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Uber Spotlight Tool helps your driver find you

Spotlight allows riders to light their phone screen with a special color that the driver can look for. Another new feature allows riders and drivers to share quick updates like "I'm Here", "Be There," or "Looking For You" With a Crane. As some uber riders know, it's hard to find your driver, especially if you get busy from a busy …

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Instapaper is independent again 2 years after the acquisition of Pinterest

The bookmarking service Instapaper reveals itself from Pinterest, two years after being acquired by the social media giant. In a blog post, the Instapaper team announced that it establishes a new company, Instant Paper, Inc. as Pinterest will then transfer ownership of Instapaper to in three weeks. No special reason for transfer of ownership. Instapaper thanked Pinterest to help the …

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Capcom Announces New Monster Hunter World PS4 Bundle for Japan

As if Monster Hunter: World was not popular enough already – it's currently the best selling PS4 game in Japan – it seems the game will receive a new PS4 bundle , Capcom announced during a live stream from Japan. The PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter: World Value Pack will release in the Land of the Rising Sun on July 26 …

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Someone did a functional alarm clock with Nintendo Labo

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit gives you the tools you need to create lots of amazing cardboard grills, including a fishing rod and a piano, but the players have managed to make even more impressive toys with additional carton and the Toy-Con Garage software. Nintendo held a competition to find some of the best custom creations, and they feel insufficient …

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Vivo Nex S hidden camera exposed in "Clear Phone" mode

Today, the ongoing edition of Vivo Nex S shows what's happening in one of the strangest phones ever made. Vivo Nex S is a smartphone without an immediate clear front camera. Instead of an exposed camera, this camera has a camera that pops up when activated by the camera folder or third party. In a JerryRigEverything "clear edition" video for …

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Nintendo reveals the amazing winners of the Labo competition

What happened right now? In January, Nintendo revealed its Labo Kit sets consisting of cardboard sheets that can be used with Switch consoles to create things like robots, pianos and fishing rods. The company announced a Creators Contest last month that asked platform users to produce games and musical instruments. Now the winners have been announced. In the category "Best …

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