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7 cybersecurity threats that can sneak up on you

There is a certain type of security threat that captures the headlines – the big data breach or malicious software that keeps your computer resolved – but it's also important to keep your guard up against some of the lesser-known attacks out there as well. These threats may not have the same high-profile profile as an unrecoverable iOS error, but …

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EVs fire pyroswitches to reduce the risk of shock after a crash

After more than a century of powering their wares with engines producing hundreds of small, carefully controlled explosions every minute, the automotive industry is moving towards a battery-powered future. But it does not mean one but some useful explosions. Last month, industry supplier Bosch revealed details of what it calls pyrofuse, a new safety tool for electric cars. When the …

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Microsoft Surface Pro X vs. Samsung Galaxy Book S: Arms race

The days for Windows and Intel that are mostly locked-in may end. Two high-profile new computers this year have been announced with the help of Arm processors, similar to those operating modern smartphones. They join a small handful of Arm-plus-Windows machines from the last two years. Samsung Galaxy Book S claims to offer 23 hours of active battery life, while …

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Can the Pixel 4 Win? 4 Features Could Make the Difference

Google's got a bit of a Pixel problem. The company has poured a lot of resources into building its own smartphones, and those efforts have paid off in the final product. Google's Pixel phones have a well-deserved reputation for offering superior cameras, and Android purists enjoy the clean OS and near-instant access to software and security updates. The trouble is, …

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See Mercedes-AMG A45 S Aggressively Lap Hockenheim

If you are going to get hold of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, you might as well put the hot hatch through its steps on the right track. Although normal driving and occasional weekend driving can be the norm for 99% of buyers for such a car, you can only really experience the limitations of their vehicles out on the …

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Fortnite reveals the combination will remain indefinitely

Fortnites new combination mode where players can practice their skills before going up against other opponents does not come anywhere at any time. Epic Games added to this situation not too long ago and said it was a place for practice where players could sharpen their reaction times and shooting skills and have now said that The Combine will remain …

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