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Nothing lasts forever in fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale 's season nine has once again transformed the game world with a futuristic Tilted Towers and trippy, robotic character outfits. It has also brought about balance changes, including the curious decision to retire on one of the game's oldest weapons. The pump shotgun goes into the vault, and it is a reminder that nothing really lasts in …

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Android navigation will only be 'Fully Gestural' or 3-button

Google I / O 2019 has delivered a ton of new Android developments, but in one of its sessions, Google confirmed and interesting detail about navigation. Going forward, Google will only two versions of navigation – Android Q's new Fully Gestural Navigation, and the classic three-button setup. The best gifts for Android users Taking a quick step back , Android …

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"Ghost Recon Breakpoint" pisses you against killer drones

As with Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint is an open-world game. You will explore 11 cinemas at Auroa, including mountains, fjords, jungles, and futuristic cities, while you can battle in land, sea and air. You can slip and fall down slopes, or slow down with water or snow, so you need to pay attention to your endurance levels. Ubisoft says it …

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Skullcandy takes on Apple's AirPods costing just $ 80

Indy's overall design definitely takes clues from AirPods, but the buds look a bit more like regular earplugs and less that Apple takes on the accessory. Of course, Skullcandy was not shy about adding the pin-like section extending from the bottom of each. The company also installed a detachable, fine-like "stability gel" to help keep everything in place. Indy is …

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