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App takedowns, rumor dev ban] Evidence points to a Play Store ad fraud system of Chinese Baidu spin-off DO Global

For a long time, the Play Store could be considered the Western West for the app distribution, especially compared to Apple's inherent restrictive App Store. However, Google is working on improvements and, among other things, becomes more stringent on app permissions. Still, we are back with another ad fraud program directly inside the store, which follows in the footsteps of …

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Finally Addresses Siphon and Material Change in Blog Post

Today, Epic released their new blog post that discusses the siphon / material change, change to stretched resolution, their bug fixes, and more. We've been waiting for Epic to address their changes to the core Fortnite game for a while now, but the silence has been deafening. Finally, after weeks of nothing, we got a blog post detailing why epic …

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MK11 on Switch comparisons, impressions, and review

Developer Shiver has ported Mortal Kombat 11 to the Nintendo Switch, managing to fit the gore-loading carnage into a portable form. The fight of MK11 is, as we noted in our review, some of NetherRealm's best. But in the move to the Nintendo Switch hardware, some concessions have been made to hardware hardware specs. Since Mortal Kombat 11 like most …

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In his race to be first, Samsung shook himself

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) Samsung Galaxy Fold can be an incredible step forward in telephone technology, but it is unfinished. It became clear when Samsung, earlier this week, announced that it was delaying the phone's trigger. What was available to reviewers, analysts, influencers, and selected partners was essentially a beta entity – with the same people serving as beta testers. …

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Small disk systems will not be able to install Windows 10 May 2019 update

Traditionally, Microsoft usually uses a new operating system to encounter the smallest hardware requirements the program needs. With Windows 10 as the "last" version of Windows, Microsoft uses the major updates for shock specs. The update in May 2019, version 1903, takes this opportunity to do just that. Earlier, 32-bit Windows had a memory requirement of 16 GB and 64-bit …

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Sony says the PS5 is not coming in the next 12 months

So winter 2020, then? We already learned a lot about the PlayStation 5, but Sony was getting ahead of the rumor mill curve there, not preparing for an impending launch. The PS5 would not make a 2019 launch, which was very certain, but just when will it be coming? We now have a better idea thanks to Sony's earning call …

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