8 is now in full swing but there is a lot of focus on the Omega challenges of the season 4. These challenges allowed players to level the Omega skin by going through the season. Rumors are …

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Facebook Messenger had a vulnerability that could let hackers see who you contact

A previously reported Facebook vulnerability was similarly found in the company's Messenger product, according to security research group Imperva. Nearly a year ago, Imperva researchers discovered that, through Messenger, a hacker could use "any website to expose who you have been messaging with." The bug was reported to Facebook in May and subsequently patched. Hackers could target in Facebook user's …

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Watch out, Alexa. Artificial voices start to sound just like humans

The Ad part of a demo roll on YouTube created by a new start called WellSaid Labs – is short and smooth. But something is a little different. While the model you see is a human being, the background poll only sounds like one. The Seattle-based company uses voice actors and artificial intelligence to create synthetic voices that sound like …

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Nintendo Switch eShop update: week of March 7-14

It is the end of winter here in the United States, but Nintendo has come with a bumper crop of new games. Today's Nintendo update includes includes a change of title for the Switch, as well as one big-name game for fans of their handheld system. The biggest addition by far is Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn available on Nintendo 3DS. …

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Everything You Need to Know About USB4, the Next Generation of USB

Photo: David Nield (Gizmodo) It's that time again – another USB standard is upon us, ready to upgrade your device's ports and cabling in the coming years. Here you are going to explain everything you need to know about USB4, including the speed improvements in the pipeline and the new capabilities that are going to borrow from Thunderbolt 3, which …

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