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Amazon adds mobile gaming benefits to Prime membership

Amazon has introduced a new benefit for its Prime membership – free mobile gaming content. To begin with, Amazon has partnered with publisher Tencent to provide a range of exclusive free loot for PUBG Mobile including an infiltrator mask, infiltrator jacket, infiltrator pants and infiltrator shoes, as well as a new Blood Oath weapon and black maggot parachute. PUBG Mobile …

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Minecraft's new character creator lets players control how they look

The latest Minecraft beta update comes with the ability to create a custom version of yourself, discovered by VentureBeat . Developer Mojang announced the feature in a blog post and noted the change along with a lot of performance and fixing of games. Minecraft Character Creator lets you customize your avatar in-game, the first official tool to make the next …

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Differential Privacy Could Be Coming To An App Near You

The Tonic app uses differential privacy to deliver customized reading without exposing your data to third parties. Photo : Canopy These days privacy online feels like an unattainable dream. Everything you do becomes data for companies, which sell that data to affiliates, which then sell your data back to you in the form of targeted ads and personalized recommendations. That's …

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Borderlands 3: The Kotaku Review

Take a bag of potato chips – any brand, anywhere – you know more or less what you're going to get. Crisp, fatty salt and oil delivered via thin layers of starch, they make a crumb with crumbs and fat, and they are very tasty, extremely difficult to stop eating after digging into the first and likely cause carbohydrate crash …

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Next Gen Threadripper and Ryzen 9 3950X, coming November

In a shock email late on on Friday, AMD released a statement to clarify the situation in its latest Ryzen processors. It is positive that the next generation of Threadripper processors will enter the market in November, but the negative is that AMD delays the launch of the Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores until November, citing a high demand …

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