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Despite scandals, Facebook still calls cash and users

It's no secret that 2018 was a pretty rocky year for Facebook, after controversies over Cambridge Analytics data protection scandal and last hand the handling of fake news on the platform. But despite these problematic problems, the company's baseline has not been affected – it made $ 12 billion in the last quarter alone. And today, Facebook reported a total …

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Fallout: Miami would be quite cool, this fashion show

Next massive total conversion mode for Fallout 4 takes players to Miami. A New Fallout: Miami reveals the Florida city remodeled in the Fallout universe's war-hearted, radiant landscapes. The primary mode behind Fallout: Miami is Milan "Mika999" Brajkovic, best known for being the creator of the well-received Shard of Oblivion against The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The new fashion takes …

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Amazon makes it easier for all Alexa units to work together

Amazon first introduced Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) to its first party Echo devices almost two years ago. ESP ensures that only the Echo device closest to you in your home responds, and it is perfect if you have multiple Echo devices. While Amazon has attempted to extend this feature to third-party devices, most Alexa-enabled devices do not support ESP. Amazon …

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Nikon's Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera: New Features and Rumors

Screenshot: Nikon In what was essentially a preliminary conclusion after this teaser video occurred yesterday, Nikon confirmed this morning that it is working on a new full-featured mirror-free camera. Nikon's official statement about the news is incredibly vague and throws a lot of hype with phrases saying that the new camera will "enable a new dimension in optical performance" and …

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Apple MacBook Pro Review (2018, 15-inch): The heat is on

It seems that Apple can not start a laptop these days without going first and foremost in at least one controversy. With the new MacBook Pros it went into two. One: Was this keyboard really designed to be quieter (as Apple claims publicly) or to deal with the problem of dust and grit to break them? Two: A software problem …

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