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Modern Warfare & # 39; s notorious shotgun gets another nerf

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 's 725 shotgun has plagued players since it was released. Instead of killing people from the entire map, even after Infinity Ward tried to fix it, what should be a card damage weapon with high damage. In the game's latest patch, the developer is back with another nerf to 725, along with some other changes. …

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Facebook fixes a bug that enabled phone cameras

Some users said that when they watched a full-screen video and then shrunk it back, the app layout would shift slightly to the right. In the space on the left, you saw that the phone's camera had been activated. CNET says it could replicate the problem. Today, while watching a video on @facebook I rotated to landscape and could see …

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Google Chrome can soon name and embarrass slow websites

After crashing invasive ads in its Chrome browser, Google now wants to address the difficulties of slow loading by hitting those with a speed warning label. The search giant has revealed that it is testing a "speed badging" feature for Chrome. The badge would appear when visiting websites to inform the netizens which sites are loading fast and alert them …

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Chevrolet C8 Corvette bows down to its new Lord: Snow

See, I understand. For many cars, snow is kryptonite. You lose the grip, the weight transfer becomes fun and you can't control or brake properly. Every year, snow conditions require countless cars, and not even C8 Chevrolet Corvette is godless to escape the wrath of snow. Yesterday, Michigan received at least six inches of snow in some parts. Some cars …

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16-inch MacBook Pro announcement expected tomorrow

Apple plans to announce its 16-inch MacBook Pro widely rumored this week, according to a tweet from Bloomberg 's Mark Gurman . In another tweet, Gurman suggested that the announcement be made by Wednesday. The news would probably be shared in the form of a press release on Apple Newsroom and would also likely coincide with early practical impressions of …

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