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YouTube Music Review

YouTube Music is best for people who want to listen to music and enjoy music videos. I like it for all reasons, like being able to download music offline, search for artists, create playlists and a visually appealing user interface. I'm already paying for YouTube Red (soon YouTube Premium) because I really like ads on YouTube. That means I get …

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Pioneer debuts three new wireless CarPlay systems

Pioneer collaborates with JVC Kenwood to offer three modem models for your car that support CarPlay and Android Auto. Pioneer says that the devices – AVIC-W8400NEX, -W6400NEX and -W4400NEX – are the first recipients to support FLAC without having to convert, and they are the first to connect wirelessly or over USB to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as …

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State of Decay 2 goes over one million players since its launch

A week ago, State of Decay 2 released mixed reviews. The game was tested for its in-depth mechanics, but the fact that it featured a problem with Xbox One X and suffered from many glitches was a cause of concern. Surprisingly, it has not stopped playing by many players around the world. Tomorrow Microsoft announced that maturity date 2 exceeded …

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Black Ops 4 & # 39; will tell stories without campaign – variation

"Call of Duty: Black Ops" was never considered a Call of Duty franchise with a single story by the developer Treyarch, but instead, it's an entire universe where stories can be told. And while "Black Ops 4" will not have any traditional single-player campaign, it will still tell some of the stories, said Treyarch's co-studio manager Dan Bunting to Variety …

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Amazon may have a serious Alexa issue on its hands – BGR

News released earlier this week that Amazon's Alexa Assistant recorded a private conversation between two people and then sent that recording to a third party. Alexa, of course, will listen to everything you say but only act when you issue the selected hotwords that call upon the assistant. Only then will Alexa follow your commands and send messages to others, …

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