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Fortnite Playground Fashion, you can drag off some cute jumps

Fortnite: Battle Royale has gained a new position, as Playground LTM (Limited Time Mode) is now live. The fashion was launched a few days ago, but was taken offline soon after server problems. After a prolonged week lasting almost a week, the problems have now been solved and the mode is available to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo …

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Here comes Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras [Rumor]

I do not think there is any substance that produces more expectation in the world of equipment than the upcoming Canon and Nikon mirror-free cameras. And that expectation will only be heated more with this news about Canon's upcoming cameras (yes, most). Canon rumors report that Canon can handle two full-frame mirror-free cameras for release in the first half of …

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Google finally updates its Inbox email app for iPhone X

After about nine months ago Apple's full screen iPhone X hit the market, Google has updated its inbox e-mail program to support the device. In an update of 144 MB on the App Store today, Google says that Inbox now supports Apple's pricier iPhone variant, with some other changes to the update text. Effectively, this update removes only the black …

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Nikon develops two mirror-free cameras

A new report claims that Nikon does not develop one, but two full-frame mirror-free cameras. The cameras are reputed to come in two different megapixels and price ranges: The first one will sit around 24-25 megapixels ($ 2000 with kitlins) and the other matches a 48 megapixel sensor ($ 3000 with kitlins). As a comparison, Sony offers different models of …

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Steam lists their best PC games at the midpoint of 2018

Valmet's digital PC store Steam revealed the games so far sold to his platform so far in 2018. The list distinguishes multi-level games, with Platinum on top. We have asked Valve what the threshold is for a game to be considered Platinum on Steam. They occur in groups with no special order. So we know which games were among the …

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Google defends Gmail privacy after reporting email

Another day, another privacy question: Who is reading your Gmail? Google's answer is because it was forced to go on defensive this week after a report revealed cases where human servants of third party developer applications are targeted through Gmail users' emails. "Nobody in Google reads your Gmail except in very specific cases where you ask us and give consent, …

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